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What Jewelry is Trending Right Now?


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We’re coming to the end of 2021 now, and as the year ends, it’s the perfect opportunity to look back at the trends and styles of the last ten months to see if there’s anything to add to our wardrobe for the festive season, or if the trends can hint at styles for the coming year. 

In the article below, you get an insight into the top fashion items trending right now. In addition, it gives you the chance to update your style just in time for Christmas nights out and festive occasions. 

Mis-matched earrings

Mismatching your clothing and jewelry has been super popular so far in 2021. It’s partly due to fashion trends evolving, along with an attempt to bring some creativity to your look and style. Mismatched jewelry can be achieved with odd pieces or by using a single earring. 

The great thing about mismatching your jewelry isn’t just that it’s on-trend and likely to impress your friends and influence people; it’s also super easy and lets you won’t with old jewelry in new ways. However, be careful you don’t lose any of your favorite pieces when you’re wearing them.   

Colorful Beads 

Colorful beads again add vibrancy and a contemporary look to your style in 2021. Colorful beads are available in various styles; you can have short necklaces or longer ones that drape. Either way, you know you will be trending this year and can’t go far wrong. 

Beads are amazing because they match with some outfits and mismatch with others. So, depending on your sensibility, you can create contrasting or matching styles. You can also wear beads formally or casually depending on the outfit you wear, giving you maximum flexibility.  

Baroque Pearls 

Pearls don’t just look amazing; they are also healing, according to some. In 2021, pearl jewelry is very much on-trend. It might be hard for you to find someone in your circle of friends, associates, or co-workers who aren’t sporting some pearl earrings or a necklace this season. 

Baroque pearls are ones that are non-spherical, making them look misshapen and therefore more natural. This is something that differentiates them from other pearl trends. IN addition to looking sophisticated, pearls are thought to have positive effects on the skin and other organs.    

Handcrafted Earrings

You would have to be living on another planet to have missed the trend in handcrafted items this year - and before this year, to be fair. The climate crisis coupled with the desire to be creative and useless is the motivation behind the rise of handcrafted items in many disciplines. 

In terms of jewelry, handcrafted earrings stand out. Expert craftspeople make handcrafted earrings; they are made from traditional materials like precious metals, diamonds, and gemstones. Many of the handcrafted earrings on sale are high-quality luxury items. 

Big Bold Necklaces

Another style trending in 2021 is big necklaces that give you a bold presence. Big and bold is popular right now in various departments. You will find big, bold patterns for clothing and oversized, bold earrings that set the stage on any occasion. Also, look out for thick chain-link necklaces.  

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