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5 things all luxury homes have and your home can too.

We have all seen MTV cribs and the lives and times of the rich and famous. We all look on with admiration and sometimes astonishment. These enormous homes are filled with so many features and finishes we would all love.  So we all dream of winning a big jackpot to enable us to also have homes like these and live that lavish LA lifestyle

Today, Let's talk about the 5 home luxury items you can actually have in your home. 

1. A home lift

Every celebrity home has an elevator as they call it or to us brits a lift. Celebrities and the wealthy like to flex their wealth when they can and by installing a lift in their homes they are showcasing this. Why walk up that beautiful staircase when you can get the lift. I mean we wouldn't want to wrinkle our expensive dresses, would we? 

All joking aside Home Lifts are not actually as unattainable as you might think. Long gone are these reserved for only the biggest and best luxury homes. These can be installed in most homes. Making them actually a really good option as they will help future-proof your home for old age. 

2. Wine room or cellar

I hate when I take home a bottle of wine only for it to sit on the wine rack in the kitchen or in the fridge. This will not be at optimal wine-drinking temperature when I want to drink it. How could I possibly survive this?

Do not worry. There are many solutions if you are looking to make an area of your home dedicated to wine. Ok, so we might not have the space for a full-on cellar or wine room

One of my friends converted the area under her stairs into a mini wine room. She has a wine fridge on one side and a wine rack built-in on the other side. This is all very cleverly concealed by a door which doubles as shelving. She told me it was actually very inexpensive to do this. So it is not an unattainable dream to have. 

3. Kitchen island

Kitchen islands are becoming popular in the UK. These were once things we saw in mansions in TV shows. But these are becoming more and more popular here. If you are watching Vogue's 73 questions have you seen even one celebrity home without a kitchen island? Nope, they are the it thing when it comes to kitchen counters in these homes. 

Luckily these are more readily available in the UK now and are really affordable. They come in everything from a basic version all the way up to luxury all singing and dancing versions. There is a version for every wallet. 

4. Boiling water tap 

Whilst we are talking kitchens. It would be remiss of me to not mention something that when I first saw it blow my mind. The Boiling water tap in kitchens. In the UK we have hot water taps but these are capped at a certain temperature and would not be hot enough to make a cup of tea with or get boiling water from to cook with. 

These are now here in the UK and I am seriously considering getting one. We are about to renovate and having boiling water on tap sounds like heaven to me. I can be impatient so this is right up my street. 

5. A gym

Are you even wealthy if you don't own a home gym? No, you are not. You might not use it but they all have it don't they. It is another way to flex their wealth and how fit and healthy they are. Well, that and their personal chef but one thing at a time. 

This is another myth that only the rich can have a home gym. In fact, I am currently building one myself. My downstairs bedroom has been transformed into a gym for my family. I have two Zwift cycling setups, weights and bench, pull-up bars and much much more. I know this is not for everyone but I made it a priority as I want to be as fit and healthy as possible. We all have different priorities but I have started to do more things that I enjoy and keeping fit is one of them. Saves me an expensive gym membership too. 

We all can get sucked into the world of celebrity but not everything is as it seems and people's lives are all different. I hope you enjoyed this more tongue-in-cheek post. 

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