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5 easy ways to include self care into being productive.

We are living in a fast-paced modern world and sometimes I think we are all moving a little fast. We all need to take some time to slow down and appreciate what we have and what we are doing in the here and now. We can all be guilty of not living in the moment and not taking time to really rest and reflect on our achievements and milestones.

Today I want to talk about ways we give our self some productive self-care time. We are all guilty of burning the candle at both ends and right now. There is a lot of pressure to make up for a lost time. There are more events and parties to attended than ever before. and before you know it it's Monday morning again and you are wondering what happened on your days off. 

It is really important to take some time out from your busy mind and from letting yourself run at a hundred miles per minute. Yes, we have all done it but we need to learn to do more for ourselves and let our minds switch off and relax. This doesn't mean sitting in a dark room with only your thoughts for comfort unless of course, you want to. What I am talking about is being productive and doing some self-care. 

1. Go a walk or run 

Get your trainers out and go for a walk or a run. It has been proven that people who spend time in the outdoors live happier lives. Not only will you be able to take some time by yourself with your thoughts but you will also be getting in your steps and getting some exercise. We all know how important exercise is and we all know we need to take some time out so this is the perfect way to do both. 

2.  Clean your house

Yes, this is a nesscessy evil that we all do. But it is the perfect time to let your brain switch off and just focus on cleaning. I am not meaning the quick once over. I mean get down and dirty and do a big scrub this has been known to be really relaxing. I am one of those strange people who loves a good deep clean. I feel refreshed and energised when I know my house is clean and tidy. They say a tidy house has a tidy mind, don't they? 

3. Sort out and print your photos. 

Do you remember when we actually had to have every photo we took printed and would spend the night making photo albums. Well, I say we bring that back and modernise it. I mean who doesn't like looking at old photos. 

Nowadays we all take about 30 photos of the same thing and never do anything with them. How about making a photo book to keep all your special photos in one place. I love photo books I like to make them not only for myself but as gifts for loved ones. I find making photo books really relaxing. I like spending time looking for the perfect photos and adding them to pages with fun memories. 

Photo books are greats as I love the feeling of having a hard copy of my photos that I can actually look at in book form. Sometimes I think I look at a screen too much and there is nothing nicer than having a physical book to look at my photos it's so refreshing. 

Not only are you distracting your mind with sorting out your photos but you are also clearing up you phone or camera memory and regaining storage. 

4. Try meditation. 

I have been doing lots of research into meditation. I used to do this a lot more when I was really suffering from anxiety. I read a study that said taking 5 minutes a day to sit still and meditate can actually make you more productive. Real meditation is not about turning off your thoughts and feeling but being able to really acknowledge them and doing so without judgement. 

Meditation has been said to improve our immune system lower blood pressure and promotes creative thinking. We could all do with trying meditation and seeing if this type of self-care can help us in our lives. 

5 Stretching or yoga. 

No matter how active or none active you are. You should be stretching your body. I am a trained sports masseuse and I can promise you taking even just 5 minutes a day to stretch or practise yoga will have amazing health benefits. Now we all know that we should be stretching our muscles but just like with meditation stretching and yoga have proven mental benefits too. 

We all put our bodies through a lot. We walk, we run, we cycle, we twist our bodies in funny ways to pick things up off the floor or off that just a little bit too high shelf. We are all guilty of this and then we wonder how we have pulled a muscle and why it is taking forever to heal. Think of your body as a machine you need to treat it nice and do lots of maintenance for it to run properly. This is the same concept with our bodies and minds. 

All these are easy to incorporate into your life. These will help you not only be productive but also add in some much needed switching off and me time. We all need to add more me time and self-care to our routines so that we can live longer and happier lives. 

I hope you found this post helpful. 

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