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10 Tried and Tested Steps to a More Confident You

 Life has the capacity to be deeply enjoyable and fun and all the other good things that we can experience, but it is conditional. We’re not always in the right frame of mind to live life to the fullest. If we’re going to live our best life, then there are some things that we’ll need: our health (mental and physical), energy, and yes, confidence. We all know how much easier it is to make our dreams come true when we’re feeling confident. Plus, it just allows us to enjoy the world more: everything looks brighter when we’re feeling secure in our skin. 

Of course, how to actually reach this confident state can seem difficult, actually almost impossible sometimes. But if there’s one thing to remember, it’s that a confident version of yourself exists. And in fact, it’s not as difficult as you might think. It’s all about doing many small tasks (rather than waiting for one big, life-changing thing to change everything). In this blog, we’re going to take a look at a bunch of small actions that’ll put you on the right path. 

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A Bit of Perspective

There are many people out there who actually are confident people; they just don’t know it. Or to put it another way, they’re people who should be confident, they just don’t see it. If there’s one thing that is damaging to the world, it’s that people underrate themselves -- and that keeps them in their little small box. If you took an objective look at your life, you’d probably find that there are many reasons for you to feel confident and happy. Of particular note should be how you view your appearance. People typically undervalue their attractiveness level, all because they focus on their (perceived) flaws rather than what they’ve got going for them. Focus on those things instead, and you’ll feel much better.

New Clothes

Is there anything better than leaving home knowing that you’re dressed as well as can be? It’s an instant confidence boost. If you can walk past a mirror and think, “I’m looking good,” then you’ll be on the right path towards having a good day. Of course, dressing well is not guaranteed. There are many things that can influence it, but perhaps the most important aspect is the quality of the clothes. If you’ve been wearing the same old, same old items for too long, then take a look at investing in some new threads. It can be worthwhile paying a little more than normal, such is the difference that high-quality clothing can make. 

Find Your Style

Clothes function as more than just items to preserve our modesty and keep us warm and so forth. They are an extension of our personality. Or at least, they should be. If you’re wearing clothes that you know don’t really reflect who you are, then make some changes. You’ll feel more confident when it feels like people can get an idea of what you’re all about just by looking at you. The process of finding your style can be a journey, but it’s worthwhile taking. If you don’t know where to start, look at simply mimicking other people who have a sense of style that you like. In time, you’ll find that you’ve acquired your own.

Not Trying to Impress 

Moving away from your appearance for a moment, let’s think about your interactions with other people. If you have any level of social anxiety, then it probably impacts your confidence, at least to a degree. Experts are conflicted about whether “faking it till you make it” is an effective strategy for improving confidence, but there are some areas where it is recommended. One is how you present yourself socially. A person lacking in confidence is eager to impress. They want to be liked by others. A confident person doesn’t feel the need to do this. They can just sit back and be themselves. If this area of your life is affecting your confidence, then try this: put the “impress” pressure on the other person. The goal isn’t to make them feel uncomfortable (don’t do that), but just to make yourself recognise that you don’t have to go out your way to make other people like you, or to connect with them. If it happens, it happens. You’ll find that this new self-assuredness in social environments can do wonders for your confidence.

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Upgraded Beauty Routine

There are some things that’ll have a huge influence on your appearance, which means that they in turn have a huge influence on your confidence. Even though your appearance is not the most important thing in the world, it would be wrong to think that it’s entirely unimportant: it’s not. So if you’re looking to nudge things in the right direction, why not look at mixing up your beauty routine? If you’ve been stuck with the same old makeup style for longer than you can remember, then take a look at some YouTube tutorials and find a look that suits you. 

Items for your Figure

There are some things that can be considered “obvious” when it comes to improving your confidence. Some are a little more subtle. One such example are the things you wear that can’t be seen on the surface. While it’s fine to wear unremarkable initiates, you’ll find that you feel a lot more confident if you’re wearing lingerie, especially if they accentuate your natural body shape. More than anything, high-quality underwear will just have you feeling good throughout the day.

To the Salon

Along with your makeup and clothes, it’s your hair that has the biggest impact on your appearance. Most people are pretty adept at styling their hair well, but if you’re trying to push your confidence in the right direction, then that’s not enough: you’ll want to take things further. A trip to the salon can be so beneficial that it should be prescribed by doctors. Providing you’ve gone to a stylist who knows what they’re doing, you’ll find that you leave on cloud nine. If you can pick up a few tips and tricks from professional hairstylists, you’ll be able to keep the look -- and the confidence that accompanies it -- for longer than usual, too.

Work Up a Sweat

Exercise improves your confidence in many ways. For starters, it helps to keep your body look trim and toned. But perhaps more important is the mental fortitude you need to work up a sweat even when you don’t want to. We gain confidence by overcoming our mental barriers and doing things anyway. When you take up exercise, you’ll experience that on a regular basis. There’ll be times when you want to give up, but you’ll push yourself to workout for another ten minutes. There’s power in that. Once you’ve finished, consider a cold shower. This isn’t appealing but can do wonders for your confidence, energy, skin, and more. As with the exercise, you’ll have to force yourself to get into the shower sometimes, but you’ll do it anyway -- and that brings confidence. 

Free Yourself From Toxins

There are some things that are presented to us as normal, but which are actually harmful. Take alcohol, for instance. This is something that the majority of the population drink regularly. But is it as good for us as we think it is? Depending on the type of alcohol that you’re drinking, you could find that it’s having a negative impact on your mood, your skin, your energy, and more. If you’ve never taken a break before, consider giving it up for a month or so. The truth is that within a couple of weeks without alcohol, you’ll likely have noticed that your mood and confidence has improved. You might decide to have the occasional drink after the month is up, but it’s unlikely that you’ll go back to your pre-break levels once you’ve seen the many benefits. 

Keep Moving Forward

Finally, remember to keep moving forward. If you think back to when you felt the most confident, you’ll probably find that it was when you were challenging yourself and making things happen. When we stop doing those things, it’s normal for our confidence to take a bit of a hit. While it can be easier to pursue challenges when we’re young, it doesn’t mean that they’re impossible to make happen when we’re older. They’re not. Looking ahead, why not focus on seeing what you’re capable of? Just deciding to do that will give you confidence (since it’s not an easy decision to make), and it’ll be even more profound if you pull your challenge off. 


When we’re low in confidence, it can feel like something that we’ll never have. It just feels too far away. However, never forget that there are plenty of things you can do to push things in the right direction. While the effects of your actions can take some time to sink in, once they have, you’ll find that you’re riding high with confidence -- and it’ll happen before you know it. 

The 4 best adult only holiday destinations

Well, the hot weather is beginning to fade in the UK and its starting to look a lot more like autumn every day. We all blinked and missed summer and due to the unforeseen circumstances, we all found ourself in.  We all had a most unusual summer holiday. Most of us did not manage to venture abroad. I personally love to travel and it brings my heart joy to immerse myself in another culture. I have missed travelling. 

But with the passage of time come the new normal and the new normal opens the door to getting back to the wonderful world of travel and holidays. I know a lot of people have been homeschooling and navigating the challenges of life mostly within your home. It is time to reward yourself and plan an adult-only trip. Family trips are so fun but I think you deserve some adult-only time. Let's face it you need a break.   I have spent hours perusing Voyage PrivĂ© for the best deals for adults-only holidays and city breaks. I love this site for booking holidays they really are the best at what they do and they have some incredible deals on at the moment so why not pop over and check them out yourself. 

So let me tell you my top 4 Adult only destination. 

France Paris 
The city of lovers. I would be doing an injustice if I didn't start with Paris. I love Paris.  Paris in the autumn and winter is even more magical. There is nothing quite like walking around Paris with snow on the ground. This city is even more beautiful in the snow. Don't get me wrong it is stunning any time but I have had the pleasure of seeing Paris in the snow and I will never forget this. 

There are so many amazing hotels in Paris. I suggest the Westin Paris Vendome this four-star hotel. This will blow your mind. The decor is elegant with a sophistication only done in France. Not only are the rooms to die for they have a stunning spa and fitness centre. 

There really is something for everyone to do in Paris has some of the best historical sights in europe take the Louvre, Montmartre and Arc de triomphe for instance Or why not walk along the river Seine and find the mini statue of liberty. So many options. 

Paris is also well know to have some of the best shopping in Europe. If you like designer labels Paris is a must for you. 

I personally think a trip to Paris is not complete without a meal a night time in The Jules Verne ( The restaurant in the Eiffel tower). I love to watch the twinkling lights whilst I eat an amazing meal. Speaking of food there is nothing quite like getting a crepe and walking the streets of paris or walking around one of the many city parks. 

The beautiful island of Cyprus is a fantastic choice for any adult-only trip. With the never-ending beaches and turquoise waters that seen to go on forever, this is heaven for any sun worshiper. Cyprus is known to have some of the best weather in Europe year round. So it is a natural choice for a nice trip away with a quicker travel time. 

You need to check out Azia resort and spa this is an adult-only resort. It is 5 star and it really does live up to that rating. This hotel is located in vast grounds with an expansive elegant outdoor pool with a world-class spa for you to unwind from all the stress of the day and relax in this tranquil environment.  

Cyprus boasts all the normal beach holiday activities from private boat tours to sea fishing and water sports. But it is not just for the sun worshipers out there it is also steeped in history. With both greek and Turkish influences in its history, there are so many options for you to explore this country's amazing history.  Another plus side is Cyprus has been named one of the safest countries in the world. 

The food in Cyprus is very unique it has taken influences from its vast history and has both greek and Turkish flair. If you are a foodie you will not be disappointed with the food in Cyprus. 

Italy Venice
One of my all-time favourite places Venice. Venice for me is one of the most spectacular places in the world. I love history and I love the water and this combines both of my passions with abundance. I could spend all day telling you why you need to book your adult-only trip to Venice but let me give you a quick rundown. 

Venice is unlike any other city in the world. Fully surrounded by water with an intricate canal system this city is Italian architecture at its finest. I could spend all day just walking around the beautiful building and taking in all the history in the walls of this special and magical city. 

For a hotel that will blow your mind check out Indigo Venice Sant'Elana. This hotel is elegance with a modern twist whilst in keeping with the style in Venice. It is home to an indoor courtyard and garden which is very rare in Venice. 

The food in Venice is, of course, Italian but I have to say there are lots of local Venetian specialities that you will find along your way. You must try the world-famous Venetian ice cream. You will thank me for this. 

The Maldives
For the ultimate adults-only holiday why not head a bit further afield and book a trip of a lifetime to the amazing Maldives. The Maldives where the warm turquoise water and hot climate seem like a dream come true. 

Have you ever dreamed of being in a private beach villa on the beautiful turquoise water in the Maldives? Well, you need to check out Mercure Maldives Kooddo Resort. Here you can have your very own amazing villa on the water with direct access to the turquoise waters. These Villas are out of this world luxury. This hotel has lots of elegant and sophisticated eating options and some of the best cocktails in the Maldives. 

If like me you like to snorkel or dive the Maldives is the place to be. Can you imagine waking up in your private villa to look out on the crystal clear blue waters knowing you can step right in the warm water from where you are sleeping and see hundreds of fish and other sea creature. Heaven. 

I hope you have enjoyed my choices for the best Adult only holiday options. 

Please check all restrictions and government advice before booking any trip at this time. 

How To Keep Your Lawn In Pristine Condition

 Your lawn is the main aspect of your garden. It's the thing you've spent the most time on, and it's what you want people to be impressed by. A gorgeous lawn will be healthy and green, dazzling those who set their eyes upon it. 

Sadly, lawns don't stay in pristine condition forever. Or, more accurately, they need a lot of maintenance to ensure they remain perfect. Lots of things could be damaging your garden and causing issues with your lawn. So, here are some pro tips to keep your lawn as luscious as can be:

Image Credit: Pexels (CC0 License)

Water it regularly

Every lawn needs some water to help it thrive. You'll notice that grass tends to go yellow during the hotter months. This is because a lack of water causes it to dry out and die. Water your lawn as regularly as can be - sprinkler systems are the best thing to use here. They offer an even distribution to ensure every blade of grass is nourished. 

Avoid waterlogging

On a similar note, too much water is a bad thing for your lawn. Avoid emptying buckets of water on it every single day! This is why the spray from a hose or sprinkler system is most effective. Also, consider what happens when it rains. It may be worth looking for submersible water pumps to improve the irrigation system in your garden. This allows the rainwater to drain away with ease, preventing puddles and waterlogging.  When too much water pools on your lawn, it basically drowns the grass. You get massive muddy patches that end up destroying the way it looks. 

Don't forget to fertilize

Your lawn is a living thing, believe it or not. So, it can't get by with sunlight and water alone. You need to fertilize your lawn to provide all the essential nutrients that let it grow. This will ensure you get healthy grass that looks as green as can be!

Be wary when mowing your lawn

I've saved this tip for last as it is the most relevant. When cutting your grass, don't put your mower on the lowest setting. This sounds like the smart thing to do as it ensures your grass is cut short. However, you end up scalping the lawn and damaging it. This causes muddy areas and will lead to patches. 

Instead, put your mower on a higher setting and only chop off around a third of the height. The idea is that you should mow your lawn frequently to keep it at a decent height. It sounds like a lot of work, which is why most people mow their lawn really short. The shorter it is, the less often you have to cut it! But, if you want your lawn to look gorgeous, you have to put in the extra work. 

Think of these tips as the fundamentals of lawn maintenance. If you follow each step, you're almost guaranteed to end up with a beautiful lawn. The only instances where this might not be the case is where your garden is shaded, and no sun hits the lawn. Sadly, there's not a lot you can do about this, and it might be smarter to install turf instead.

Spending More Time Outdoors Through Autumn and Winter


If there’s been one good thing about 2020, it’s that many of us have spent more time enjoying the great outdoors. With fewer opportunities to socialise, or visit indoor attractions, even those of us that have worked throughout have had far more free time to spend with our household. With all indoor attractions closed, and the added benefits of good weather, many of us have enjoyed long walks, scavenger hunts, runs, bike rides, and time playing in the garden. You might have been outdoors more this summer than you’ve been for a long time. 
But the weather is turning. Rain, wind, and cooler temperatures are forecast in the coming weeks, and other signs of autumn, like earlier sunsets, and falling leaves, are already here. If the turn of the season usually means bundling up indoors, why not make a change in this already crazy year?
Autumn is beautiful. The falling leaves are a cacophony of colour and crunch underfoot, and it’s a great time to enjoy the great outdoors. Staying outside all year helps you to get more exercise and fresh air. It boosts your circulation, and going for walks is significantly cheaper than hitting tourist hotspots every weekend. So, here are some tips to help you to spend more time outdoors as the weather cools. 

Get a Car

Ok, so driving might seem like it defeats the object, but when the weather is bad, sometimes the great outdoors on your doorstep isn’t ideal, and even in good weather, the same sights get boring. A Volkswagen Approved Used car means that you can get further afield more easily and that you’ll have somewhere to shelter if it rains. A car also means that you don’t have to worry about public transport if it snows, or waiting for a bus in a storm.

Have a Plan

In the summer months, you may all be content to walk without much of a destination in mind. The kids might play in the garden for hours, without thought. In the winter, this becomes harder. Walks aren’t as appealing without a destination. 
So, make plans. Go out with a route in mind, and something fun, like a pub lunch at the end. 

Find Outdoor Activities

In the winter, many outdoor tourist attractions close. But others, like pop-up ice rinks, come to life. Other outdoor activities include seasonal scavenger hunts, mini-beast hunts, and bike rides. 

Start Your Days Earlier

In the summer you can go out after lunch and still enjoy a full day away from home. By mid-winter, it is dark by 4 pm, and you may not want to stay out as long anyway. Get up earlier, leave the house after breakfast, and try to get as much out of your days as you can. 

Wrap Up Warm

Invest in good waterproof shoes and coats for the whole family. Then, dress in light layers that are easy to remove if you get hot walking or running around. 

Book Some Leave

Most of us use up our holiday days over summer and around Christmas, which might mean that it’s easier to book during the autumn. Book a short break, and enjoy cosy stargazing walks, hikes through the woods, and adventures away from home. You might find that you actually enjoy your holiday more away from the crowds. 

Everything You Need to Know About Moving Into a Rented Property

There are countless types of housing out there to suit different individuals’ needs. There tend to be pros and cons that come hand in hand with each. Now, you’ll probably find that most of the information that you find on moving into a new property tends to revolve around people who are buying their own property. But what about rental properties? Renting is becoming increasingly popular nowadays. For some people, it is the only logical option. The price of living is on the rise, while wages remain stagnant. It can prove nigh on impossible to save a deposit when paying your landlord’s mortgage or income through rent, so you remain within the cycle of renting. For others, renting is a choice. It provides freedom to move regularly and means you aren’t tied down to one location. Either way, there are a number of steps you need to take to make moving into a rental property as smooth and convenient as possible. Here are a few to add to your to-do list.
Arrange Your Finances
First things first, you need to make sure that your finances are in order if you’re planning on renting a property. You’re likely to have to undergo a credit check to be approved on a property, as your potential landlord is going to want to ensure that you can be trusted to pay your rent and bills on time each month. Plus, there are all sorts of costs entailed in moving home and you need to make sure that you can cover them! If you have a poor credit score, it’s time to start working on it sooner rather than later. You can improve your score by paying your bills on time, minimising the amount of debt you owe and taking simple steps like adding yourself to the electoral register. In terms of getting the funds together to move, you will need to start saving. Costs that you may need to cover can include putting a deposit down, covering your first month’s rent, money to set up services such as internet, removal company costs to get your belongings over and investing in items that the property may require, such as furniture or appliances that may not be included. If you don’t have time to save, you can always consider Buddy Loans Guarantor Loans, which will provide you with the money up front. You can then pay the sum back in instalments plus interest once you’ve already moved into the property.

Decide Where You Want to Rent
Once you’ve got your finances in order, you need to decide exactly where you want to rent. The perk that comes with renting is that contracts can be relatively short and you can up and move at the end of them. So you might not need to put quite as much emphasis on location as you might if you were literally buying a house. However, you still want to make sure that the location is suitable and ticks all of your boxes. You may want to live close to your work. You may want to live close to your family. You may want to live close to friends. If you use public transport, you may want to live somewhere with good public transport links within walking distance. If you have kids, you may want an area with good schools. There are plenty of other facilities or amenities that you may want to have nearby too! Once you’ve found an area, you can start looking at actual properties.

Deciding What Size Property You Need
Next, how big do you need your property to be? This will whittle down suitable options in your chosen area. Most of us have a set amount of bedrooms and bathrooms in mind. If you're living alone, a studio or one bedroom apartment may be sufficient. If you’ll have more people living in the property, something bigger may be necessary.

View Properties
So, you know where you want to rent and what size property you want to rent. Now you can get to browsing the market and actually viewing properties that are available. We cannot place enough emphasis on the importance of viewing any property you’re interested in before committing to it. Estate agents’ pictures can be misleading and may present a property in a better light than it actually is. Only by visiting and checking the property yourself can you determine whether it’s in good condition and whether it’s somewhere you actually want to live or not. Viewing a property will also give you a brief insight into the area, what the neighbours are like and whether there are other factors that could alter your decision, such as road noise. Make sure all electrics are safe and working, that windows are in place properly, that there isn’t damage to the property and that there aren’t any leaks or mould present.

Read the Terms and Conditions
If you find somewhere suitable, it’s important to read the terms and conditions of your contract thoroughly. You need to ensure that the correct amounts are listed and that all clauses are fair. Most rented properties will come with an inventory, detailing what state the property was in when you moved in and what furnishing or appliances were present. This should have images. Make sure that all of this information is accurate. If anything is damaged or differs from the images in the agreement when you move in, make sure to have this altered in the inventory before signing it. This will make sure that you are not held liable for the costs of repairs or for damage that existed in the property before you moved in when you do eventually move out.

Of course, these are just a few aspects of renting a property that you should be aware of. But hopefully, the above information will help you to undertake the process as seamlessly as possible!

Tips For A Beautiful Outdoor Space

 Over the coronavirus lockdown, you might have found home-improvement projects have kept you sane. Around the world, homeowners have taken this extra time spent indoors to re-decorate, rearrange, and reorganize their living space. However, due to social distancing measures and lockdowns in place, it has been practically impossible for any larger renovations to happen. This has been frustrating for those who had scheduled work to be done on their property, or wished that they could have used the extra time to totally revitalize their space!

Nevertheless, with social distancing measures beginning to relax, it is becoming easier and easier to renovate your space, particularly if this renovation is happening outdoors. Your garden might be big enough for fun and games with the family, but are you utilizing your outdoor space to its maximum potential?

Image credit.


This is probably the least-known-about factor of garden landscaping. Installing and maintaining hedges allows your garden to have more shape, as well as increasing the privacy of your garden. In addition, hedges provide a perfect habitat for wildlife to nest, making your garden into a haven for little creatures to call home.

Choosing your hedging is a difficult task - there are so many options. One perfect hedge plant is Thuja Occidentalis, a stunning variation which enhances your garden’s aesthetics and habitat.


A landscaped garden increases the value of your home and provides a stunning space for you and your family. You can make it simple, with clean lines and flowerbeds, or go all-out with water features such as ponds or fountains, raised beds and gravel. Professional landscapers can advise you on color scheme and atmosphere, depending on the size and layout of your existing garden. If you are considering a large outdoor space renovation, contact a landscaping expert for a consultation. Having your garden landscaped is an awesome project with often stunning results.

Growing Your Own Food

If you are interested in being environmentally friendly and keeping your health at the top of its game, consider a vegetable patch and fruit trees. These fabulous additions to your outdoor space don’t only look beautiful, but they provide you and your family with nurturing fruit and veg which help boost your immune system, taste gorgeous and inspire you to appreciate nature. Growing fruit and vegetables is not as hard as it looks, and with a little knowledge and patience, you could be growing your dinner in the garden.

Image credit.

Depending on where you live and the climate, the types of fruit and vegetables you could potentially grow in your garden will vary. Consult a local gardener or go online to find out the foods that naturally occur in your location, and how you could become a green-thumbed grower in no time at all.


No matter your budget or the size of your outdoor space, you can maximise your property’s potential and value by renovating it. Learn a new skill, find tranquility and encourage nature with a renovated garden that everyone can enjoy.

Massive back to school giveaway.

 Can you believe it is finally the new school year? With everything that has been going on we have kinda forgotten that there is a lot of first-time school milestones about to happen. Whether its the first day of school or moving to a year group. There are lots of things to celebrate. None of us knows what this year will hold so we have to celebrate the wins and this is the new school year and the children finally getting to see their friends and teachers. 

So with that in mind, I have teamed up with some of the UK's top bloggers to offer you a massive giveaway. There is something for everyone in this giveaway. There is school bags for the children and cookbooks for the adults to name a few things. I promise you will not be disappointed. 

Enough of me time to get into what the prize is and how to enter. 

The Back to School Prize Giveaway

With schools due to reopen in September, some of the UK's top bloggers have got together to offer one lucky winner an amazing bundle of prizes for going back to school. This Back to School Giveaway has been organised by Rowena of My Balancing Act who has lots of useful advice on starting school and back to school over on her blog. Read on to find out what you could win:

The Prizes

One lucky winner will win a fabulous Back to School Bundle which includes:

Set of 5 Vintage Chart Educational Prints 30x40 from Ink&Drop

The vintage charts are perfect to keep your kids inspired and you can win the full set! These include the Dinosaur Chart Educational Print, Farm Chart Education Print, Safari Chart Education Print, Woodland Chart Educational Print and Sea Chart Education Print. Not only educational, they will look fantastic in your kids bedroom or playroom.

Rocket Lunch Bag & from SMASH

The Rocket Lunch Bag and Water Bottle from SMASH is a great hit with little wannabe astronauts. The SMASH lunch bag has full insulation with antibacterial lining and has been certified fully food safe. It's the perfect size for school lunches or day trips and can be easily wiped clean. The lunch bag also includes an insulated bottle compartment with a 500ml drink bottle, which is 100% BPA, lead and phthalate free.

Personalised Sports Bag from Treat Republic

This stylish canvas bag that doubles as a gym kit bag or a handy carry-on for the little ones, has a roomy main compartment in which their football kits and shoes can be stored into. There's a small outside pocket that can store keys to lockers, their phones or pocket change. Personalise it with their name and surname to make it their very own - and potentially to stop some friendly sibling rivalry too. A variety of colours are available. Treat Republic have a full back to school range.

School Socks from the Sock Shop

The Sock Shop have a range of school socks and tights. With colours available in the staple black, white and grey, you can ensure that your kids look smart and stick to the dress code! All the items in the Sock Shop school socks range have been made to ensure that your children’s feet stay comfortable from registration to when the last bell rings. Win 5 x School Socks from the Sock Shop including Bamboo Socks with comfort cuff and smooth toe seams (2 pairs), kids school plain cotton socks (2 pairs) and kids casual cotton socks (1 pair).

Stillness Pulse Point Oil from Londe Botanics

The scent of rosemary has been shown to aid short-term memory, while soothing lavender decreases cortisol levels. Londe Botanics has brought them together in their Stillness Pulse Point Oil. Keep it on the desk and apply to wrists, palms or pulse points as needed, gently inhaling the aromatics. Once it's finished, the violet glass bottle also makes a pretty stem vase! Blended from 100% British grown botanicals you can win a gift boxed and packaged in its own drawstring pouch (with a poetry quote), Londe's Stillness Pulse Point Oil. Perfect for students starting the academic year in an uncertain and challenging time.

Colour and Learn Space Explorer Pencil Case from eatsleepdoodle

Kids can discover and colour the stars, planets and spacecraft in our solar system as they store their pens in eatsleepdoodle’s fun colour and learn space explorer pencil case! Get learning the order of the planets ready for school and enjoy colouring the historic moon landing scene too, plus astronauts, rockets and meteors. Especially good news right now: you can wash it as often as you like and have fun recolouring with the enclosed set of 10 pens! eatsleepdoodle space pencil case is a fun, educational and super practical back to school gift for young space explorers.

Usborne Books Periodic Table Jigsaw and Book

Everything in the Universe is made up of just 118 chemical elements which are displayed in the Periodic Table. Meet each element in Usborne Books entertaining book and 300-piece jigsaw set, and discover which are crucial to life, which are smelly, explosive or radioactive and lots more. With links to websites with videos and activities to find out more.

Rocket Bottle from Smash

Rocket Drinks bottle from Smash
This 450ml bottle from Smash features a cool Astronaut design. It's perfect for little ones to take to school with them to keep rehydrated throughout the day. Made from high quality Tritan material, like all Smash products the bottle is 100% BPA Free and certified food safe.

Bamboo Tumbler from Tru Bamboo

This lovely bamboo tumbler from Tru Bamboo is made from Moso bamboo and the interior is made from 100% recyclable pure stainless steel. It’s also BPA free. The tumbler is triple insulated so it not only retains heat for up to 12 hours it also keeps drinks cold for a whole day. Perfect for students going back to school.

2021 Dairy Diary to help parents stay organised!

The 2021 Dairy Diary is the perfect solution for busy parents to help keep the family organised. The Dairy Diary features stunning photography with two beautiful British Butterflies on the front cover. But what the Dairy Diary is really famous for is its recipes. There’s a new one every week. In addition to the recipes, there is all sorts of interesting information on topics such as the Art of Calm, Quirky Museums and Gardening for Wildlife. Of course, there’s everything needed to keep organised – a useful notes pocket, dates stickers, reminders, addresses and even gift lists. All of this, and plenty of space to write appointments, thoughts and plans each day.

Quick After-Work Cookbook from Dairy Diary

Perfect for families on the go, these delicious midweek meals are easy to fit into your busy family life. The Quick After-Work Cookbook features easy, speedy recipes that are delicious and the whole family will love.

Academic Diary, Gel Pens and Metallic Colouring Pencils

We also have an academic diary 2020-2021 with a section for deadlines and exams, 6 pack of Gel Pens in blue and black and a 10 pack of metallic colouring pencils.

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