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Should I Have A Home Pond?

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Regardless of whether it is a small oasis of water or a large, formal garden pond with a multitude of animals and plants. A pond in your own garden is definitely an asset. A garden pond not only enhances the look of the space but is also the perfect retreat to watch the fish and insects with their hustle and bustle on a garden bench, terrace or hammock. There is nothing more serene than lying back in your hammock listening to the pond lapping away. You can find hammocks online for reasonable prices these days. Just type in Hammockstore online and you will find one that will suit your needs.

Let’s look at what to look out for when creating your garden pond.

Which garden pond is the right one for your garden?

Basically, there is a choice between a pond with a prefabricated pond basin made of plastic or a classic foil pond. A prefabricated pool can be created quickly and is very practical, especially for a small garden pond.  However, if a slightly larger body of water is to be used, perhaps even a swimming pond, a garden pond with a flexible liner is more suitable. So you can determine the individual shape and size yourself. However, this type of pond construction is somewhat more complex than the one with a fixed shape. When creating a classic garden pond, at least two, better three, zones of different depths must be excavated. You could opt for using your water tank, if you have one. In this case, you should look at troubleshooting water pump problems and solutions.

Find the right location

At the beginning of every planning there is a suitable location. Therefore, consider which part of the garden is best suited for pond construction. Also keep in mind that there may be cables or other objects in the ground. If this is the location anyway, make sure that any disruptive elements are safely removed before or during the excavation. In addition, the soil should not be too penetrated by strong roots, as the pressure of the root system can lead to damage and therefore to leaks, especially with foil ponds.

The ideal location for a garden pond is a partially shaded place in the garden. Note that too much sunlight stimulates uncontrolled algae growth, but too little harms potential pond plants. There should be at least 5-6 hours of sunshine a day so that life in and around the pond can develop optimally.  Opt to have your garden pond away from too many overhanging trees or bushes, however. For this, there is a good reason! At first glance, as a partially shaded place, it may seem like a good choice of location for your pond. Shaded, and also cosy when you want to enjoy it. However, you should not forget that trees and large shrubs shed a considerable amount of leaves and needles all year round, but especially in autumn. These then fall directly into the garden pond and rot there. If they are not removed quickly and regularly, too much can throw the water out of balance. It is good to know in advance of this higher maintenance requirement for the pond.  Once you are aware of this, you can get to work on building your dream garden.

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