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Get Ready for Winter with These Home Maintenance Tasks

 When winter is on its way, you want to be prepared before it arrives. Your home needs to be ready for the colder weather and for snow, rain, and hail, as well as any other weather that might come your way. You don't really want to be doing home maintenance in the middle of winter, so it makes sense to do some maintenance just as it's starting to get colder. By the time winter arrives, you'll be ready to face it. There are some really useful home maintenance tasks that you will surely find beneficial if you want to get ready for winter.

Check Your Heating

Obviously, you want your heating to be working when the temperature drops. So now is the time to do any heating maintenance, whether that's servicing your boiler, electric boiler installation, or checking your radiators. Before you need to put the heating on for real, it's a good idea to have a test run. If you haven't turned it on for a while, it's better to discover that there is something wrong now, rather than when you really need it. Don't forget to check whether your thermostat is working too, because you will want to be able to control your heating.

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Inspect Your Roof

A solid roof is essential for helping you get through a long winter. It keeps your home warm and dry, and it's important for insulation too. Now is a good time to take a look at the roof and ensure it's all ok. You could start by having a look yourself, but you should do this from the ground. Use a pair of binoculars to see if you can spot any obvious problems. You could also check for damage inside your loft or attic. A roofer can carry out a proper inspection with the right safety equipment and training.

Seal Up Any Draughts

If there are any little areas where cold air is getting into your home, they're also letting out the warm air. To make your home more energy efficient, you should seek out these draughts and plug them up. They could be around window and door frames, at the bottom of doors, or around little holes and gaps around your home. Seek them out and use the right solution to block them. Try using a candle to see if there's moving air; the air should move the flame.

Winterise Your Garden

It's not just the inside of your home you need to think about. Getting your garden ready for winter will ensure it's in good condition when spring arrives. It will also mean you won't really have to do much garden maintenance over the winter. There are a few things you might do, including moving or covering up certain plants and tidying up your lawn. Tidying away your Hammock and Hammock stand and putting them away for winter storage.   It could be a good time to hire dose industries land clearing to clean any hardscaping too, so it looks good before winter arrives.

Get your home ready for winter before it arrives to ensure it will be warm and cosy through the cold months.

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