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This summer's biggest fashion trends

The sun is shining and it's time to think about summer fashion. Summer fashion is some of the most fun of the year and this year's trends are all fun and funky. We are going to discuss 2023's summer must-haves from the more classic option to the louder choices. I will be focusing on women's fashion this time around.

Tailoring/ Old money

For the more classic trend this season we are going to see a lot of skirt suits. This goes hand in hand with the old money trend that we are seeing all over every influencer and celeb. This style is easy to do with so many amazing high street options available you can pull this look off no matter what your budget is. Check out places like Temu for affordable options at purse friendly prices. 

The old money trend is leaning towards an 80's/90 styling like the classic Princess Diana look from this period. With crisp white shirts and jumpers wrap around your neck with a pair of tailored linen trousers. 

Baggy trousers 

This trend is here to stay this season. Goodbye tight trousers hello oversized and floaty. This is not just a trouser trend this goes for jeans too. Pack away those skinny jeans their time is over and they need to make way for extra wide-legged jeans. Pair these with a nice heel and you are going from dinner to the club. 

The unfinished look 

Dresses and skirts in particular that look unfinished were all over the catwalk this season. Normally we would all steer clear of a garment that looks not finished well not any more. Skirts with undone splits. Dresses with strange hems are all in this season and they are cool and edgy. 


With the return of clubbing holidays, we have a big neon trend this season. From neon bikinis to neon dresses the brighter the better. These tend to be figure-hugging and with cutouts. This neon trend is giving 00s vibes with cut-out details on the waist bit with a new flare. This is all about showing off your beautiful body and feeling confident in your own skin and I am here for it.

Maxi dress

A figure-hugging maxi dress is a staple of the season think Kardashian- Jenner and you will know what I mean. These are simple but make a big impact. You can find these style dresses on the high street and I would recommend saving your money here. As the more expensive ones look so similar to the designer and are almost undetectable. 

Ice Ice Baby 

Whilst we are on the figure-hugging dress trends. You need to be pairing your figure-hugging dress with some ICE. If you are going for the real Kardashian look you need to add some iced out chains. Kim wouldn't be seen dead without her bling bling and this is a big on-trend jewellery item this season. 

Basically, if you think of Hip hop jewelry you are on the right path. Lots of bling ice and sparkle is on the trend in 2023 and you can go as over the top as your favourite Rapper would. I mean think what would Cardi B wear and you are on to this trend. You can be as fun and as imaginative as you like. 


This summer shoe trends are ballet pumps, block wedges and thigh-high boots. With Ballet pumps making a comeback comfort seems to be high on this season's priority. I love block wedge heels these pair wonderfully with summer dresses and can take you from day to night with ease. Thigh boots don't seem to be going anywhere soon so this is a good time to invest in a nice pair that will see you through the season into winter. 


The biggest hitting hair trends this season seem to go hand in hand with fashion. With blunt bobs, major curls, and the sleekest ballerina buns all in the mix. I am loving the range of hairstyles that are making waves this summer. These will suit so many hair types and also who doesn't love a ballerina bun so quick sleek and classic. Perfect for rescuing hair that has seen too much sun. 

This summer's biggest fashion trends are here and I hope you have found some you can experiment with and find what works for you this summer season. 

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