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How To Downsize Your Home

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Has your house outgrown you and your family? You may have bought your home when there was more of your living there, but if your children have flown the nest, or you have lost your partner, then these may be signs you're ready to downsize your house

When you decide it is time to downsize, you will have lots of work on your hands. 

In this article, we’ll talk you through how you can downsize your home. 

Declutter Your Home

The first step to downsizing your home is to declutter your existing home. You should start this process around three months or so before you are due to move into your new home. This will give you the time that you need to get rid of any unwanted items. 

It is important that you are ruthless when it comes to selecting items that you no longer want or need. With every item that you own, you should ask yourself when the last time you used it or even thought about it was. If the answer is that you have done neither of these things recently, then you should consider either selling the item or donating it. 

Sell Any Unwanted Items 

If you have items that are in good condition that you no longer want or need, then you should try to sell these first. Selling unwanted items can be a time consuming process. One of the quickest ways of selling a lot of items would be have a garage sale or a car boot sale. Be reasonable with your pricing and remember that you don’t want to keep the item. If you have more collectable items that you no longer want, then you should approach a specialist retailer and see if they would be interested in buying the items. 

For anything else, you could always list your items online on eBay or Facebook Marketplace, however, it can be time consuming waiting for your items to sell on these sites. 

Pick a Charity To Give Items Away To 

For anything that you cannot sell or that you are not interested in earning money off, you can donate to the charity of your choice. Many charities run local charity stores that will accept a range of goods and clothing. Be sure to check with the charity store to find out what type of items they will accept and whether they have any guidelines over the condition of the items. 

Avoid Renting Storage 

When it comes to downsizing, there is always a danger that you won’t fit everything into your new home. When this happens, many people will turn to storage as a solution. This is a costly solution and it won’t actually solve the problem. You need to ensure you sell or donate all of your unwanted items before you move. 

Maximize Vertical Storage

When you get to your new home, you will want to use more ingenious storage solutions. One of the best ways of storing items when you have limited square footage is to get taller cupboards and cabinets.

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