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A Brazilian blowout what you need to know

A Brazilian blowout is gaining extreme popularity since women want smooth silky hair without all the fuss. With this new treatment, you don’t have to be afraid of getting your straight style wet. It’s easy to just wash and blow-dry the hair in minutes instead of hours. Since this process does not make your hair completely bone straight, you can also wear your hair in its textured state – just without all the frizz. Explore how this technique can give you the versatility you’ve been hoping for.

Unlike relaxers, texturizers and perms, this technique allows the hair to go back to its natural state after about three months. This means you won’t have to deal with the awkwardness of two different textures as new hair grows in overtime. For instance, with a perm, as the hair grows out, you’ll have straight hair at the roots and curly hair further down. This can look strange and even make it difficult to style your hair. With a Brazilian blowout, by the time your hair begins to really grow, everything will have washed out. Furthermore, this process doesn’t have all the damaging chemicals, like formaldehyde, that can come with some other techniques.

If you have a couple of hours to spare and approximately £300 to £600, then you can get the Brazilian blowout. Basically, the technique is pretty easy, only requiring clean hair that has been clarified. The stylist will apply the solution and place you under a hairdryer. Once your hair is dry, the stylist will then use a flat iron to help secure the solution into the hair. After this is done, your hair is rinsed, you’ll get a deep conditioning treatment and the stylist blow-dries your hair.

Keep in mind that everyone’s results will vary depending on hair type, texture and length. But for the most part, you’ll have hair that is more manageable than you ever dreamed it could be. You can even wash and go if you want. Rain, wind, snow, even swimming pools are no longer an issue since you don’t have to be concerned with whether or not your hair can stand up against a little humidity or strange weather. If you do get it wet, you can simply restyle it in less than 20 minutes because you won’t have to fight with it anymore. Best of all, if for some reason you feel the Brazilian blowout isn’t for you, you can have your original curls and waves back only after about three months. No need to cut your hair and start over like you would if you had a relaxer.

When getting a Brazilian blowout, be extremely cautious, since similar versions of this process can include the chemical formaldehyde. This can put your health at risk since this chemical can make you feel queasy, cough or damage your skin. In the worst-case scenario, some believe it can cause certain cancers. Be sure to ask for a formaldehyde-free formula to help minimize problems. If a stylist says he or she can safely complete the process using formaldehydeArticle Search, find another stylist. Versatile hair isn’t worth risking your health.

Try before you commit
Why not consider ordering a straight hair wig, These are a way of having the straight hair of your dreams without having any chemical treatments. This will give you the change to find out if you really like this style on you and you are not committed to it as you can easily remove it. This giving you the most flexibility and style options. 

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