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Gift Ideas For The Workaholic In Your Life

If you are still wondering about what kinds of gifts you might be able to buy people for Christmas, it’s not too late to buy some last-minute presents for the people you love. It’s often challenging to know how to actually approach this, but one way is to think about what they tend to really enjoy in their life and then work out how you can support that as best as you can. In this article, we are going to take a look at what you can get the workaholic in your life this Christmas which they will really love.

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Usually, those who like to work a lot tend to need something to perk them up in the mornings so that they can get to work as easily as possible. Therefore, this person could be the perfect recipient of some decent coffee, which can actually make for a nice gift in many cases. If you are thinking about doing this, you might want to try and make it as special as possible, for instance you can take a look at some coffee gift sets and see if they work. Or if you want to spend a little more money, you can buy that person some coffee-making tools such as a percolator or a french press. Just make sure they don’t already have one before you buy it.

Snack Subscription

If you get the feeling that this workaholic could probably do with taking a break every now and then, you might want to consider buying them a snack subscription. If you have never heard of this, it’s actually quite simple: it’s just a kind of club where you get snacks delivered each day which you can enjoy at your leisure. For many people, it can prove to be a great way to break up the day, and the snacks can be as healthy or treat-like as you want. For many people, this is going to be a great gift as it is the kind that keeps on giving all year round. And it is surprisingly affordable too.

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Wine Club

This is a great one when you want to make sure that this person is truly letting themselves unwind. With a wine club subscription, they are going to be able to get wine delivered each month - or alternatively, they might be able to put money into the club in order to then use it whenever they want to buy a bulk load of wine. That could come in handy for Christmas next year, for example, or just whenever they next take some time off work. If you are always trying to tell this person they should unwind and relax, a wine club subscription could be the perfect way to make that extra clear.

As you can see, there are some great gift options for the workaholic in your life, so consider each of these in turn if you want to make a difference for them this year.

Its ok to not like christmas

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. This is the time of year you are meant to be happy. The forces happiness season is upon us. Come on paint on that smile and get festive. Well, I am here to tell you it is ok to not be ok at this time of year. If you have been following me for a while you will know why I hate Christmas. If not you can read the post called the last 20 years. There are lots of reasons people do not like Christmas and it is perfectly ok to want to curl up in a ball and want to hide under you duvet. 

It is funny isn't it at this time of year the pressure is on to be the happiest version of your self. To well show no weakness or vulnerability. For me, Christmas represents everything I don't have. It floods me with memories of the night in question or Christmas with the family who abandon me. As soon as that first Christmas song hit the radio I am triggered. Enter the nightmares the random flashback and the feeling of doom. Yes even after 20 years I still get flashbacks. I don't even know If they are flashbacks manifestations my mind has made up or dreams. Either way, they happen. 

One random but maybe interesting fact about me I have a fear of the snowman from the film. The song creeps me right out as does the whole film. I know what you are thinking but no this has nothing to do with the rape. I have had this since I was very young. I am not sure if I believe in premonition but maybe my mind knew to hate something about Christmas and this was it. But whatever it is I can not stand that song or the film or anything to do with it. I once worked the snowman ballet at the theatre and some of the staff would torture me about it. Even making me go on stage with 8 of the bloody snowmen as they rehearsed. To say shock therapy did not work would be an understatement. 

We do not have to love Christmas we are allowed to feel bad. It is ok that it triggers us. No matter what your reason for having a bad taste in your mouth about the festive season I am here to tell you it is ok. Especially this year. Most of us are not seeing our loved ones and everything that was fun about Christmas has or will be cancelled. 

I am not saying I do not have a nice time with my loved ones but I am saying it is a struggle for me. I find it all just a bit hard and harder as I don't want to explain to people why it is hard on me. I mean its not an appropriate conversation with my in-laws. Hey, I want to cry today because 20 years ago I was raped and my family have always been let downs but used this as the perfect excuse to get rid of me. it's just not going to happen, is it? 

What I now do is not put any pressure on myself during the festive season. I do what I want to do. Yes, this year is not ideal. But I still feel blessed I have people around me that love me. I use the festive season to feel how I feel If I am sad that is ok. If I am happy that is ok too. Because this is my life. I need to live it for me and feeling my feeling is an important part of this. I dont think I will ever properly heal from my past but every day I get stronger and heal a bit more.


If you are needing any help or need to speak to anyone check out these helpful sites they have helped me in the past. 




I want to take a minute to say If you are reading this I want you to realise it is ok to not like or love Christmas no matter what your reasons are. No matter how big or how small your option and your feeling matter. You do not have to paint on a smile. Why should you. Be you! you are strong! You are allowed to feel bad. It is ok to not be ok. It is so important if you are struggling to seek help. Please if you are struggling to speak to someone. If you do not feel comfortable to speak to a family member check out the links about or contact your doctor. You are worth it, you are loved and you matter. 

How to make the best and most affordable christmas cards and gifts

Well we are all not anticipating this Christmas to be this different were we? Wow I mean we are all inside more and we dont want to venture outside. Which is fine we have all accepted it and now we are left with how to fill our time or worse how to fill our family time. We have all exhausted all the normal things like youtube, workouts and baking. Oh my gosh, I love baking but how many more banana breads can one woman make. The answer is I can not make any more without the content sigh from my family. Even the dogs dont get excited about them. I have hit a new low in my baking. So we are in need of something new to fill our time, don't we? Enter my new obsession crafting.

Something you might not know about me is I love giving crafting. I  also love giving gifts. I just love spending time picking gifts and gift cards for special occasions. I just love putting the effort into things for the people I love.  I think giving a little something is just a nice way to remind someone you care and giving something you have spent time making make it so personal. So Christmas time is the perfect time to get crafting right.  This Christmas is definitely the time to get crafting as we have a lot more time on our hand and need to fill that time somehow and especially this year we are all going through a hard time.  

2020 is the time to tell our loved ones just how much they matter and that you will always be there for them.  This crazy world can be busy, Can't it?  We have all gone months without seeing the people I consider my closest friend and family. So I like to really show them I care about them and do something a bit special. 

Today I want to share with you a fantastic little find. Design bundles. This a fantastic market place site which provides digital products such as Graphics, Templates, Mock Ups, Patterns, Illustrations and Craft Files. You might already know this site as it has over 1million happy customers. They have over 150,000 products to choose from. They are experts at connecting talented independent designers with us, discount seeking customers. They have a complete focus on customer service. Which you know is one of my top priority when it comes to buying any product. I was in customer service for years and I really value good honest customer care. 

Let me show you some of my latest favourites Christmas  paper cut template templates I have ordered. .  I love to make these into templates. The following are three designs, I have used to make amazing cards and gifts. I love being able to use digital files to make my own cards and gifts. I love crafting me I am a complete newbie so this helps me so much.  This Paper cut templates give me the freedom to choose the design and style I want to use and  I also get to choose what card style and colour I used too. I actually used different coloured cards for these designs. I'll tell you more about below. The cards and gifts I made I never took photos of but I will show you the mockups I made. As I have already posted them. Oops my bad sorry. 

The Templates are super easy to buy. You just pay online and download the files. It's that simple. 

This is the Merry Christmas design. It is super easy to make this you just buy and download the file. choose the paper you want to use. Print it. Then it is so easy to cut out the design. Just make sure you have really good crafting scissors. It is worth investing in proper crafting scissors for this. They need to be sharp and precise to get the design looking really good. I used this as a Christmas card. I actually made a little mistake when I was cutting and because I have the template it was super easy to reprint another one and start again. This is a great one to get all the family involved to make all your Christmas cards. I used glitter on the inside of the card to make it extra sparkly. 

These are the Christmas paper cut tags. These are gorgeous when you printed on a red and green card. Well on any colour to be honest but these are so pretty. Before I cut out the designs I added glitter to these. I just added a little bit of glue and sprinted some glitter on it and hay presto. Glittery Christmas tags. That you know will up your gift wrapping this year. Thes are perfect if you are being a bit more eco friendly and using brown paper that can be recycled as gift wrapping this year as they really stand out and make it look so pretty and that you made a real effort with your wrapping. 

This is the perfect and most thoughtful gift. This is made using Forest layered paper cut template. All you need to do is print the three templates cut them out and piece them together. I did mine in a different colour to the ones above as I knew they were for a little girls room. It is so cute. Just make and pop it in a frame. It makes the most special gift for a loved one. It couldn't be more simple to make. Not to mention it is so cheap. Let's face it this year has been hard for a lot of us. So saving money is also a winner at the moment. Using this template to make a gift is not only thoughtful but money saving for you. 

The most important thing when giving a gift or a card to make someone's day. You dont have to spend a fortune to make someone smile. I think we can all get a bit caught up in the Christmas hype.  I like to really think of the person I am gifting and make them smile or laugh. 

I find these paper cut templates to be not only a great outlet for my creativity but they save me a fortune too. Once you have them on your computer, you can reuse them as much as you want. You can make anything you want from cards to nice framed prints. I really hope this has got your creative juices flowing and you will consider making your own Christmas gift and cards this year.