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3 Ways to Avoid Jet Lag

Jet lag is caused by crossing several time zones in the same day, and your body will know that you have done it because of the disturbed sleeping patterns that result. Your body will perhaps take one or two days to recover if you have crossed just one time zone, or even three to five days if you crossed six of them. The main effects will be that you experience insomnia and extreme fatigue. These symptoms can, however, be reduced if you travel by private jet. Companies, such as Jettly, are chartering jets to their customers that have all the facilities to tackle the jet lag you might otherwise experience afterwards.

Private jets can help with jet lag because they have lower cabin pressures than the commercial airliners generally have. It can be the quality of the air that you breathe which brings on fatigue, which is one of the main symptoms of jet lag. Breathing in the air where there is a low cabin pressure will in turn apply less pressure to your lungs and heart, and along with lower humidity, improve your chances of a more relaxing kind of flight. It is the combination of this lower or preferred pressure, a temperature that is comfortable, and being regularly hydrated by the personal service on private planes that will help to prevent jet lag.

The transition of lighting confuses the body when we see and experience it during the wrong time of day. Private jets can combat these changes by having programmable high-tech lighting systems installed. In contrast, during commercial flights, passengers will regularly be woken up by internal lights. These unwanted lights at those moments have potential to interfere with a body’s biological time clock and, as a result, contribute to jet lag.

Disturbed sleeping patterns also contribute to jet lag. It is much easier to sleep on a private jet than it is onboard a commercial airliner. For instance, a private jet will have, as standard, reclining seats, and often beds, too. This allows for a much superior sleeping environment to aid sleep. The personal service of private jet flight will even mean that you can ask the attendant if they can adjust noise and lighting levels to your preferred levels. If you have hired one of the larger private jets for a long-distance flight, where you have a bedroom to yourself, there is no reason why you should not get a perfect night’s sleep and avoid the jet lag.

In terms of the facilities on the different jets, the cabin pressure of the Gulfstream G650ER is less than half the pressure experienced on a standard commercial aircraft. The lights on, for instance, a Bombardier Global 7500, can change in accordance with a person’s biological rhythm. It is worth checking with the company who you are chartering your private jet off, just what different conditions can be experienced from travelling on the different types of aircraft on offer. To arrive at a location refreshed is important so that you are of the mind to conduct your business as soon as possible or to enjoy more of your holiday.

In summary, private jets can be seen to provide many of the solutions for jet lag. They can provide lower cabin pressures, more controlled lighting, and the privacy and comfort for passengers to sleep better. In addition, you could try sunglasses to help with lighting and aid sleep, and earplugs to help with noise. Both these have their limitations, though, so there is no substitute for the luxury a private jet can provide in creating the perfect environment in which to avoid jet lag and not to suffer its effects, the following day or on subsequent days thereafter.

For a scientific guide to beating jet lag, click on the attached article.

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