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Nintendo switch lite giveaway


Wow I mean wow I would love to win this prize. When I was a child I loved to game I had a lot of games and consoles and in the winter when the weather was bad. I would spend hours and hours playing games. The new games consoles look amazing and I have yet to pull the trigger and order myself one as I know I would love it and spend a lot of time gaming. I have toyed with getting one and filming my gaming journey. This might have to happen this winter. I will keep you all posted on that one. 

But today you have the chance to win this amazing Nintendo switch lite. I have teamed up with some of the UK best bloggers to offer you the chance to get your hands on one of these fun and educational games consoles. I hope luck is on your side and you get the chance to own this fun little gadget. 

So it seems like this is the perfect gift to offer as a prize on the blog, down the bottom of this post, you will find the rafflecopter to enter. Good luck to you all. 

Nintendo Switch Lite

A Nintendo Switch Lite is a smaller and more compact version of the Nintendo Switch. So although you cannot use the Lite for playing games on the Tv, it is much better for travelling. As it is smaller, it is also better for smaller hands to be able to hold and play it.

The Nintendo Switch Lite retails at £199.99 and the games are bought separately. You can buy them from the Nintendo shop online if you want a digital download. Or most supermarkets or toy shops sell them as a physical game.

The screen is 5.5 inches in size, if you compare it to an iPhone 12 for size, you can see that it is slightly smaller than the phone. But it also has a 720p touch display which are awesome specs for playing games. it also comes in grey, coral, yellow and blue. So there are a wide variety of colours if you need to buy a few for the different members of the family. You get to choose the colour when you order the console*.

The battery lasts between 3 - 7 hours and you can add a memory card for extra storage of games. You can usually get a cheap memory card from Amazon.

How Can You Win A Nintendo Switch Lite?

This competition is bought to you by a group of awesome bloggers. Pop over to take a look at their websites and if you enter all of the entries on the rafflecopter, you can keep up to date with their blog news every week.

Miss Tilly And MeBeing Tillys MummyJenny In Neverland /Suburban MumAt Home With Kayla /Parent Blogging Secrets /Ask Me UpKitchen Recipe Book /A Year Of FoodTillys Travelling TelegramBe Happy Be YouGift Guides UKMy Tunbridge Wells /Home In The PasturesSocially Rach /Miss L J BeautyTechie KidsGuide To GiftsAdventure Of A Yorkshire MumMe, Him, The Dog And A BabyMy Three And MeLife Of A Fishermans WifeLife In A Breakdown /Blog Bay-BeeRhian WestburyStressed MumUk Lifestyle HubSpilling Life Tea /The Free From MummyZero Waste KidsFrugal living UKBinancially InclinedWeMade This LifeMy Life Your WayWe Made This Vegan /Stapo's Thrifty life HacksSimply SavingGemma EtcTantrums To SmilesLukeosaurus And MeCoffee And Life Mummy Vs Work

To be in with a chance of winning the Nintendo Switch Lite, you need to enter through the Rafflecopter. You only need to leave a blog comment to be entered, but if you fill the other requirements, it can give you 42 more chances to win. That's 42 more tickets in the draw.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Terms And Conditions

UK Entries only.
Blog comments must be over 8 words long otherwise it usually goes to the spam file.
This is a collaborated competition and is not associated with Nintendo or any other company.
You must be over 18 to Enter this competition.
You don't need to enter all of the other requirements but if you do say you have completed them, please ensure that you have. Otherwise, your entry is void.

*The colour that you win, will depend on availability at the time.

Win £120 to spend in M&S - Giveaway

Welcome back to my little site. Today I have an awesome competition for you all. You could be in with the chance to win £120 of M&S voucher. Yes, you can win over £100 to spend in M&S. Wouldnt that be awesome. What would you spend it on? Would you buy a new summer dress and some food? Treat yourself to some lovely cakes and wine? Or what about spending it on the back to school range so you don't have to foot the bill yourself. 

The choice would be yours if you are the lucky winner of the voucher. I know I would love to win this to go on a shopping spree in M&S. I love that store. There is just so much good food in there. I love there 3 for 2 makes your money go a little further. 

So why don't you read on for your chance of winning this incredible prize. 

Meet the Bloggers

The following UK bloggers have all come together to contribute towards this giveaway, offering you a chance to win an M&S e-Gift Card worth £120. Kindly support us by visiting some of the websites below or following us on social media pages. CatsKidsChaos | Spillinglifetea | Real Girls Wobble | Missljbeauty | Monethalia | Koody | Felifamily | Hannah and the Twiglets | A Life Of Lovely | At Home With Alice | Make Money Without A Job | Earn Money Do Good | So Nostalgic | Craft Multimedia | The Grumpy Olive | Cantwells Cabin | StressedMum | Alice in Sheffield | Dull to Desirable | It's Me Chrissy J | Best Things to do in Cambridge | Two Plus Dogs | Thrifty Chap | Jupiter & Dann | Miss Tilly And Me | Being Tilly’s Mummy | Internet Wages | Life With Ktkinnes | Christmas With Katie | Life in a Break Down | Simply Saving | A Suffolk Mum | Fresh Design Blog | Wotawoman Diary | StaceyLBlogs | Socially Rach | Best Things to do in York | Brunch or Breakfast? | Lodges with Hot Tubs | Fruit Picking Farms | Citrus Spice and Travels | A Life With Frills | Life Changing Side Hustle | Honest Mummy Reviews | Wander & Luxe | My Tunbridge Wells | Travel Bugs | Mind over Money Matters | Discover Kent

The Giveaway Prize

One lucky winner will win a £120 M&S e-Gift Card! An M&S eGift Card can be can be used online at or in over 700 M&S stores across the UK.

Terms and Conditions

1. There is only one prize of a £120 M&S e-Gift Card. 
2. There are no runner up prizes.
 3. This giveaway is open to UK residents aged 18 and over, excluding all bloggers involved with running the giveaway. 
4. The closing date for entries is midnight on 08.08.21. 
5. The same Rafflecopter widget appears on all the websites involved, but you only need to enter on one website.
 6. Entrants must log in to the Rafflecopter widget below and complete one or more of the tasks - each completed task earns one entry in the prize draw.
 7. Tweeting about the giveaway via the Rafflecopter widget will earn five bonus entries into the prize draw, increasing your chances of winning. 
8. One winner will be chosen at random. 
9. The winner will be informed by email within 7 days of the closing date and will need to respond within 28 days with their email address, or a replacement winner will be chosen. 
10. The winners' names will be published in the Rafflecopter widget (unless the winner objects to this). 
11. The prizes will be dispatched within 14 days of the winner confirming their address. 
13. By participating in this prize draw, entrants confirm they have read, understood and agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. 

 To enter the giveaway, simply complete any or all of the Rafflecopter entries below: a Rafflecopter giveaway Good luck!

7 Common Mistakes When Applying for Your Visa

Person Putting a Passport on Bag

Image credit

Many people who are going to live, visit, or work in the U.S. for an extended period must apply for a visa. If you don't know what you need to do, it may be hard to get your visa approved by the consulate or embassy to process your application. Before applying for a visa, make sure that you have read these common mistakes when applying for your visa so that you can avoid them!

Not Having Enough Time for Application and Processing

Employers will often work with their employees to ensure that they get the required documents in time to be processed by a consulate or embassy. However, if you are applying for your visa and going through an expedited process, there might not be enough time to receive everything from the employer before submitting your application.

Vague or Incorrect Data

There are many ways to fill out the visa application, and if you don't have all of the pre-printed forms, it is hard to know where exactly everything goes. For your data to be processed correctly, make sure that your responses are concise and easy to read.

Not Providing the Necessary Documents

These documents will vary depending on the type of visa you are applying for and if your country requires a specific document, but provide everything necessary. You can't submit an incomplete application!

Make sure you understand what is required and in which form. A slight mistake can make the process harder. If you are in doubt, you can consult any immigration lawyers to give you various options, including an indefinite leave to remain po polsku, work or spousal visa. 


If you are withholding information on your visa application and the consulate or embassy suspects that there is something more going on than what you have revealed in your documentation, they might reject your application. Be honest!

Keeping Copies of Previous Passports

If you have traveled internationally, whether it is for fun or work, many times without any problems, then this may seem like a good idea so that you always have proof of previous visas on hand. However, each country's immigration office has different regulations about how many years must pass before accepting old passport information as valid identification when renewing a new one. 

It can also be confusing because some countries require two blank pages for the passport, and you may not be able to add all of your old visas on those pages.

Applying Too Early

If you are going through a visa process requiring collecting documents from a U.S. employer, there is no need to apply before they have given their consent or haven't filled out an I-129 form (or similar) yet. It will create unnecessary work for them and slow down the application process considerably.

Not Knowing Your Visa Type

When applying for a J-visa, different requirements are depending on if you will be working with children or not. When it comes to H-visas, you need the permission of law enforcement to work legally in specific jobs. If you don't know what kind of visa is necessary, then make sure that you research before wasting time completing an incorrect application.

In conclusion, you can make many mistakes while applying for a visa, so make sure you read up before applying!

Beauty Tips for Brides-To-Be

 Every bride wants to look their absolute best on their wedding day. There are months and even years that build-up to the wedding itself that can consume all of the bride-to-be’s time. When you are planning and organizing for the day, you need to remember to include yourself and caring for yourself in the equation. 

If you are planning your wedding, then there are so many must-know tips for future brides. You all want to get perfect skin for your wedding day and make sure that you look and feel your best so that you can enjoy the time and have nothing to worry about. So with that in mind, here are some tips for brides-to-be to make sure that their beauty regime is on point for the wedding.



When you exfoliate, it is one of the best ways to make sure that your skin looks and feels it's best, and is free from dead cells and blackheads. This is important for your whole body, especially if your wedding dress is going to be backless, for example. When washing your face, use a mild face wash. If you use a harsh one, then it can lead to irritated skin and even give you a rash. Consider something like a scrub made from rice flour and sugar, to exfoliate at home.

Help keep beautiful hands and feet

In order to help yourself to have some beautiful hands and feet, then you can start by massaging olive oil on your hands and feet before you go to bed at night, then it can absorb into your skin overnight and help to get your hands and feet looking and feeling good. When you have a bath, it is also a good idea to use a pumice stone to remove dead skin from those areas. Make sure that you have your manicure and pedicure booked in for the week of your wedding. 


If you want to look after your skin and your hair, then one thing that you can do is to make sure that you drink enough water. This helps to keep your skin toxin-free, as well as keeping you feeling energised and hydrated. At least two liters of water a day is important, but if you are feeling bloated, especially in the run up to the wedding, then you could choose water with lime or coconut water to help beat the bloat. Having a balanced and varied diet containing a lot of protein, green veggies, and fruits will make a big difference. 

In the run up to the wedding, avoid junk foods and foods that are too fatty or salty, as these can lead to skin problems, as well as bloating. Foods with plenty of antioxidants and minerals are important too, to make sure that you have healthy and glowing skin.

These simple tips can help you to feel your best and help you to look your best inside and out. You want to feel good when it comes to your wedding day, so take some simple steps to make a difference to how things go.

3 Tips To Keep Your Home Perpetually Clean

Photo by Jean van der Meulen from Pexels

Keeping a house clean can be a tall order, what with trying to balance your career, family duties and still find time to relax and unwind! Unfortunately, this is often why house cleaning usually falls to the bottom of many people’s to-do lists.

But despite the impossible schedules that most people have to contend with, some always seem to have a house fit for a magazine page. So, what habits do these people have that enable them to keep their homes perfectly clean all of the time? Read on to find out.

Clean As You Go

If you want to keep your home clean, you must never allow a mess to form. As you know, mess attracts chaos. For example, if you leave a pile of clean laundry on the bed, it will eventually find its way to the chair, where you might have some dirty clothes, and before you know it, you are operating in a messy bedroom.

Therefore, you must make a habit of cleaning messes promptly. For one, always clean utensils while you are prepping food. If you have to wait five minutes for the water to boil, use it to wipe counters or clean any items you might have used in cooking.

Secondly, always leave your dishwasher running at night, and empty it in the morning. This gives you an empty dishwasher to pile dirty dishes into throughout the day, thus ensuring that you don’t have any dirty dishes in your sink.

Additionally, always hang up clothing items as soon as you stop using them. For example, don’t leave your coat on your sofa when you get home; hang it back in the closet or keep it in the hamper so you can clean it. This not only makes your home neat, but it also ensures that you don’t mix clean laundry with dirty ones.

Use the Right Cleaning Products

The products you use to clean your home can make your chores easy or difficult. This is why you should choose your products wisely. 

Using this outdoor window cleaner, for instance, turns an otherwise draining job of keeping windows clean into a two-minute chore.

Additionally, ensure that your products are suitable for the surfaces you want to clean. For instance, you should avoid cleaning natural stone surfaces with vinegar or other harsh cleaning ingredients. 

What’s more, always take time to read the manufacturer’s instructions before using a new product. For example, if they say to let a product sit for five minutes before you start scrubbing, do so. You will save yourself a tremendous amount of work by doing this.

Have a Cleaning Schedule

Another tool that will come in real handy in helping you maintain a clean home is a cleaning schedule. This can be a daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly program.

The best thing about working with a schedule is that it allows you to dedicate time to clean specific areas of your home thoroughly. This ensures that you don’t neglect any part of your home when it comes to cleaning.

If you want to keep your home perfectly clean, you must incorporate the habits discussed above in your cleaning routine. This includes dealing with messes promptly, using the right cleaning products and having a cleaning schedule. If you do this, you will create a living space you are proud to call your own.

Driving Safe Can Result In Insurance Rewards


Motor insurance is a necessity for all drivers. If you have taken out a motor insurance plan for the first time, you may be disappointed with the price of the plan. This is to be expected. After all, new drivers are considered a greater risk. However, you certainly won’t be paying such high premiums forever. Safe drivers are rewarded.

Young drivers and new drivers often pay high premiums when it comes to motor insurance. However, once you have had your insurance in place for several years, and you have done so without incident, you can expect your premiums to reduce. Therefore, it certainly pays to drive as safely as possible. Also, making safe replacements, like Wodonga tyres and genuine spares is a must.

Not only this but also another way that insurance companies reward careful and safe drivers is with a no claims discount. This is a significant discount that is applied to your premiums – it can be anything up to 75%, depending on the insurer. In most cases, you will need to go at least five consecutive years without any claims to be considered for such a discount. 

Another great benefit associated with no claims discounts is that you can often transfer them from one insurance company to another, which means you do not need to stick with your current insurer in order to benefit from reduced premiums. So, drive safely and be sensible while on the roads, and you will certainly see the rewards in terms of reduced premiums and no claims discounts. Choosing a car wisely can lower your premiums too. Companies can assist with this, ensuring you choose a vehicle with a lower insurance rate. 

Signs Of A Quality Insurance Firm

Below, we are going to reveal some of the key signs to look for when determining whether you have chosen a good insurance firm.

The first sign that you have found a good insurance company is if they explain everything clearly in a manner that is easy to understand. Too many insurance companies attempt to confuse their clients with complicated industry jargon, which can result in them agreeing to a contract that they do not fully understand. 

Another good sign is if the company has a good reputation in the industry. You should do a quick search on the Internet, and if you are met with a lot of positive reviews, this should put your mind at ease. The car insurer should also have a wide range of policy and cover options for you to choose from. After all, everyone has different requirements when it comes to insurance, and there is no thing as a one-size-fits-all solution. 

It is also worth finding an insurance firm that allows you to pay annual payments, if this is something you can afford, as yearly payments are often a lot cheaper. You should also find it easy to get in touch with the insurance firm if you have any queries. 

Add A Hint Of Luxury To Your Home With These Tips

 A little hint of luxury can go a really long way if done right. The definition of luxury is different in everyone's mind, but in reality it's those smaller extras which you may not actually need. When all of the essentials are completed and worked out it’s good to be able to add a few bits of luxury around the house. First, because it might look great. However, it may add to the form and function of the home too. Here are some tips and ideas for those special pieces which can really finish a home.

Add Luxury To The Kitchen

You do spend a lot of time there. You make food there each and every day, you might even eat there if you have a kitchen dinner. So what makes it a more luxurious place? Perhaps you already know after getting some inspiration from your local Kitchen showroom or maybe something in a friend’s kitchen has caught your eye. Think about a TV. You might not need it, but it’s nice if you’re in there slaving over the stove. A tiled floor can add a lot to the kitchen too, instead of lino or wood. Nothing screams luxury like proper lighting. Maybe you want spotlights in the ceiling, or some well placed under unit lighting. There’s a lot to think about but you can really make a difference by adding luxury to your kitchen. 


Try New Bedding

Bedding comes in all shapes and sizes. However, if you haven’t tried the really luxurious stuff then you don’t know what you’re missing. It can add to a much better night's sleep. You’re looking for the thread count. The higher the count the nicer the feel. You can get it on Amazon too but just be sure it’s from a reputable buyer and not a gated brand. Besides, a lot of the time it’s nicer to feel it before you buy. Cost is variable too. A thread count from one seller may not be the same for a similar count elsewhere so shop around. It might seem unnecessary but that’s what luxury is all about. 

Buy The Art

Art comes in all shapes and sizes. Whether a painting, drawing, or abstract. However, it’s quite the luxury and not only that, but it’s an investment too. You can have your home looking pretty classy while also waiting as the value ticks upwards. A well placed work of art really adds something, so long as you get the color schemes right. Just be sure to place it somewhere out of the light and where it can’t fall or be easily damaged. If it’s worth a lot, you might also want to insure it. 

A Luxury Rug Can Complete The Room

Especially if it’s one that feels amazing underfoot. If you spend a lot of time at home padding around then a luxury rug can really give you a brilliant feeling everytime you walk over it. Ensure you check the care instructions. Some of the fancier rugs can be quite sensitive to vacuum cleaners and other products.

Amazing Remodeling Ideas For Your Bathroom


Image sourced from Pixabay. CC0 License

The bathroom is a sanctuary. It’s where the most important things happen. Your bathroom should reflect how you are feeling and how high you want your level of comfort to be. Here are a few remodeling ideas that can help elevate your bathroom experience and keep the ‘rest’ in ‘restroom’ from the refurbishment experts, houseUP


Bathrooms are known for their tiles. Color schemes, patterns, and themes abound when picking out the perfect tiles for your bathroom. Picking out tiles that speak to you and make your bathroom experience feel vibrant and fun can put you in a good mood. This is especially helpful when you are in the mirror in the morning getting ready for work. Getting yourself together in a space that makes you feel happy helps you stay happy.


When entering the room or standing in front of the mirror, the walls stare back at you. There are several ways you can spice up your wall game. 

  • Wallpaper - Whether it’s textured or simple patterns, adding this kind of decor to your bathroom can really set the stage. It can be warm and inviting, it can be cool and clean, or it can be fun and quirky. Wallpapering just the top half of the walls can be fun because that’s what will be reflected back when you are looking into the mirror.
  • Paint - Choose a color that speaks to the energy of the room. Usually soothing and calm is what is always needed especially if you have a tub to relax and unwind in after a long day. 
  • Art - Pick some wall part that is not overbearing but goes along with the feeling you are trying to create in your bathroom. Be it nautical, country, or even spa scapes, the right visual can totally change your mood. 

The Shower

It may not be soaking in the tub, but the shower can be relaxing. With so much running water, the shower can easily take on water damage and wear and tear. To keep your relaxing shower area looking and feeling serene, use plastic shower panels. What exactly are plastic shower panels? The panels go over your pre-existing wall to create a sleek and clean look to your shower. The panels are waterproof and won’t get damaged. 


Nothing makes a bathroom feel more uninviting than clutter. Water and soap build up behind bottles and creams. Hair and grime find their way into the corners of the tub. Make your bathroom feel neat and in order with proper shelving. If everything looks organized then you will feel organized and can start each day being in control. Recessed shelving in the walls of showers can help keep all your soaps and shampoos in order, and shelving behind mirrors or near your sink can keep all of your toiletries clean and looking like new. What you cast your eyes on first thing in the day will determine how you feel. Remember, the bathroom is for comfort and relaxation. Make sure it looks the way you feel.

4 Things You Can Do For Yourself That Will Improve Your Quality Of Life 

In life, we should always look to make things easier for ourselves. We should also look to make life better than it was the week before. Plenty of people don’t like the idea that they’re something that should be improved upon, but that’s the healthiest way of behaving day-in-day-out. If you always look to make things better than they already are, then you’re going to become a very happy and accomplished human being. 


When it comes to quality of life, we should always chase after the highest quality. If we feel as though there is no substance to our existence, then it can then become very difficult to get out of bed each morning. The good thing is that there are so many different things we can do in order to improve ourselves and our lives – we’re all different, so we’ll all have different passions to chase and abilities to hone. Here are a few things we can all do, however: 


Work Out A Little More


Working out is a super important part of anyone’s life – or at least it should be. You don’t have to be the fittest or most athletic person in the world, but exercising and getting the blood pumping will make you feel so much better about your life. You’ll not only be rewarded physically, but your mindset will also get a boost as all of the right chemicals will be released from your brain. You’ll feel a lot more positive about yourself and everything around you. 


Get Your Hair Done 


This goes for pretty much every human being – both men and women. We all love having a good hairdo. There’s something about the locks on our heads and how they make us feel. If we feel as if we’ve gone too long and are in need of a fresh cut, then a new look can make us feel so much better. So, head online and look for the next best thing for you. Perhaps you’d be interested in milk_shake hair products for curly hair or perhaps you want to check out the latest trims the best barbers can come up with. 


Create A Healthy Meal Plan


What we eat matters a lot, too. If we’re not eating enough, then our brains will not be fed and we’ll start to think certain ideas that perhaps we wouldn’t otherwise – the brain has a knack of spiraling out of control when it lacks energy. Eating too much (and too much junk) can also make us feel negative and lethargic. A meal plan will not only keep things in order but teach us to be more organized in general.  


Regularly See Friends 


Social life is, and will always be, an important aspect of one’s being. We are a tribal species and absolutely need to be surrounded by people we care about. Even those who like their own company will admit to needing friends around them. We all absolutely need the love and affection of others in order to have an increased quality of life. Their attention and validation isn’t a must, but it certainly supplements a great existence. 

5 Summer-Chic Outfits Trending Right Now

 5 Summer-Chic Outfits Trending Right Now

Are you ready to refresh your wardrobe this summer but could use some inspiration? Venues are opening, and we are filling dates in the diary. So, now is the perfect time to be confident and take risks with your style. Look no further for inspo, as this guide offers ten of the hottest outfits trending right now, as seen in fashion magazines, on celebrities, and influencers.

Photo by murat esibatir from Pexels

A slip dress

Slip dresses are a summer staple because they are so versatile. When the sun is out, you can wear it solo, accessorized with trainers for a dressed-down look or kitten heels for a chicer vibe. For those breezier days, throw on an oversized denim jacket and pair of cowboy boots. For more formal events, you can style this outfit with a pair of stilettos. In which case, make sure the wedding photography captures you and your friends’ gorgeous looks.

Flared and wide-leg jeans

Gone are the days of skinny jeans! Flared and wide-leg jeans are making a comeback from the ‘60s and ‘90s, respectively. Remember the jeans your mum used to wear? Get yourself a pair of those. Flared jeans are oh-so-flattering as they accentuate an hourglass figure, while wide-leg trousers will give you a relaxed silhouette that can be dressed up or down.

Blazer and jeans combo

All manner of flared, loose-fitting, and wide-leg jeans are back in style, so now it is time to find a blazer to complete the casual-chic look. Since jeans are usually a shade of blue, black, or white—you can add a touch of colour with the blazer. Colours for this season are neutrals like off-white, sandy beige, and chocolate brown, or if you want to make a statement, a vibrant pink, green, or orange will look fabulous. For a sophisticated evening look, try a black blazer paired with mid-blue denim jeans and heels. The blazer doesn’t have to be form-fitting either. A relaxed blazer will radiate effortless style.

Balloon sleeves

If the dresses and shirts in your wardrobe are all pretty much the same style and fit, now is the perfect time to get your hands on a balloon sleeve piece. Balloon sleeves are long, puffed sleeves gathered at the shoulder and then puffed out and gathered again at the wrist or mid-arm. For those warmer summer days, a balloon-sleeve dress will look cute and feminine. Plus, the flowing material will keep you cool.

Scarf tops

You don’t necessarily need to splash the cash for this garment. It could be hiding in your accessory drawer! Great for a lunch date or shopping spree on a warm day, a scarf can double-up as a handkerchief top. Pair it with culottes or loose-fitting jeans, and you will become a fashionista about town. Prints and patterns are your go-to for scarf tops, as they complement plain trousers. Likewise, you are sure to get plenty of compliments wearing a scarf top!

Your Diet Might Be Helping You Drop A Dress Size, But What's It Doing To Your Gut Health?

Picture Credit: CC0 Licence

Restrictive diets are a 21st-century staple, with up to 50% of women, especially, reporting being on a diet the vast majority of the time. Weight loss is, quite obviously, the main goal of these pursuits but, given that most diets of this nature also cut out things like refined sugar and processed foods, most of us would assume that restrictive eating can also be beneficial for overall health. 

This can undeniably be true when diets are approached right, but it isn’t a given considering that, far from just cutting out known unhealthy sources, diets like keto eliminate entire food groups. As such, if we eat in these ways for extended periods, it’s not unusual for restrictions to take a negative toll, especially where healthy gut functioning is concerned. 

To prove that point, we’re going to look at three surprising ways that restrictive diets can prevent the growth and functioning of healthy gut bacteria, and what that means for everything from weight loss to immunity and beyond. 

# 1 - Removing dietary variety

Healthy gut bacteria is incredibly varied, and it needs a variety of fuel to keep it satisfied. Even without restrictive eating, this variety has come under a great deal of fire over the past 50 years under the Western Diet. This is why so many of us buy supplements to keep gut health on track. Restrictive diets only add fuel to that fire, and before undertaking any eating plan like this, it’s essential to check that you’re either receiving the nutrients your gut needs or that you know which supplements you should take to keep gut health on an even keel regardless. 

# 2 - Reducing your energy levels

Calorie-based diets can have a detrimental impact on energy levels, making us far less likely to get moving. This is terrible news considering that exercise has been proven to facilitate the growth of beneficial gut bacteria. Inadvertently, then, restricting calories makes the growth of bad bacteria way more likely. With this in mind, avoiding diets that directly hinder calorie intake is always best, as is making sure to exercise alongside any dietary changes for positive gut health at all times. 

# 3 - Impacting your sleep

Your diet also has a direct impact on your quality of sleep. Again, this is bad news for gut health given that studies have shown how even two nights of sleep deprivation can cause notable changes to gut flora. Ironically, these changes most relate to an abundance of bacteria associated with weight gain, throwing gut health (and hopes for weight loss) altogether out of sync. As such, even those following restrictive diets should always aim for lasting fullness with the help of healthy options such as slow-release carbohydrates and other fuller-for-longer foods.

When we look at these facts together, it’s plain to see that restrictive diets and gut health don’t always get along. By recognising these risk factors, you’re in the best possible position to make positive changes that facilitate good gut bacteria and ensure maximum weight loss from your dietary efforts at the same time.