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Furniture Styles That Add Fab To Your Pad


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If it’s time to redesign your pad, why not go the extra mile and add some fab to it while you’re at it? Interior design styles are always changing, which is good news as well as bad. It’s good news because there’s always something new for you to work with; the bad news is that you have to work a bit harder to keep up with the Jones’s. Here are some of the latest design trends. 

Eclectic Designs 

Some people swear by matching interior design styles; everything must equally complement and contrast. But there’s another school of thought emerging that’s based around mismatched styles - this is known as eclecticism, and it’s the latest trend to look out for in interior design.

While the thought of mismatching furniture makes some people cringe, it’s uplifting to others. Mismatched furniture emphasizes the creative spirit and creates a beautiful, lively, and interesting living space that can be easily updated and redesigned. It’s the essence of fab! 

Nature Integration 

The mindfulness and yoga movements that have matured in our culture over the past decade have also influenced our interior design choices. So not only are people going for more space and minimalism, but they are also going for nature integration, bringing nature into the home. 

Nature integration is exactly what it sounds like; more plants and animals in the home add interest and oxygenate the air. In terms of furniture, you will notice homes with chairs and tables made from natural materials that blend effortlessly with nature around the home.   

Unusual Materials 

Similar to mismatched furniture items, unusual materials and two-tone furniture is growing in popularity. Expect to see design styles that combine metal with fabric and glass with wood. At first, this might seem a bit discordant, but in a way, that’s the point; it’s time to stand out. 

Furniture made from unusual materials is a new aesthetic; for that reason, there will always be those who stand against it and don’t see its qualities. Then there are those who only see its qualities or those willing to take a risk. Will the risk pay off? Only time will tell.   

Fabric Furniture 

Sofas are normally made from leather, faux leather, or synthetic. So you have to rewind the clock slightly if you want to find a fabric sofa, perhaps back to the 1980s or 1990s. But as with all good things, fabric sofas are making a comeback; this time, they are more stylish. 

Not only are sofas becoming fabric again they are also changing forms to accommodate different living styles and comfort styles. For example, a sofa chair is a type of sofa that works as a comfy chair for two people, perfect for cosy nights watching the best Netflix TV shows.   

Antiquated Styles

Kickback styles are all the rage these days, but so too are antiquated styles. Antiquated styles are a throwback to the Victorian and Edwardian ages, with a bit of an update, of course. Expect to find ornate wardrobes, dressing tables, large mirrors, and stylish sitting chairs in the corner.  

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