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Why Rustic Home Designs & Fixtures Don't Have To Feel Outdated

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It’s very easy to think in fixed categories when considering home renovations and interior design. We might consider one space ‘minimal,’ or another ‘rustic.’ We may say one space has a certain theme, or be designed using a similar design language. That said, while cohesive thematics can make a massive difference in how unified and pleasant a space feels to occupy, it’s true to say that in the long run, this doesn’t matter as much as we may think it does.

For instance, many people think that if they want a fairly modernist home they are barred from integrating rustic-looking fixtures. In a modern kitchen, will an oil-burning stove really work? Well, yes, it could do, and it certainly will do in many properties. Sometimes, a simple rustic flair is all you need to help a property shine, even in ultra-modern surroundings. Sometimes, modern fixtures in a rustic setting can enable a country cottage to meet the current century with care.

How can we approximate this without feeling outdated? In the following post, we’ll discuss that and more:

Fireplace Fixtures Can Redefine A Living Space

Many people think that modernist applications mean that homes cannot have any resemblance to the fixtures of old, but those fixtures are traditional for a reason - they help us live more comfortably and with more convenience. As you can see by these wood heaters, often time-honored fireplace fixtures can still look fantastic while remaining full functional while still providing a traditional logic to the reason fo their installation. A modern take on a classic can still be modern and fit entirely within that environment.

Distressed Furniture Is Making A Comeback

Again, many people seem to think that modern furniture fixtures must be immaculate, without any signs of distress. However, more and more people are seeing the value in designing their home space with a little more character despite enjoying all the latest mod-cons.

 For instance; distressing the wood on a coffee table or dining table can be a great place to start, as can opting for the natural aesthetic variance in marble or even with resin-based back surfaces. Tiles that have been distressed can also be incredibly clean and work to help a bathroom look down to earth, while brick slip covers can provide that false but still functional and appealing sense of exposed surface area while still serving the function of a modern, worthwhile aesthetic.

Modern Appliances Can Fit Comfortably

On the flip side of the discussion we’ve had so far is that of people worrying about their rustic home design and how modern fixtures might ruin it. You’d be surprised, however, just how many modern smart appliances can fit into your overall aesthetic. From simple thermostat digital controls to simplified shower units and retro smart fridges from brands like SMEG, if you look for it, you can see that many companies have tried to solve this problem and to make their devices as simple as non-offensive as possible from an aesthetic viewpoint. Supporting those initiatives is key.

With this advice, we hope you can implement the best rustic home designs for you.

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