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4 Business Ideas If You’re a “People-Person”

 They say that you should do what you love. And you can see why — it’s much easier to put in those long hours that are required for success if you’re doing something that you inherently enjoy! It’s important to remember that ‘what you love’ doesn’t necessarily mean a subject. It can also apply to broader things. For example, you might be a people-person — you love people, not a specific topic. In that case, you’d probably enjoy most things that brought you into contact with other humans in a positive way. 

In this blog, we’ll run through four business ideas that are suitable if you’re a people-person.

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Life Coach

If you love people, then you’ll want them to succeed. Or perhaps you’ll want to help them overcome their difficulties. If you’ve always been a fan of other members of the human race, then you’ll probably have learned a lot over the years just by engaging with others. In that case, you could find that becoming a life coach is a good option for you. You’ll probably need to get some qualifications along the way, and you’ll likely want to start it as a side business rather than a full-time operation. But if it all goes well, then you might just find your calling!

Real Estate Rentals

There are multiple ways to help people. You can help people on their way to success or overcome their difficulties, such as by becoming a life coach, as we mentioned above. But you can also help people by taking care of the basics of life, such as housing. Becoming a landlord brings you into close contact with the human race — and can also provide a good income for yourself. You might start with one or two rental properties before eventually working with a company like Costas Constructions to build a multi-unit property. It’s an exciting industry to be in, one that allows you to help people.

Start a Hotel

If starting a property empire doesn’t quite do it for you, then perhaps starting a hotel will. You’ll still be providing accommodation, just over a shorter period. One big plus is that you could end up meeting people from all over the world. It’s hard work running a hotel, sure, but it can be highly rewarding. Plus, you can make your enterprise as small or large as you like, from a small B&B to an international chain. 

Become an Event Planner

If you’re more project-based, then you could consider becoming an event planner. With this, you’ll work closely with people to bring their weddings, parties, conferences, or other events to life. The job satisfaction among people who work in this industry is high. You’ll need to put in long hours, overcome problems, and so forth, but there’s so much value in helping to bring someone’s vision to life. As with becoming a life coach, it’s best to start small or work within an existing event planning company before stepping up to make it your full-time work.

Jazzing Up Your Living Space

 The first place you head to after a long day of work is your living room. It’s also the first place anybody else has to when they first come into your home. The last thing that you want is to walk into your home and feel less than inspired by the lounge space that you’ve got. Your living room is supposed to show off your personality and show off how wonderful your home is. If your decor taste is not that great, everybody is going to see that. 

You need the right furniture, you need flame effect electric fires for that cosy winter evening, and you need to feel like you’re walking into a living space that you want to live in. Below, we’ve got some of the best ways that you can help yourself to quickly jazz up your living room.

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  • Comfortable armchairs. Regular chair installations are so yesterday. If you want the perfect seating arrangement, then you need to aim for comfort. You may have sofas of all sizes in your living room already, but you also need armchairs. This is a simple piece of furniture and I can add some elegance to your current decor situation. When you buy your armchairs, make sure you go into a store and sit in them before you purchase. This will ensure that you have purchased the correct ones. If your hunt for the perfect armchair is still on, then you need to start looking now before the winter really sets in.

  • Considering your table situation. Do you currently have a coffee table in front of your couch and your television? Some people choose to have more than one coffee table type, from and tables to side tables. Coffee tables can be a complete necessity – where do you put your food while you’re watching TV? Where did you put your newspaper in the morning? Where do you keep the TV remote so it doesn't get lost? If the coffee table isn’t the answer to all of these, but you definitely need to go shopping.

  • Add some rugs. We love accessories and rugs are one of the best things that you can add to your living room if you want to add some comfort, familiarity and personality. Rugs come in all shapes, sizes and colours, so whether you’re looking for woolly rugs that are thick that you can sink your toes into, or you’d like something colourful and short but more practical to clean, rugs are the answer.

  • Play around with your lighting options. Lighting is so important for your living space, especially if you’re trying to chase it up. It doesn’t matter how well you decorate the living room because if the lighting isn’t right it’s not going to look good. You don’t have to show away from experimenting with lighting, nor do you have to remove your ceiling lights that you currently have. Consider lamps of all heights and brightness, and you could think about adding some LED lighting behind your TV for that movie mood.

What jewellery to wear with any outfit.

When it comes to dressing up, you want to look your best, a look that turns heads and makes you the talk of the town. Getting this look doesn’t have to be difficult, it’s all about knowing how to pair colours correctly and accessorising your appearance in subtle yet stylish ways. 

Pairing your jewellery with the clothes you’re wearing is a great way to achieve a beautiful look, from glorious gold chains to sophisticated silver bracelets, a good-looking style doesn’t have to break the bank. 

Start by choosing the outfit you’d like to wear for the event or outing in question, having a solid starting base is the best way to begin pairing colours. Alternatively, think about the type of jewellery you’d like to wear and choose your outfit based on the colour choices. Precious metals pair with a whole host of colours but there are colours to avoid as well.

Yellow Gold
Yellow gold is the most common colour of gold available and when placed on a colour wheel, yellow fall opposite blue and purple hues, making these the best complimentary colour to wear with gold jewellery. Subtle shades of blue and purple will help make gold jewellery pop while darker, more saturated colours contribute to creating a fuller look. Of course, reds and greens work wonderfully with gold, but you can risk creating a “holiday” look, perfect for the Christmas season but not for achieving a summer appearance. 

Colours to avoid with gold are yellows, bright or subtle, and any shade of neon colour – the look starts to become garish and too bright. 

Yellow gold isn’t always just the type of metal base that can be used either, check out these cufflinks from luxury jewellery brand Tateossian which incorporate real gold flakes and nuggets in their jewellery designs.
Silver is known in fashion as an “accent colour” so while it’s fairly uncommon to see full outfits of glittering silvers, there are lots of opportunities to use silver to compliment a look. White, greys and black are ideal for pairing with silver jewellery and helps bring the accessories to life but soft, cooler tones work well too – blues, greens and purples.

Avoid wearing warm, pastel colours as the look can quickly go from stylish to washed-out, as well as very bright colours that simply “absorb” the silver colour and divert the focus. 

White Gold
White gold is very similar to silver, it’s a bright “white” metal with a gloss finish, however, white gold tends to be shinier than silver due to the combination of metals and finished plating used. Silver is the cheaper material although does require more upkeep to regularly remove tarnish, whereas white gold is a harder, more resilient metal, requiring less polish and cleaning. 

If you are wearing white gold, most of the same colours with silver work nicely yet you’ll likely lean towards wearing darker shades so to really show off your luxury piece of jewellery. I personally love a celtic white gold ring it adds style and elegance to any white gold accessory styling. 

Rose Gold
Rose gold is an interesting metal, created from gold and a mixture of copper, the warm tones pair nicely with other pieces of metal jewellery. Rose gold’s colour lends itself to pairing nicely with a mixture of jewellery pieces from sparkling platinum to shiny silvers and helps bring the yellows out when worn with regularly gold. 

The hue rose gold is most commonly available in makes it a fairly versatile accessory and helps it pair nicely with clothing shades of pinks, natural earthy tones, blues and nude tints.

Other Places to Add Colour
It’s not just your clothing you have to consider, you’ll want to keep in mind the colours you may paint your nails and if you wear a watch, avoid wearing too much on the same side so your look isn’t unbalanced

With this information, go forth and treat yourself to some luxury jewellery made from the finest precious metals and wear it confidently with your favourite outfits. Whether it’s summer or winter or the in between, there’s no reason not to look your best.

Ways to jazz up a boring outfit.

Let's talk about clothes and how to make them special. Maybe you have a job that requires you to wear simple clothing, or you want to save your more special items for more important occasions. No matter what the reason might be, there is no real way plain clothes have to equal plain outfit! Use a combination of makeup, hair accessories, jewellery and footwear. You can make things way more interesting! Read on for a handful of ideas for every occasion and budget.

With your footwear
Ah, high heels! Don’t we just love to hate them? As uncomfortable as they can be, they really do change so many things. They can alter how your outfit hangs on your body, how your legs look, and how your hold yourself. Not only can heels change your look in this way, but they can also become the focal point of your outfit. If your outfit is plain, go for heels in a bright colour or with a cool embellishment.

With a hair accessory
Tiara’s aren’t only suitable for a bridal look, you know! As long as you don’t go too extravagant, a delicate tiara can look totally natural. If you’re not up for going all out with a tiara, choose instead a leaf-design hair-piece, or a headband. Think Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl. She loved to rock a headband and always made them so classy. You can totally do the same.

With your jewellery
Because of how beautiful they are, emerald celtic rings are becoming fashionistas' must-haves. It is a perfect way to dress up an everyday outfit. With the green colouring and sparkle, these are show stoppers and really do draw the eye. You can say so much with such a dramatic ring in this contemporary but classic styling. Get ahead of the cover and make an impact with a stunning piece of statement jewellery.

Also, don’t think that jewellery just means rings earrings, bracelets and necklaces. You’ve also got things like midi-rings, and anklets too. Think texture when you’re picking your pieces.

With texture
On the topic of texture, try and combine several different textures into your outfit. Colour isn’t the only way to spice things up. Think of a thick woollen scarf with a thin floaty dress, for example. Different textures add a level of interest to any outfit.

With your makeup
Say, for example, you’re wearing an all-black outfit. This might seem drab, but in fact, it’s a fantastic excuse to wear a bright red lip! Or sparkly eyeshadow! Get creative on your face when you can’t with your clothes.


With your hair
You might have restrictions on the colour of your clothing, but do you have restrictions on the colour of your hair? If the answer is no, fantastic! It’s time to get creative. Is there a hair colour you’ve always wanted to try out before? Then now is the time. Go along to a salon for a consultation and you can discover your options with a professional. There are so many incredible hair colours out there now. Check out rainbow hair on Pinterest to have your breath taken away. If you’re not quite brave enough for that, consider red or platinum blonde instead!

With a scarf
This has to be one of the easiest ways out there. Throw on a colourful scarf to instantly brighten things up. It’s quick and easy to remove if and when you need to.

So many ways to spice up your clothes.

Special Memorabilia in Our Lives

 You keep many things close to your hearts as memories of your lives. For some, it might be a unique piece of jewellery that was given to them by a loved one. For others, it might be a photograph or letter that has been carefully preserved. Whatever it is, these items are often cherished for their sentimental value. This blog post will focus on exploring the meaning and importance of special memorabilia in your lives, why these items are so important to you, and how they can help you remember your past.

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1) What is the most special memorabilia piece that you own?

It was the most special memorabilia piece you owned, perhaps a necklace given to you by your grandmother. It is very important to you because it was given to you by the one person who has always been there for you, no matter what. She has always been your biggest fan and supporter, and this necklace is a physical representation of her love for you. It also serves as a reminder of your relationship and all of the happy memories you have shared together.

Grandmothers are often seen as the keeper of family history and traditions. They are usually the ones who pass down stories from previous generations and teach you about your heritage. In this way, they help to connect you to your past and give you a sense of identity. For many people, their grandmother is the most important person in their lives.

Some other examples of special memorabilia pieces include:

  • A teddy bear that was given to you by your first love

  • A ticket stub from your favourite concert

  • Your high school yearbook

  • A postcard from a place you've always wanted to visit

  • A book that was given to you by a close friend

  • square st christopher pendants passed on from generation to generation 

Each of these items holds a special meaning for the person who owns them. They are reminders of happy times, past loves, and cherished friendships. These items often hold a great deal of sentimental value and can bring back fond memories when you look at them.

2) Why are memorabilia important?

Memorabilia are important because they help us to remember happy times in our lives. They can also serve as a reminder of our relationships with other people. Sometimes, we might forget how important someone is to us and looking at a special piece of memorabilia can help to remind us, especially someone like our mother.  In addition, they teach future generations about their family history and heritage. By passing down items from previous generations, we can help to connect them to their past and give them a sense of identity.

In conclusion, special memorabilia in your life can take many different forms. It can be something as simple as a piece of jewellery that you wear every day, or it can be a more important item that you only bring out on special occasions. Whatever the case, these items hold a great deal of meaning for you and help create some of your most cherished memories.

Upgrades To Do To Your House Next


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Most of us believe that if we take care of our property, it will repay us financially, but which home upgrades actually pay off? Because many of us work from home on several days of the week, we've had to reconsider what we want from our living environment. So it's a good idea to consider carefully what house renovations to do. If you intend to sell your home in the near future, we offer some suggestions for increasing its worth.

Consider kerb appeal

First impressions do matter. Leaving the façade in disrepair will have potential buyers doubting the interior before they even walk through the door. 

Here are a few ideas

  • Give the outside of your property a fresh coat of paint. 

  • Refinish or replace your front door. 

  • Install hanging baskets 

  • Definitely clean up your garden.

Makeover your garage 

A garage conversion can provide the same amount of room as a cellar conversion but have the added benefit of being at ground level. If you live in an urban location where most homes lack a driveway or garage, houses with garages may be more valuable. A garage conversion project, such as those put together by The Smarter Garage, adds storage solutions to free up valuable floor space to use the space for a variety of purposes, a remodel project like this might also include changing the flooring to be fit for a range of purposes. With the right amendments made, a garage can potentially be converted into an annexe for guests to stay, this could even be used as a short term rental in order to generate you some income from your conversion.

Extend or upgrade your kitchen's layout

If you can't sit down and dine in your kitchen, the value of your home may suffer. So consider expanding it or at the very least upgrading the layout. If your kitchen is in the back of your house and there is a side passage, consider extending the kitchen to the full width of the rest of the house. You can gain room and fix a bad layout by adding a single-story side-return extension.

Don’t forget about your windows

Large windows can play an important part in modern home décor, as long as the design considers both comfort and sustainability. Large windows provide a lot of natural light, which makes a house more attractive. Such exposure has been found in studies to raise energy levels and improve mood. Such large windows also help you to get closer to nature, particularly if they become the centre point of a space, allowing you to enjoy views of the surrounding area. Being close to nature is peaceful and restorative, and having large windows allows you to take in the landscape all year. You can get yours updated today by contacting orangeries.

Install a new bathroom

The restroom is the next stop. Getting it correctly on a budget, and replacing it can really pay off. 

  • Sticking with your current layout is one way to save money. 

  • Choosing a shower that does not necessitate the installation of pipes in the wall 

  • Choosing floor-mounted cabinets over wall-mounted cabinets 

  • Buy a bathroom suite rather than individual pieces to save even more money - and wait for sales if possible.

Planning a Weekend Getaway

 When you are getting bored of the 9-to-5 and Monday to Friday routines with Work, you often need something to look forward to. You don’t have to take very many annual leave days to be able to enjoy yourself, either. The key is in making as many memories as possible, and if you want to do that then you need to plan a weekend getaway

Your weekend getaway doesn’t have to be flying in luxury travel to Paris and spending time in hotels outside the Eiffel tower. Of course, you can do those things, but camper van hire and camping in the wilderness with a blanket of stars above your head is just as amazing and romantic. The tips below will help you to plan a weekend getaway that you and your family will never forget.

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  • Consider the kind of trip you want. Are you daydreaming about beaches? Then we can get away somewhere hot and sunny is going to do it for you. Why do you want to go off grid in the first place? If it’s for peace and quiet, then holding up in a cabin for a couple of days in the wilderness will really scratch that each. When you plan a weekend getaway you need to think about the kind of trip that you are looking for. This can help you to select the right destination and really get your creative juices flowing. There’s nothing wrong with daydreaming while you do this!

  • Consider your timing. What’s the weather like right now in the destination you are hoping to go to? You don’t want to try going camping in an area that’s likely to flood or rain all weekend. You also probably don’t want to go to the beach when there are going to be gale-force winds and minus temperatures. So checking out the weather forecast and whether your destination of choice is going to be well time is so important. Pack a spare battery. This will save time in an emergency I recommend picking up a Aolithium lithium-ion battery for travel these are used in most campervans.

  • Be flexible. When it comes to choosing your destination, keep your mind open. That’s the whole beauty of a small trip, you might think you want to go back to the same well-traveled haunts, but someone you can really make a difference. Imagine taking yourself away for a weekend in an entirely new city or country town and discovering some amazing history, people and fantastic food? These are gonna be the things that truly make the memories you are looking to make and give you a break from everyday life.

  • Plan your budget in advance. Most weekend getaways can be planned quickly, but you are starting to consider how much money you’d like to take with you for fun activities and delicious food. If you can go to a five-star restaurant in each location you had to, it’s going to make a big difference to your experiences. No matter what you do, you should make sure you plan things that you know you will enjoy. The whole point is for you to have a break and have fun.

Look After Your Health & Wellness With These Key Hacks

There are loads of great ideas that you can use that will help you to improve your health and wellness in 2022. This is something that you need to focus on as much as you can, and there are some excellent ways of being able to achieve this as much as possible. Making your life better and thinking about how you can improve physical and mental health is so important.

You have to try to make sure you come up with some of the best ideas that are going to allow you to be happier and healthier in this process. So, try to make sure you do as much as you can to make your home better and look after your health and well-being in the best way possible. You’ve got to make sure you think about the best ways of being able to do this. 


Keep Fit & Active

One of the best ways of being able to make yourself more healthy is to focus on keeping fit and active. There are loads of ideas you can use that will help you to achieve this, and you need to come up with some of the best ideas that are going to allow you to do this. Staying fit and healthy is something you can introduce into your life as much as possible. Whether you’re going running, swimming, enjoying a workout regimen, or simply walking, you need to make sure you stay fit and active as much as possible.  

Self-Care Matters

Self-care is one of the most important aspects of modern business, and this is so important. There are a lot of great ideas that you need to try to get right as much as possible, and this is something you need to think about. There are so many ways to induce self-care into being more productive, and this is something that you have to work on as much as possible. There are loads of great ways of being able to make the most of this, and making sure you focus on self-care is one of the most important things you can do to achieve this. Indulge in some well-deserved self-care with a relaxing facial near me in Phoenix, AZ, and rejuvenate both your skin and spirit.

Improve Mental Health 

Improving mental health and wellness is so important in 2022, and the more you can do to work on this, the better. This is why you need to try to make sure you focus on some of the best ideas that you need to get right as much as you can. There are plenty of things that you need to make the most of moving forward when trying to improve and manage your mental health, and seeing a psychologist is one of the best ways of being able to achieve this, and work on making your mental health better as much as possible.

There are loads of things that you can do that will help you make the most of this, and it is important to think about some of the best ways of helping you with this. By taking steps that will help you improve your health and well-being, this is something that plays a massive role in making your life better moving forward.

4 Home Repairs You Should Never Put Off

 If you are a homeowner, then you will know how expensive maintaining a property can be. After all, things tend to happen at the worst possible time, and you might not always have the money to pay for it. If this sounds like you then you will know how frustrating the situation can be. That being said, you should not put off these home repairs. If you do, then you may find that you end up doing yourself more harm than good and that you give yourself an even bigger expense to pay in the future.

Source: Pexels (CC0 License)

You Have Damp in the Basement

If you have damp in your basement, then you will know what a musty smell this can create. You may also find that it leads to a lot of mould and mildew as well. Installing some gutters and a few downspout extensions will help you to draw some of the rainwater away from the foundation and this can help you to keep your basement nice and dry. The worst-case scenario would be if you had to place drains around the footing of the basement. If this is the case, then you may have to pay a professional to take care of it for you. If you have water damage in your home and your insurance provider is not willing to pay out, then you may be able to get compensation by hiring a lawyer after your property is damaged.

You Have a Rotting Deck

Wooden decks are incredibly vulnerable to rot and even deterioration. If they don’t get a lot of sunlight, then this can accelerate the issue even more. Sometimes you may have one section that rots, and other times, you may have more pervasive rot. If this is the case, then you may find that the structure becomes unsafe and that the rails loosen as well. if this is the case, then you need to take the time to replace your rotting boards. If you don’t then the issue will only get worse.

Your Gutters are Clogged

If you have clogged gutters, then this is another issue that you should not be leaving. If you have twigs, leaves and even nuts piling up from nearby trees, then this will cause the water in your drains to spill over the top. If you aren’t careful then in the winter, this can freeze on your driveway, and it can create a real slipping hazard. You may also find that it ends up leaking into the basement too. Cleaning the gutters a few times a year will help you to keep the water moving here, not to mention that you can also install some gutter guards if you want.

Water Spots

Water spots may well show up on your walls or even your ceilings. If you have water spots that are always present, then there is a high chance that this is a plumbing issue. If you know that it shows up after it has been raining, then this could mean that you have a leaking roof or bad siding.