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How To Keep Your Lawn In Pristine Condition

 Your lawn is the main aspect of your garden. It's the thing you've spent the most time on, and it's what you want people to be impressed by. A gorgeous lawn will be healthy and green, dazzling those who set their eyes upon it. 

Sadly, lawns don't stay in pristine condition forever. Or, more accurately, they need a lot of maintenance to ensure they remain perfect. Lots of things could be damaging your garden and causing issues with your lawn. So, here are some pro tips to keep your lawn as luscious as can be:

Image Credit: Pexels (CC0 License)

Water it regularly

Every lawn needs some water to help it thrive. You'll notice that grass tends to go yellow during the hotter months. This is because a lack of water causes it to dry out and die. Water your lawn as regularly as can be - sprinkler systems are the best thing to use here. They offer an even distribution to ensure every blade of grass is nourished. 

Avoid waterlogging

On a similar note, too much water is a bad thing for your lawn. Avoid emptying buckets of water on it every single day! This is why the spray from a hose or sprinkler system is most effective. Also, consider what happens when it rains. It may be worth looking for submersible water pumps to improve the irrigation system in your garden. This allows the rainwater to drain away with ease, preventing puddles and waterlogging.  When too much water pools on your lawn, it basically drowns the grass. You get massive muddy patches that end up destroying the way it looks. 

Don't forget to fertilize

Your lawn is a living thing, believe it or not. So, it can't get by with sunlight and water alone. You need to fertilize your lawn to provide all the essential nutrients that let it grow. This will ensure you get healthy grass that looks as green as can be!

Be wary when mowing your lawn

I've saved this tip for last as it is the most relevant. When cutting your grass, don't put your mower on the lowest setting. This sounds like the smart thing to do as it ensures your grass is cut short. However, you end up scalping the lawn and damaging it. This causes muddy areas and will lead to patches. 

Instead, put your mower on a higher setting and only chop off around a third of the height. The idea is that you should mow your lawn frequently to keep it at a decent height. It sounds like a lot of work, which is why most people mow their lawn really short. The shorter it is, the less often you have to cut it! But, if you want your lawn to look gorgeous, you have to put in the extra work. 

Think of these tips as the fundamentals of lawn maintenance. If you follow each step, you're almost guaranteed to end up with a beautiful lawn. The only instances where this might not be the case is where your garden is shaded, and no sun hits the lawn. Sadly, there's not a lot you can do about this, and it might be smarter to install turf instead.

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