Staples Italian and American Fashionistas Think You Need for Fall

With the fall officially here, the streets are about to get trendy! Fall experiences a lot of fashion experiments and trends as people try to fit in with the weather, and what the new fashion elites are donning. Top American and European brands are already stocking and displaying fashion statements to equip you in the most stylish way possible, exchanging notes on how to dress in either continent. Here are some items to get your hands on ahead of the season.

Leather Coats

Everyone knows that leather is a great friend in bad weather. You can wear the coat in rains, cold and in fall! If well taken care of, the trendy fashion coats are timeless and can serve you a lifetime. Buying the right leather coat requires one to engage in research and understand how to distinguish genuine from faux leather. When assessing the quality of the coat, check for ingenuity, stitching and the right fit. A beautifully structured leather coat is a piece you’ll have literally, forever. 

Leather Bag

Now that you have a coat, the next items to acquire are the handmade leather bags. Considering that the bags are handmade, you experience utter precision and quality as a user. Just like their leather coats counterparts, the bags are durable and give you that sassy, classy look. Additionally, the bags play a vital role in enhancing your fashion sense regardless of the environment. You can find some beautiful handmade leather bags from online shops like Mirta for example, that is based in Italy and ships local artisanal products. The best part is, Italian leather is the finest in the world, meaning you can relax knowing this bag can take you through all 4 seasons even! Find one with multiple compartments so that everything you put into the bag stays in the right condition.

Knit Dress

Knit dresses are a massive deal during this season. They are a warm and friendly look to pull without altering comfort and class. A wearer can choose to pair the knit dress with some sandals or sneakers. With the right fit and accessories, the breathable dresses are ideal for any occasion. Even when most are stretchable, you should concentrate on finding the right fit, texture, design and brand of the apparel.

Crisp White Button-down with Dress Pants

There’s no debate about it! Every person should own this in their wardrobes. Not only does white blend with all colors, but it also portrays a classy and sharp fashion statement. You can choose to fully-button and tuck it into your pants for work; if you have a date, you can pull the top and show some skin. The versatility of the white button-downs is immeasurable. This takes gender fluid dressing to new volumes, as you can style your outfit a bit oversized or more feminine with a tailored fit. 

Oversized Blazer with Shoulder Bags

The blazers go well with various outdoor outfits. One can wear them with skinny jeans, under a sweater, tee shirt, among other garments. The blazers not only keep you warm but also enhance your fashion sense and style; they can complement and couple up with any outfit.

Have you seen some of your fashion trends cycle back to today? You can invest in them now and see the trends cycle around in a few years. You never know, maybe in 15 or 20 years we will be seeing the same pieces! 

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