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Upgrades To Do To Your House Next


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Most of us believe that if we take care of our property, it will repay us financially, but which home upgrades actually pay off? Because many of us work from home on several days of the week, we've had to reconsider what we want from our living environment. So it's a good idea to consider carefully what house renovations to do. If you intend to sell your home in the near future, we offer some suggestions for increasing its worth.

Consider kerb appeal

First impressions do matter. Leaving the façade in disrepair will have potential buyers doubting the interior before they even walk through the door. 

Here are a few ideas

  • Give the outside of your property a fresh coat of paint. 

  • Refinish or replace your front door. 

  • Install hanging baskets 

  • Definitely clean up your garden.

Makeover your garage 

A garage conversion can provide the same amount of room as a cellar conversion but have the added benefit of being at ground level. If you live in an urban location where most homes lack a driveway or garage, houses with garages may be more valuable. A garage conversion project, such as those put together by The Smarter Garage, adds storage solutions to free up valuable floor space to use the space for a variety of purposes, a remodel project like this might also include changing the flooring to be fit for a range of purposes. With the right amendments made, a garage can potentially be converted into an annexe for guests to stay, this could even be used as a short term rental in order to generate you some income from your conversion.

Extend or upgrade your kitchen's layout

If you can't sit down and dine in your kitchen, the value of your home may suffer. So consider expanding it or at the very least upgrading the layout. If your kitchen is in the back of your house and there is a side passage, consider extending the kitchen to the full width of the rest of the house. You can gain room and fix a bad layout by adding a single-story side-return extension.

Don’t forget about your windows

Large windows can play an important part in modern home décor, as long as the design considers both comfort and sustainability. Large windows provide a lot of natural light, which makes a house more attractive. Such exposure has been found in studies to raise energy levels and improve mood. Such large windows also help you to get closer to nature, particularly if they become the centre point of a space, allowing you to enjoy views of the surrounding area. Being close to nature is peaceful and restorative, and having large windows allows you to take in the landscape all year. You can get yours updated today by contacting orangeries.

Install a new bathroom

The restroom is the next stop. Getting it correctly on a budget, and replacing it can really pay off. 

  • Sticking with your current layout is one way to save money. 

  • Choosing a shower that does not necessitate the installation of pipes in the wall 

  • Choosing floor-mounted cabinets over wall-mounted cabinets 

  • Buy a bathroom suite rather than individual pieces to save even more money - and wait for sales if possible.

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