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Spending More Time Outdoors Through Autumn and Winter


If there’s been one good thing about 2020, it’s that many of us have spent more time enjoying the great outdoors. With fewer opportunities to socialise, or visit indoor attractions, even those of us that have worked throughout have had far more free time to spend with our household. With all indoor attractions closed, and the added benefits of good weather, many of us have enjoyed long walks, scavenger hunts, runs, bike rides, and time playing in the garden. You might have been outdoors more this summer than you’ve been for a long time. 
But the weather is turning. Rain, wind, and cooler temperatures are forecast in the coming weeks, and other signs of autumn, like earlier sunsets, and falling leaves, are already here. If the turn of the season usually means bundling up indoors, why not make a change in this already crazy year?
Autumn is beautiful. The falling leaves are a cacophony of colour and crunch underfoot, and it’s a great time to enjoy the great outdoors. Staying outside all year helps you to get more exercise and fresh air. It boosts your circulation, and going for walks is significantly cheaper than hitting tourist hotspots every weekend. So, here are some tips to help you to spend more time outdoors as the weather cools. 

Get a Car

Ok, so driving might seem like it defeats the object, but when the weather is bad, sometimes the great outdoors on your doorstep isn’t ideal, and even in good weather, the same sights get boring. A Volkswagen Approved Used car means that you can get further afield more easily and that you’ll have somewhere to shelter if it rains. A car also means that you don’t have to worry about public transport if it snows, or waiting for a bus in a storm.

Have a Plan

In the summer months, you may all be content to walk without much of a destination in mind. The kids might play in the garden for hours, without thought. In the winter, this becomes harder. Walks aren’t as appealing without a destination. 
So, make plans. Go out with a route in mind, and something fun, like a pub lunch at the end. 

Find Outdoor Activities

In the winter, many outdoor tourist attractions close. But others, like pop-up ice rinks, come to life. Other outdoor activities include seasonal scavenger hunts, mini-beast hunts, and bike rides. 

Start Your Days Earlier

In the summer you can go out after lunch and still enjoy a full day away from home. By mid-winter, it is dark by 4 pm, and you may not want to stay out as long anyway. Get up earlier, leave the house after breakfast, and try to get as much out of your days as you can. 

Wrap Up Warm

Invest in good waterproof shoes and coats for the whole family. Then, dress in light layers that are easy to remove if you get hot walking or running around. 

Book Some Leave

Most of us use up our holiday days over summer and around Christmas, which might mean that it’s easier to book during the autumn. Book a short break, and enjoy cosy stargazing walks, hikes through the woods, and adventures away from home. You might find that you actually enjoy your holiday more away from the crowds. 

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