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What to buy any child in your life this Christmas when you have no ideas - AD

We can hide under the covers all we want but Christmas is coming and we can not stop it. We all have a love for Christmas with all its sparkle and festive cheer but it can actually be a stressful time. Especially if you have children to buy for and are out of the loop as to what to buy them. 

Let's face it if you do not have a child chances are you do not know where to start. Nowadays toys are ever changing and new ones hit the market daily. Gone are the small toy isle with limited options which used to make shopping easy this time of year. Now we have an array of every type of toy and gadget you could imagine. 

It can be easy to get overwhelmed with options and just pop money in a card and be done with it. But that is not really in the Christmas spirit, is it? Not to worry I am going to help you with 5 foolproof gift ideas children will love. 

Today I am lucky to be collaborating with my go-to online store for gifts for children Wicked Uncle. If you were to put a store together that takes the stress out of finding the perfect gift for any child Wicked Uncle would be it. It has everything you could want from educational gifts to fun and unquiet ones. The perfect place to find what we are looking for this Christmas. 

I have picked an item for each category from baby to older children. There should be an option that is right for any child that you are buying for this year. 


Babies can be a difficult one to pick for if you have never been around babies you will have no idea what to buy. 

Babies love colour and texture, so the Bunny Stacker - Five Sensory Pieces £21.95 is a perfect pick. This cute Stackable rabbit features five interesting elements. The bunny has a large ring at the bottom of the stacker which has a tail that if you pull it will vibrate. It also features a rattle, A colourful wooden flower with spinning petals and of course the main bunny itself with its big soft ear. Which little ones will love to touch and play with. This helps with coordination and stimulates the mind with textures and colours. 


I haven't met a toddler who doesn't love to play gardens so the Grow It - My very own Garden Set £27.95. Is a fantastic choice. I used to teach drama groups of children of all ages from babies to teens. One of the toddler group's favourite games was to pretend to set up a garden. 

The grow it garden set is nice and colourful. It is designed for little hands and it's easy to grip. One of the best and most needed features is it is completely washable. It will end up covered in mud and other items. It is made from soft but durable plastic. 

With three colourful pots for planting carrots radishes and two flowers are included. A shovel and watering can round off the fun grow your own garden kit. This helps develop imaginative play and of course a love of vegs. Well you can but try, right? 

Older boy 

If there is one thing I have learned from having a nephew. Wheels are a winner from tractors to trains to lorries to cars. If it has wheels it will score you massive points.

I think the Aquacross 360 - RC Amphibious Stunt Car at £29.95 is a great option. This is a stunt car with a lot of bang for your buck. It can perform tricks from rotating 360 to being able to overcome obstacles and even performing flips and driving on the other side. It has a double-sided driving system. It can take on any obstacle and is designed with puncture-proof tyres. With built-in impact absorption too. Dont worry it has soft durable tyres so it is gentle on floors. Plus it is waterproof. This one will be a massive hit with children and adults. 

Older girl 

Sometimes I find older girls the hardest to buy for but Disco 360 Ice - LED Lightshow £19.95. Is a perfect gift for any girl. With 48 coloured led beams of light which can project into 6 different patterns in green, blue and red. Just add music and you have your own dance party. It also has a built-in sensor that reacts to sound and music. It will flash in time to any beat. This can even be wall mounted in any room and it just plugs into a socket. A really fun and festive present. 

The family gift 

One of the harder gifts to buy is if you are buying one gift for multiple children but not to worry I have you covered. I think sticking to a classic board game like Kids Charades - Fun Acting Game £16.95 is the best idea. 

Who doesn't love charades? I mean we might as well get the children hooked early. You never know when you will need them to be on your team one day. This is a super easy version of the cult classic game. There are 6 categories to choose from for the children and adults to act out. From things like skipping rope to circus tents. Just flip the timer and get acting out your card and have fun. 

I hope this has helped you find the perfect gift for any child in your life this year. 

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