Things to Do at Home to Keep Your Mind Occupied

In this particular moment, when the world has been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic, most countries and states are encouraging people to stay at home to curb its spread. With certain orders and recommendations in enforcement, people's tendency to move out of their houses has been reduced. As such most people are spending the better parts of their days within the walls of their homes (which for some of us, is great!). Rather than spending the entire day watching news on TV and thinking of how the world will come out of this pandemic, or worrying about possible loss of employment. it is advisable to keep your mind occupied by doing other activities beneficial to your mental health!

Although the activities to keep your mind occupied during these trying times are limited, here is a look at five simple activities that may work wonders for you!

Look into and Educate Yourself in Sustainability

Whenever you are bored, think of keeping your mind occupied by educating yourself on various issues that are of interest to you. For example, you may learn about marine energy, what it is and how works, along with efficient ways of utilizing it for enhanced sustainability. If not marine energy, think of how solar energy can be used and how you can start using it around your home! Since you cannot go out to the library or resource center, consider using your phone or computer as your study materials' online sources. Be sure to choose a topic that interests you to increase your focus and concentration span.

Practice Yoga

Practicing yoga is a good way of relaxing and refreshing your mind and body. Therefore, next time you feel bored, consider some yoga sessions. Since you cannot go out following the stay-at-home recommendations, turn your lounge into an indoor yoga space. If you are not sure how to do yoga, you may get some lessons online, for example, through YouTube videos for free!

Give Yourself a Makeover

Giving yourself a makeover or a body treat helps break boredom and keeps your mind occupied. In this case, you may consider doing a pedicure or manicure makeover, a bathtub treatment or even a face beat to perfect your makeup skills. There are endless Youtube and Instagram bloggers like Hrush or Charlotte Tilburry (you can also try her incredible beauty products!). 

Cook New Recipes

Do you enjoy cooking? If yes, consider trying new recipes. It may be a recipe borrowed from a friend or colleague or one you bumped into in an online cooking channel. Other than keeping your mind occupied, trying new recipes also helps improve your culinary skills. It’s fall y’all, so try recipes involving pumpkin, warm apples, or chestnuts to get you in the Thanksgiving mood!

Search for Part-Time or Freelance Jobs

You may also use your stay-at-home or isolation period to do some freelancing part-time jobs. Some of the freelance jobs you can enroll in during this period include; transcription, data entry, programming and online writing. Additionally, these freelance jobs can also help supplement your income.

Try out the above activities to make your isolation or stay-at-home experience better until the world gets back to "normal”, hopefully sooner than later so we can go back out and explore the world! 

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