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4 Ways To Stay Looking Young & Beautiful



You may look in the mirror one day and notice that you don’t look as young or feel as beautiful as you once did in the past. This is normal and happens to most people as the ageing process begins.

The good news is that there are steps you can take that will help you to stay looking young and beautiful so you can continue to exude confidence. When you look good you feel good and are simply happier all around. Therefore, it’s worth your time and energy to figure out what you can be doing differently to appear younger and more attractive.

1. Exercise & Move More

Keep physically active and make exercise and moving more a part of your daily life to stay looking young and beautiful. You’ll shed extra pounds and can work on toning your muscles so you have less saggy skin. Carrying around excess weight can make you look older than you are in reality and it may also bring on unwanted health issues. Find activities that you enjoy doing and mix up your routine so you don’t become bored. In addition to working out and getting your heart rate up, you should also try to get more steps and movement in, especially if you have a sedentary job.

2. Follow A Skincare Routine

Another way to stay looking young and beautiful is to follow a skincare routine. Take good care of your skin and use vegan skincare products that are reputable and free from harsh chemicals. There are products out there for all types of skin and whatever issues you’re dealing with. For instance, you can choose oily skin skincare solutions that control shine and reduce the appearance of pores and redness. Protect your skin from the sun by wearing plenty of sun cream each day and wash and moisturise your face before you go to bed.

3. Eat A Healthy Diet

Your diet also plays a role in how you look and your overall appearance. Therefore, commit to eating a healthy diet and putting foods in your body that reduce stress and anxiety and help your skin glow and stay healthy. Choose leafy greens and fresh vegetables and keep away from added sugars and bad fats. You can stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water and also limit your alcohol and caffeine intake to stay looking younger and more beautiful. You may also want to consider boosting your diet with nutritional supplements.

4. Focus on Your Hair

Your hairstyle, including the cut and colour, will also impact how old and attractive you look. Focus on your hair and work with a hairstylist to come up with a cut that highlights your face in the best way and makes you look younger. You can also choose to colour your hair a lighter hue and use it as a way to cover up any grey that is slowly taking over. The right cut and colour can make you look years younger and you’ll feel more confident in yourself when you know your hair looks good.

5 Cheap Ways to Move Long Distance

Cheerful modern male and female in comfortable casual clothes unpacking car trunk in green garden of new house while moving in together 

Image by Ketut Subiyanto from pexels.

Are you looking for a cost-effective way to move long-distance? You’re hardly alone in your quest. Given that moving can be costly, it’s understandable how you might be worried about the expenses involved.

Fortunately, there are a few hacks to help you save money on your big move. Read on to find out how you can save your hard-earned cash while moving.     


Book Your Move Early

Proper planning is the single most effective tool that you can use to save money when moving. As soon as you decide to move, it would be best to start looking for a long distance moving company. The more time you invest in securing a moving company, the better the chances of getting a great deal.

Booking up to six months in advance will save you a tidy sum. You’ll also are less likely to make moving mistakes when you prepare early.

On the other hand, waiting till the last minute will limit your options, and you might have to dig deeper into your pockets to afford the move.  


If you’re like most people, you’ve probably accumulated stuff that you do not need over the years. Bringing the clutter with you to your new home is not only expensive, but it minimizes your storage space unnecessarily.

Sell the things you don’t need to make some extra cash. You can sell locally or on online trading sites like Amazon and LetGo.

You could also arrange a simple garage sale to get rid of the things you don’t need. If you still have stuff after the sale, consider donating it or giving it to friends and family. Selling the extra items will reduce the things you need to pack, saving you time and shipping costs.

Pack Your Stuff Yourself

Moving can be pretty cheap if you are willing to put in most of the work yourself. You could start by packing your items yourself.

Granted, packing is not an enjoyable task. However, if you have a strict budget to stick to, you will have to do it yourself. The amount you can save by putting in a few hours’ worth of work is nothing short of amazing.

To avoid feeling overwhelmed by the things you have to pack, start the process weeks in advance. Packing a little at a time will go a long way in making the task manageable. It also reduces the chances of forgetting the things you have to do significantly.

 Avoid Moving on Peak Dates

Most moving companies know that summer is the prime moving time. Prices, therefore, rise to reflect this high demand.

If you want to make your long-distance move cheaper, consider moving during weekdays and shoulder seasons. The moving costs are considerably low during this time, and you can save a lot of money by moving then. 

Rent a Moving Container

Moving containers are a popular option for long-distance moving. They are advantageous because they can serve as storage before and after the moving process. Costs will depend on the size of the container and the period you rent it.

The convenience of using a moving container is also unparalleled. All you have to do is pack your belongings, and the container company will handle the rest.


The hacks above are a few practical tips you can use to pinch a few pennies when moving. Follow them to move more efficiently and comfortably to your new home.

4 things we can do to help our bodies function better

We as humans think about an endless amount of things but how much time do you really think about your body and its needs. I am going to guess these thoughts are fleeting and few and far between than other thoughts you have. The last year has really put our health in the front of our minds, hasn't it? We call all agree we can do better at looking after our bodies. We go about our day to day lives and just expect our bodies to keep up with us and get annoyed when we get sick. But do we put real effort into making the changes our bodies really need? Today we are going to talk about the little changes we can make that can make a massive impact on our lives. 

(AD this contains paid partnership links) 


Fitness is a necessary part of keeping our bodies in the best condition possible. Now I am not saying if at the moment you do not partake in an exercise that you need to go run a marathon. What I am saying is it is time to incorporate fitness into your lifestyle. We can all do better when it comes to adding extra fitness into our lives. You can make simple changes like walk the children to school instead of driving them or instead of meeting a friend for a coffee why not go for a walk. There are so many simple changes we can make to become more active. 

If you want to be more active the world is your oyster. You can join a gym now they are reopening, you can take up a new hobby like biking or swimming. You can find thousands of free workout classes on youtube and you can easily pop on some trainers and start running. You can order some home gym equipment. I don't mean you need to spend a fortune but you could start with a set of exercise resistance bands set they are simple to use and help achieve awesome results. 

There really is a sport or fitness activity for everyone you just need to find one your like. I recommend trying lots of option and finding one you are passionate about as you are more likely to stick to it and feel the benefits of being fitter. 

Allergy testing 

We all put up with stomach upsets and bloating. Did you know that most people have food intolerances and allergies?  No, I didn't either. It is quite shocking to read that 1 in 4 adults have allergies. I guess when you have lived with the odd upset stomach and bloating all your life you become used to it and forget it is not normal. It is one of those things, isn't it? Oh, I feel a bit ill you take a painkiller and forget about it. But wouldn't it be better to find out what is going on. I think so. 

I think one of the best things we can do is find out what is good for our bodies and what is not. Getting an allergy test is one way you can find out what you are either allergic to or have an intolerance to. This way you can remove it from your diet and help your body run better and more efficiently. Lets face it it works best when we treat it right. plus find out what we are allergic to can save your lives in extreme circumstances. 

There are so many allergens you can have issues with from cows milk, peanuts to soya to even dust mites. There is an extensive list of possible causes of allergic reaction. I found out later in life that I am intolerant to lactose. I have now cut this from my diet and I feel better I have more energy and no more bloating. There are lots of ways to get tested but I prefer an at-home allergy test as I can do it from my own home no need to make an appointment. 

Today I am working with Home Allergy Test to let you know about their at-home allergy tests. They are really simple and easy to do at home yourself.  All you need to do is take a small blood sample and post it to their professional laboratory for testing. It is fully explained how to do this in the test kit. Then just wait for your comprehensive result and you are on your way to finding out what you need to eliminate from your diet to help your body function better and you will feel and look better. 

About the test 

The test will check your sample for 294 allergens using the best and most sophisticated technology. This is a home to lab test and your result are back within two weeks.

Home-to-lab allergy blood tests

If you want a comprehensive view of your allergy you can test hundreds of allergens with a home-to-lab allergy blood test detecting IgE in your blood.

A home-to-lab allergy blood test comes with everything you need to collect a small blood sample from your fingertip and instructions on how to do it. With these types of tests, you have to send your blood sample to the lab for analysis. When your sample has been analysed you can usually access your test results online. Your test results will give you an overview of the allergens that you are sensitised to. 
What is sensitisation?

Sensitisation is the first step of developing allergy. Allergic reactions do not happen the first time you encounter an allergen. First, your immune system has to meet the allergen. For example, by being stung by a bee. Then your immune system memorises the particular structure of the allergen so that it can produce specific IgE antibodies against it. This process is called sensitisation.

There is a misconception that we all seem to think we can eat and drink whatever we want but this is not the case at all. Everybody is different and has different requirements and needs. With this also come different things it doesn't want and definitely don't need. The only way to find out is to get tested and find out for sure what your unquiet needs are. 
Eat right
Now we know what our bodies are not allergic to or have intolerances to we can plan a healthy diet. Again I am not saying cut out all treats and only live on healthy food. What I am saying is we need to really think about our bodies like the most important machine we are ever going to own. If we do not look after our machine how can we expect it to live a long and healthy life. That is just not going to happen, is it? We all make choices in our lives with the food we eat.  We might grab the quickest but not the healthiest option on the weekly food shop as it saves time. But it is time to think about what our machine needs to function at its prime not what saves time. Dont worry there are healthy quick meal options out there. I was just using this as an example. 

What are the vitamin, mineral and proteins you need to include in your diets? Can you do better. I will be the first to say yes I can do better and I will try harder to make my body my priority. 

When was the last time you actually thought about the meal you are making and its nutritional value? I know my eyes have been opened and I am including a lot more variety into my diet. I have in the past had an iron and vitamin d deficiency and I do not want to go there again as it was not a pleasant experience. So I make sure to add extra to my diet. 

I am currently experiencing a spate of bad health and have been advised to add yoghurt with good bacteria in it. I am not a yoghurt fan but I know my body needs it so I do it. It is important to enjoy your food yes but it is also important to make sure you are eating right. 

Drink water 

Our bodies at up to 60% water. Yes, that much. How often do you feel lethargic and dehydrated? Or what about a headache mid afternoon? Did you know the most likely cause is lack of water? Do you drink a lot of caffeinated products? Tea? coffee? Fizzy drinks? If the answer is yes you need to up your water game. We should all be drinking 1.5 litres of water a day and more if we are working out or sweating. 

The lack of water can not only cause the symptoms above but it can also affect your skin, your eye and even cause dizziness and constipation. Water should be a really important factor in your daily life. 

Why not try taking a water bottle with you when you leave the house or add one to your desk. I always make sure to have a glass of water when I wake up to make sure I am topping up my levels I have lost whilst I slept. You could always swap out one of your coffees for a glass of water with a slice of lemon. 

I hope you have enjoyed this post and it helps you to make your body your priority. 

Dodge These Massive Mistakes Moving Home

If you’re getting ready to move home, it’s important to be aware that there are various tasks that you will need to complete. There are also several mistakes that you need to avoid and that’s what we’re going to explore in this article. 

Pexels Source CCO License

Treating All Items The Same

It can be tempting to treat all items as though they are the same when you’re moving home. However, this is going to be a mistake as some items are going to be more vulnerable during the move than others. For instance, you need to think about items that are more fragile. Packing fragile items need to be completed with the utmost care using the right materials. You might even want to pay experts to do this for you. 

Forgetting To Price Check Different Services

The price of moving home can vary massively. One of the problems that you’ll need to contend with here is that different companies charge different rates and there’s often no reason for this aside from the fact that they want to make more money off individual clients. That’s why you should speak to a few different companies. In doing so, you can get a base price of what you should expect to pay. 

Failing To Look At Insurance

Accidents do happen during a move. For this reason, you need to make sure that you are looking at different insurance options. That way you can protect yourself financially and ensure that any items which are lost or damaged can be replaced without delay. This can save you from a nightmare situation when you are moving home. 

One thing to be aware of here is that not all companies will automatically insure your products. Some will expect you to arrange your own insurance. You can do this by checking out insurance options from various sellers. It’s also worth noting that your current home insurance plan might provide you with the coverage you need here but there’s no guarantee. 

Not Making A List 

Most people will make a list when they move but some will forget completely. It’s worth making a list because it means that you can guarantee that crucial jobs that you need to complete won’t slip through the cracks. You’ll be able to tick things off as you go along. 

Forgetting To Call And Contact Key Services 

If you’re looking for an example of a job that is often forgotten, people tend to not remember to contact their energy provider and tell them that they are changing addresses. This can lead to a billing nightmare you want to avoid. 

Forgetting to check the internet.

One of the unavoidable costs of moving is getting broadband fitted. We live in a modern world and we all live a lot of life online. Whether it be our job, for food or just contacting friends we all need the internet.

Make sure you check to see what you need to do to get your internet installed and ready to go asap. Always shop around to get the best deal on broadband and research different providers, like spectrum internet to see who has the best plan for you in your location. But make sure to check all the terms and conditions. By doing your research you should get a fantastic deal and will get hooked up asap and ready to start your online life in no time.

We hope this helps you understand everything that you need to know about moving home and the mistakes that you should be working to avoid. Moving home can be a stressful experience so it’s easy to make errors here and there. However, failing to avoid the pitfalls could make things far more difficult than they need to be. A few simple steps will keep you on the right track.

4 Reasons Yellowstone Should Be Your Next Vacation Location

If you are looking for a location for your next family location, then Yellowstone may be the answer to your prayers. After all, it has the perfect mix of breathtaking natural beauty, natural flora and fauna, and fun activities. Read on to find out more. 

Its stunning natural beauty 

Mountains, pines, snow, waterfalls, and gullies are but a few of the natural wonders you can feast your eyes upon in Yellowstone. Indeed, the very first thing that hits you when you arrive at Yellowstone is the breathtaking natural beauty. 

Of course, there are particular places of beauty and interest that you must make sure to see during your visit. One of these is the gorgeous and colorful Morning Glory Pool, while another is Old Faithful itself. The Hot Springs and the Prismatic Springs are also wonderful you will not want to miss. While the beautiful Yellowstone lake is ideal for fishing, boating or simply relaxing with a picnic.


Try one of the many activities on offer 

Obviously, one of the best adventures in Yellowstone is hiking, and there are plenty of trails for all abilities and ages. However, if you aren't a walking enthusiast and you prefer experiences with a little more adrenaline there are plenty of options on offer. 

For example, why not try renting a bike and cycling some of the trails. Oh, and there are plenty of rafting opportunities too, complete with white water! Although, working with a professional raft provider and guide is always the way to go here! 

Alternatively, why not visit a provider like Yellowstone ATV rentals and explore the stunning vistas and landscape in an all-terrain vehicle. Indeed, choosing this option can be both a noble experience for the whole family and a great way of covering more of the park than you would be able to on foot! 

The chance to see amazing fauna

As a nature reserve, Yellowstone is one of the areas most densely packed with Fauna in the US. In this location, you can expect to see bears, bison, and wolves among others. Although, you will want to keep a good distance between you and the local wildlife for safety reasons. 

Indeed, the bison have inhabited the Yellowstone area since prehistoric times, and in spring you may just be lucky enough to witness a baby Bison being born! Also, the thawing snows of spring bring out the bears that have been in hibernation, often with their new cubs in tow which is truly a sight to behold.

The big three bears, bison, and wolves are not the only wildlife that are worth making the trip for either. In fact, you can also expect a wide range of birds including eagles, as well as smaller mammals like foxes and rabbits. 

Help preserve and conserve nature

Finally, the last reason to make Yellowstone your next vacation destination is that being there, standing on the earth, and directly experiencing the wonders of this place can completely transform your attitude to ecological preservation. 

Indeed, if Yellowstone and the miracles it contains are to survive for future generations, the more people that can experience its natural wonders first hand the better! 

Tips For Maintaining Your Sanity During Home Renovations

 When you're in the middle of a home renovation, or even a simple makeover or DIY project, it can sometimes feel like a life or death situation.

Image - free for commercial use 

Dealing with contractors can be an art form in itself. Communication is the key. Try some of these tips to deal with the contractors: contractors, electricians, local plumbers, and any other people working in your home to keep your renovations as stress-free as you can.

Be nice

Difficult situations almost never get better as a result of you getting angry or nasty. In fact, in most cases, the opposite happens, and things just go from bad to worse. Being nice is by far the best option.

Get everything in writing

Getting the plan, price, timeline, shopping list, or expectations in writing will eliminate a lot of misunderstandings.

Double the timeframe

Even if you plan it, you are not the one who will do the work. Double the time estimate you’re given, and if the job finishes early, you will be happily surprised, but save yourself the frustration and disappointment if things take longer.

Insist that things are kept clean

Renovations are dusty and messy. Be realistic about this, and take steps to keep the mess as under control as you can. Lay down cardboard to protect your floors. Move furniture out of the way, and cover anything that can’t be moved in dust sheets. Hang plastic sheeting in doorways to stop dust from getting into other rooms. Ask your contractors to keep things tidy, and clean up when they’re done working for the day, especially if you’re still living in the house while work is going on. 

Clean up after yourselves.

Your contractors are only responsible for so much cleaning. They should sort out their own tools, and the mess they’ve created, but it might be easier if you expect to do most of the cleaning yourself so you don’t get annoyed if things are left messy.

Be a tattle tale when you need to be

Save complaining for the important things. The last thing you want is to be thought of as the person who complains about everything. Let a few things slide but speak to the contractor when you need to.

Stay calm

Deal with day-to-day communication in the right way. You want to keep your working relationship with your contractor and anyone else working in the house productive and intact all the way through the work, so communication is key. Who in the house is the best at staying calm in tough situations and getting their point across? This is the person who should be the main contact for the builders. 

Don't allow the work at home to hurt your relationships at home

This is a difficult part of the process. Frustrations run high during renovations. People react differently orr don't react at all to something that’s annoyed you. Keep a running dialogue, try to keep your sense of humor, focus on the big picture, and remember why you are doing all of this work. 

Can Luxury Vinyl Provide Safety for My Floor?

People decide to use vinyl flooring not just for the perfect replicated look of hardwood or stone, but chiefly because it has much more security for the future of their floors.

With so many factors like family safety and reducing care and expense in cleaning, luxury wood effect vinyl flooring certainly saves from injuries, disappointment, and costs when it comes to floors. Here we will look at what people are most attracted to about the vinyl option.

Install It Once and Maintain Less

When you start the vinyl flooring project there are two instant benefits to hand; it's simple to install and you can do it yourself. 

With some ahead planning with the provider, you can get the sections measured and cut ahead of installation, which can then be either clicked together with a tongue and groove method or glued down via an adhesive. It is easier than it sounds and already saves you on bringing in a professional if you fancy the challenge of laying it yourself.

When we consider the maintaining factor, vinyl is a highly durable and resistant product to stains, scratches, and water. Meticulously manufactured with protective agents such as anti-stain and anti-scratch, making the floor a long-term investment not requiring any replacement for covering up embarrassing accidents that would permanently affect other flooring.

Suit Your Style

No matter if your home is modern, new age or has a classical feel you can match your floor to pretty much anything.

If you prefer light or dark natural wood or bold stone, you are not short for styles and palettes towards any room. You can also adopt multiple flooring styles throughout the house if you prefer. With vinyl, you are not limited to styles and many vendors have specialist brands exclusive to them to consider.

Risk Reduction

Vinyl is certainly equipped with anti-slip technology that children running through your house won’t fall victim to. 

We all experience the spilling drinks or crumbling food and mud stomped into carpets and wooden floors, and vinyl’s easy clean design and manufacture is a most welcome addition to that cleaning routine. Durable and practical, vinyl is the one product that certainly makes it look like it ever happened after a few quick seconds of hot soapy water and a sponge.

We would recommend the lowest price Amtico flooring for a children's bedroom due to these better qualities.

Can it Accommodate My Underfloor Heating Plans?

No matter if it is warm or colder days it would be worth noting that underfloor heating is the perfect companion for vinyl flooring.

Multiple bedrooms, the bathroom or your living room area are all acceptable areas for underfloor heating and vinyl is protected against rises in temperatures. As the weather changes from hot nights to cold rainy evenings, vinyl stays solid all year around and does not allow moisture to ruin the look of your floor.

It is always recommended that you consult the seller of any vinyl product on your specifics when it comes to any renovation work or replacing of flooring in any part of your house. Not only can they provide you with the best product but also additional guidelines in relation to floor care. All kinds of vinyl from top line products such as Amtico Spacia to the cheapest Amtico flooring UK are a suitable security covering of your floor, safeguarding your subfloor whilst protecting against any replacement work required for the future.

Can You Boost The Curb Appeal Of Your Home?


Source Image - CC0 Licence

Curb appeal is important for a number of reasons. The exterior of your home is the first taste that anybody gets of the property. In some cases, this is all they are going to get because you are not looking to sell your home, just enhance it a little. However, some people are going to be thinking about selling their home soon, and curb appeal is essential then. In this article, we’re going to be taking a look at some of the things that you can do to boost the curb appeal of your home, so keep reading if you would like to find out more.

Paint Your Front Door

The first thing that you can do is paint your front door. You might not think that this is important, but people who have a boring front door are often noticed less than others. For example, if your front door is brown, you are less likely to be noticed than if you had blue or red. We’re not saying that the color of your door is going to make or break the entire aesthetic of the exterior, but it will certainly help.

Sort Out The Windows

Another thing that you should be thinking about is your windows. Not many people take the time to clean their windows, so even if you have done this it is going to be a step up from other people. Cleaning your windows is a chore and a half, especially seeing as when you start, you can’t really stop until you finish. Getting high on the ladder doesn’t appeal to a lot of people, so this can’t be done which is why you need to hire a professional to take care of the windows for you. Having sparkling windows might not mean much, but it makes a fantastic impression.

You should also look at all your windows and see if any need replacing or repairing. An example would be if you have a scratch on the window. There are many fantastic places that offer this kind of service, and you need to make sure that you find the best glass polish around.

Cut The Grass

It might seem like a simple one, but if it had been done, then you wouldn’t feel the need to point that out! Cut the grass before it ends up at your knees and you are tripping over blades of grass. If you get your mower out every couple of weeks, then the lawn should never get to a state where you are going to need to go over it two or three times before it finally dies down to the right kind of height.

We hope that you have found this article helpful, and now see some of the things that you can do if you want to boost the curb appeal of your home. Whether you simply want to make a good impression or you have decided that you want to sell in your near future, the curb appeal of your home is important. We wish you luck implementing these changes to your exterior.

Massive spring beauty bundle giveaway

 Today I have something very exciting to share with you all. I have teamed up with some of my favourite and the UK top bloggers to bring you an incredible prize bundle worth almost £400. This giveaway has been organised by an amazing blogger friend of mine Emma Drew, You might know her from her blog making money without a job. She is an incredible lady and has all the money-saving ideas and tips you can ever need. 

This giveaway is massive and cram-packed with the best brands and products from Marc Jacobs Perfect perfume to Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish to Maybelline Sky High Mascara which is one of my personal favourite mascara. I promise you will be a very happy person if you are the winner that is for sure. 

I know what you are thinking enough of me and how do you enter. Just read on and fund out how you can be in with a chance of winning this dream spring beauty bundle. 

The bloggers taking part

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The Giveaway

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Why Stretch Yourself a Bit More in 2021

For eons, your family has asked you to broaden your horizons or you have wanted to and haven’t taken advantage of it. Well, why not make that happen in 2021? After a year or years of what most would likely call a prison sentence, it is time to let free and stretch yourself, no? Why not stretch the boundaries for you, no?

Stretch Yourself With These Ideas:

  1. Head for an adventure

The best way to test any person, family, or organization is to take it out of its norm. Insert any person or family into a new activity and see them all-consumed, you will witness a change. Some examples of adventures are: go for your first kayak ride, cook brunch and eggs benedict by yourself, or run your first 10K. That change in the norm means that there is not the same bickering, complaining, or other in the kitchen, living room or neighborhood. If it is a different activity and all-consuming, some will enjoy it and others will not, but you can never please everyone.

  1. Press yourself physically

Sweat is good. A little pain from an endurance run or bike is awesome as well. Well, if you are looking to level up in your personal or professional life, you may want to add a large dose of physical challenges. Maybe you have not done a half-marathon or marathon. This year can be your year with June marathons 2021.

  1. Go away and press pause

Sometimes to broaden your horizons and see real-life from a different perspective, you need to set a distinct pace. Sometimes this means that you slow down or speed up. Other things it means staying in the same place but changing your circle or mode of transportation. You can find this quintessential piece of advice through a wellness retreat. 

  1. Find a tribe, where it doesn’t matter

This is essential in life. Find people that are part of your lifestyle, pace, or combination. With so many ways to combine all aspects of life into your life, it is best to separate time specifically for each genre. Whether poker night vs Wine Wednesdays with your girlfriends, you and your tribe need it. Although it is easy to make it a 241 evening, don’t make the mistake of doing the two distant events at the same venue and on the same night. NOPE!

Come on, can you do this?

Ok, if you are scared to let your true self out there or are timid to be rejected, let this post let you know you are in the majority! We all feel that. It is by putting ourselves over and over again in that uncomfortable zone that we find similar peeps, some romantic and other bros for life.

If you are searching for something spectacular, make your reach incredible. There are many that are looking for men and women that can help them stretch themselves more in 2021. There are many relationships that could learn from tonight. So, if you’re one of them, get on with it. Makeup and make it right.