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The Basic Set Of Tools Every Woman Should Own

 Most tools are marketed towards men. It’s also an unfortunate truth that a lot of women feel that they are taken advantage of by the maintenance and repair industry due to a perceived lack of knowledge. Many women don’t feel able to tackle their own household maintenance and DIY projects. There’s no reason women should be less capable of doing basic DIY or making small repairs around their homes. The first step is to own a basic set of tools.

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A Toolbox

Before you start buying tools and deciding to order Famag products, you need somewhere to store them. When you set up your work station to tackle hanging that shelf, you won’t want to have to search for the tools you need. If you don’t have much spare storage space, think about where you will store your tools and buy the right shaped box. 


Hammers are useful to putting nails into the wall and assembling furniture, and you can’t really meet their purpose with anything else. Avoid plastic handles, as these can easily separate from the head of the hammer. You want a hammer that has a curved claw back for removing nails. A 16-ounce head weight is suitable for most household projects. This heavy enough to get the job done but so heavy that it’s awkward to use. 

Assorted Fastener Kit

Before you start on the DIY projects, you will probably be mostly using your tools to hang picture frames, mirrors, shelves, and other decor. To do that, you will need a range of nails, picture-hanging hardware, screws, and wall anchors. A variety set is an easy option to keep you well-stocked for whatever projects you need. 

Screwdriver Set

Another essential that you are bound to use a lot is a screwdriver. You should have one Philips head, and one slotted or flat-head screwdriver. A variety set is a good idea, as it gives you some flexibility for different screws. Most household projects won’t require heavy-duty screwdrivers, so you don’t need to spend much. 

Tape Measure

Whether you’re measuring the space you have for your dining table or making sure the frames on your gallery wall are properly spaced out, a tape measure is a useful thing to have. Eyeballing measurements will only lead to frustration, especially if you need to redo something or return something that doesn’t fit. 

Set Of Pliers

Some people aren’t sure how to use pliers, but they can be very useful for accomplishing all sorts of tasks. Pliers are often used when bending and cutting wire, and they’re also great for gripping and bending other things too. A simple set of pliers is useful. Look for a set with slip-joint pliers that can be adjusted to the size of whatever you’re gripping, diagonal-cutting pliers that will grip and cut wire, and needle-nose pliers that are useful for gripping and bending things that you can’t reach. Needle-nose pliers are also useful for repairing jewelery. A basic set saves you from having to buy what you need later on for specific jobs.

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