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Should You Buy In Person Or Online?

Looking to buy some new furniture? When choosing whether to buy from a physical store or an online store, it’s worth weighing up the pros and cons. Below are some reasons to buy in person and some of the reasons to buy online compared.

Why buy in person?

Buying from a physical store is the best way to judge the comfort of a sofa or a bed. Something that may look soft and springy on a screen could end up being rougher or firmer than you imagined. This is why many people like to visit a furniture store with a showroom.

When buying used furniture, it’s also important to inspect this furniture in person to get a good idea of the condition. Online photos of second hand tables and chairs may be taken from angles that hide certain damage. Buying furniture in person allows you to check any damage for yourself. Of course, it’s still worth looking on sites like Facebook and Gumtree to find adverts for used furniture - just make sure that you see the furniture in person before paying. 

Why buy online?

There are many advantages to buying brand new furniture online. Many people choose to buy sofas online because there is the option to visualise them in different colours. Brand new furniture can also be bought at cheaper prices when bought from online stores compared to many physical stores. This is because physical stores typically have higher overhead to cover and so cannot offer the same discounts. 

Shopping online also allows you to explore a greater range of furniture than you may be able to find at a showroom. In fact, you can easily browse multiple stores at once without having to travel anywhere. This makes it very convenient. If you need to buy furniture in a hurry and don’t have time to visit multiple stores, it could be better to shop online. 

Buy in person or online?

Buying furniture in person is generally a better idea when buying second hand furniture, because you can inspect the condition for yourself rather than having to trust a photo. If you want to test the comfort of a sofa or bed, it is also better to buy it in person, as you can actually sit/lie on it.

If you want to save money on brand new furniture, then it is typically better to buy furniture online because you’ll get much better discounts. Shopping online is also more convenient if you haven’t got the time to visit stores in person or if you want to browse multiple stores quickly.

Of course, you can combine both methods to get the best outcome. Many people like to browse for sofas online and then visit a physical showroom to test out a sofa or a bed when they’ve found one that they like. Similarly, when shopping for used furniture, you can explore more options when shopping online. You can then go and see the item in person to check the condition before you buy it.

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