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On mothering Sunday- Why I am not having children.

Well, I am sat here on Mothering Sunday. Thinking about all things mother. I am that friend you have that. When there was a queue for a ticking biological clock  I was not there. Oops, I hate queues.
 I have thought about my decision long and hard and I am happy with it. I have lots of reasons why I don't want to have children and I thought today would be a good day to share them with you.

There are a lot of assumptions about a woman like me. besides that, I am going against the one thing humans are put on the earth to do.

Let list them and I will answer them with my truth. This is a fun post. It is not intended to offend anyone.

1. You can't have children - as far as I am aware I could have children. I have never undergone any kind of fertility testing But I am assuming everything works.

2. You are selfish- Yes I am. I have never had that part of me that has a need for children. I suffer from mental health problems and I don't want to risk my sanity at this time.  I have no relationship with my mother due to feeling unwanted all my life. I am scared this would be something I would pass on. I know there are people who can not have children and I would gladly help them if I could.

3. You hate children- actually the opposite I love all my friend's children. They are lovely little beings and Yes I am good with them.

4. It is not fair on your husband/partner/ parents in law etc - I have since the start of my relationship been completely honest with my husband That I do not want children. I am lucky that he is the same.

5. You WILL change your mind- I am in my 30's and I haven't changed it yet.

6. You will never feel fulfilled as a woman. - Screw you, I am very happy with my husband and my furbabies.

7. You are using your dogs as surrogate children. - They are my children. Khaleesi has dragons. I have dogs. End off.

8. You will regret it in later life- I really don't think I will. I am happy with the way my life is. Both I and my husband enjoy spending time together. We do not need anyone else in our family. I will go in the same care home regardless if I have children or not.

I could go on. I have actually been in a position. Where someone has asked me why I don't have children and then said to my face "You must have fertility issues?" "You can try IVF?" If I had been having issues conceiving this would have crushed me. Why do people think this is an ok thing to say to anyone?

Our decision seems to give people the right to judge us and our lifestyle. If you are like me. It is ok to not have children. I am not saying this is for everyone. Everyone has the right to choose their life. I love all my friends with children and couldn't be more excited when new babies arrive. This does not mean that my ovaries will start twitching. It means I get to be the fun aunt again. I am happy to stand up for us woman, who has made a choice that childbearing is not for them.  It is, after all, a choice not a necessity in life.

I will always spill my tea on this site.

5 reasons for cleaning your home with lemon

image form pixabay
We all know that lemons smell nice and that, when used as a cleaning detergent, it subconsciously tells us that a room or place is clean. But did you know that when using lemons as a cleaning detergent, you will achieve a better result too?
1. Lemons leave a nice scent but lemon juice is a very potent ingredient in any cleaning detergent. When you put some lemon juice on a cotton ball or sponge that you place in a fridge or freezer, for instance, it will absorb foul odours and make the fridge or freezer smell nice again.
2. They also cut lemons in half and rub the cut side over dull pots and pans to make them shiny again. Once they’ve rub the half lemon over the pot or pan they will just wipe the pot or pan down with a soft cloth. Our cleaners often use the one half of the lemon to rub pots or pans while the other half is reserved for cleaning a cutting board. This board will be rubbed too and the result will be that the cutting will smell nice again. When there is no lemon available to rub the cutting board, they will simply use undiluted lemon juice to achieve the same result. This trick also works when you want to clean a wooden floor.
3. Lemon juice also works when you want to remove the stains in the armpits of long sleeve shirts. Just put some lemon juice on the stain and Bob is your uncle.
4. Once you think you are finished using the lemon, all you need to do is to cut it up in small pieces and throw it down the drains. This is not an alternative to dispose of it but will ensure that the drains will continue to smell nice no matter what it is that you flush down.
5. There are many more tricks where lemon juice would work to leave a nice scent. Did you know that insects and rodents don’t like the smell of lemon? Use that knowledge to prevent them from entering your home (again) by sprinkling some lemon juice on the windowsills and doorsteps. Spray some more in any crack or gap that insects and rodents can use to hide or make a nest. Before you know they will leave your place forever!

It is amazing to experience these small but very effective tips about using lemons for cleaning your home.

why you should choose carpet.

With tons of new flooring technologies nowadays, does this mean that nobody is using carpet anymore? Of course not. Several homeowners still prefer carpets over hardwood, tiles, laminate or vinyl in their houses. Getting a carpet for your home is beneficial in many ways. Let’s dive into the reasons you should choose carpets.

1. Slip Resistance
Your floor in its bare form has very less friction. With children playing in the house, they are susceptible to falls and injuries when running around the house. Getting a carpet can help protect not only your children but also the adults in the house. Imagine wearing stilettos on wet tiles…
Get a carpet for your house and you will reduce the chances of injuries and embarrassment. Search for carpets online and you will find some reliable sources to buy from.
2. Making You Warm
In the winter, small children and the elderly easily get cold. Getting a carpeted floor is recommended because carpet traps air between its wool, therefore, you are spared from the atmospheric cold. Providing warmth to your feet as well as making your home cozy, carpet is a beneficial utility.
3. Noise Reduction
It’s quite simple. Carpets acts as good sound absorbent compared to other flooring options such as wood and tiles. Sound waves are absorbed by the carpet instead of echoing it. Additionally, it gives your house or bedroom an extra layer of elegance when there is less noise of walking.
4. Reduction of Allergies and Diseases
There are deadly fungal particles in the atmosphere. If you don’t have a carpet at your home, these particles can cause athlete's foot by sticking to your feet. A carpet provides an additional covering to your feet. Even if you plan on walking barefoot, the carpet covering will protect your feet. Just make sure you regularly clean your carpet, so that probability of getting infections remains slim.