Amazing Remodeling Ideas For Your Bathroom


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The bathroom is a sanctuary. It’s where the most important things happen. Your bathroom should reflect how you are feeling and how high you want your level of comfort to be. Here are a few remodeling ideas that can help elevate your bathroom experience and keep the ‘rest’ in ‘restroom’ from the refurbishment experts, houseUP


Bathrooms are known for their tiles. Color schemes, patterns, and themes abound when picking out the perfect tiles for your bathroom. Picking out tiles that speak to you and make your bathroom experience feel vibrant and fun can put you in a good mood. This is especially helpful when you are in the mirror in the morning getting ready for work. Getting yourself together in a space that makes you feel happy helps you stay happy.


When entering the room or standing in front of the mirror, the walls stare back at you. There are several ways you can spice up your wall game. 

  • Wallpaper - Whether it’s textured or simple patterns, adding this kind of decor to your bathroom can really set the stage. It can be warm and inviting, it can be cool and clean, or it can be fun and quirky. Wallpapering just the top half of the walls can be fun because that’s what will be reflected back when you are looking into the mirror.
  • Paint - Choose a color that speaks to the energy of the room. Usually soothing and calm is what is always needed especially if you have a tub to relax and unwind in after a long day. If you can’t decide on what you want to choose, get in touch with your local residential painters and decorators as can give you that extra spark of inspiration you need. They always have previous decorating projects on their websites for you to browse and get a spark of inspiration for your own home. 
  • Art - Pick some wall part that is not overbearing but goes along with the feeling you are trying to create in your bathroom. Be it nautical, country, or even spa scapes, the right visual can totally change your mood. 

The Shower

It may not be soaking in the tub, but the shower can be relaxing. Especially if it is a luxurious steam shower. Insignia Steam Showers do the best and most desirable showers on the market and are akin to showers in a high-end sp

a. They also offer cabin showers which are an oasis in themselves and well worth the upgrade to your bathroom.

With so much running water, the shower can easily take on water damage and wear and tear.

To keep your relaxing shower area looking and feeling serene, use plastic shower panels. What exactly are plastic shower panels? The panels go over your pre-existing wall to create a sleek and clean look for your shower. The panels are waterproof and won’t get damaged. 


Nothing makes a bathroom feel more uninviting than clutter. Water and soap build-up behind bottles and creams. Hair and grime find their way into the corners of the tub. Make your bathroom feel neat and in order with proper shelving. If everything looks organized then you will feel organized and can start each day being in control. Recessed shelving in the walls of showers can help keep all your soaps and shampoos in order, and shelving behind mirrors or near your sink can keep all of your toiletries clean and looking like new. What you cast your eyes on first thing in the day will determine how you feel. Remember, the bathroom is for comfort and relaxation. Make sure it looks the way you feel.

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