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Living with a facial birthmark

I have never really addressed this openly and I am not too sure why I am now but I want to talk about it today. I have a facial birthmark. It is right under my eye. If I am completely honest with you all I don't really think about it often. but though out my life there have been comments about it and people can be cruel. 

Today I was doing some life admin and I realised I needed to renew my passport and due to the way you take these types of photos my birthmark is very apparent. Even with some make-up on you can see I have a mark under my eye. I also have chronic sinusitis so you can see that too. As I am very swollen and  I can not cover my swelling. 

No, I have gone round and round in circles with my birthmark. I have had horrid comments. 

I was kinda lucky in my childhood I mean don't get me wrong I was bullied but they never really picked on my face. There were other things they liked to pick on better, for example, I was a good dancer and singer and this was a better area to use against me than my face. 

I do remember on a school trip once I had a couple of kids ask if I had poo on my face. Lovely comment it hurt as I could not change my birthmark and this was before I was old enough to wear make-up. 

But other than the odd comment I was left alone about my very obvious brown mark under my eye. It could have been the fact I grew up in a small village and everyone knew everyone that I was saved from lots of comments. 

My teens
In my teen, I was very conscious of my birthmark. I would wear a heavy foundation to hide it and I would do everything I could not stay hidden. I felt there was something wrong with my face. No one of my friends had any birthmarks or anything similar and I felt a bit different. 


This was the time when I became more accepting of my own face. I discovered that I was unique and different and I liked that. I would, of course, like everyone has self-doubts and hate the sight of myself in the mirror and even more so my birthmark but I found life easier the more I accepted the fact that I could not change my face. 

But that being said I have had as an adult comment on my face. 

I was in the police and a senior officer asked me if I had ever considered having my birthmark lasered off It actually took me a couple of minutes to realsie what he was talking about as I was at a stage in life where I had accepted it as part of me and forgot about it. But that comment hit me like a ton of bricks.  

He said you would be prettier if you had it removed and my reply was well I don't need you to think I am pretty. 

I have had a few I think there is something on your face comments. These tend to be completely innocent as in certain lights it can look like that basically if I am tanned. For

At my wedding, I had a big dilemma as to whether or not to cover my birthmark. I don't really wear heavy make up preferring a more natural look and I really went back and forth with this. Until I ask my now husband. How told me I shouldn't even be considering covering it. He loves my face with my birthmark and for our wedding day, I should need to cover it to please other people. If I am happy with my face why would I try to hide it just in case someone else has an opinion. I did not cover it and had the natural make-up I wanted. 

Lately, my favourite little boy asked me about my birthmark and for the first time I didn't have an ounce of embarrassment. I just explained it to him and he told me I liked it and it made me special. Sometimes children just have a way to make you feel good about yourself. 

Things I have learned with my birthmark 

There are people who are mean and they will find any way to be mean birthmark or no birthmark. You can not change that you can only change how you feel towards them. 

Some people just want to stare at unusual things. Yes, I have had people stare at me and I have heard whispers. But I honestly no longer care. If you are that into my birthmark on my face you are kinda strange in my opinion. I personally would never stare at someone like that but each to their own. 

Without my birthmark, I would not be me. I am me there is no one else like me my birthmark proves that. I am not you and you can't be me. I have one face and it is mine. I can put make-up on it or not I can show off my birthmark or hide it. But no matter what I do I have a birthmark on my face and it belongs to me. 

If you have a birthmark you are trying to come to terms with I hope my experience makes you realise you are not alone. There are lots of people around the world who have birthmarks and I am just one of them. 

I am here anytime you need to chat. I know how you feel. 

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