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how to straighten your hair

Sleek, shiny and straight hair is eye-catchy isn’t? Straight hair looks cool. It gives a classy look even if your dress is not rocking. It is pretty easy to do and takes less time, so whenever you are in a hurry, or just feel lazy, hair straighter is there at your disposal.

Most girls are aware of straightening tips though, for a professional look, you need a lot of practice. Boys can also be pro at this too. Here are the tips to straighten hair like a pro, and it will work for boys and girls alike.
  • Take shower
Prepare your hair before getting started, hair should be dust-free, clean, and oil-free. Some conditioners and shampoos claim to give straight hair but it is unlikely to give effective results.  Many hairstylists also suggest not changing the shampoo, if it suits you.  It will lead to other problems like hair fall, dandruff, thinning of hair, etc. Still, if you want to try something for it, pick a product that smoothes the hair.  Straightening looks best on smooth hair, on rough hair, frizz will happen.
  • Blow Dry
After washing hair, don’t dry it in a towel as most people do, it will encourage frizz and curls. Lightly dab on hair and use a smooth towel for this purpose, rest leave it for natural drying for a few hours. When hair is half dry, use blow drier on minimum heat, don’t exceed the temperature, it will turn hair brittle.  One pro tip to use a blow drier is, keep the nozzle in a downward direction all the time to avoid frizz. Don’t do the blunder of skipping heat protectant.
  • Wait until hair is extremely dry
Don’t start straightening unless the hair is extremely dry.  There is no use of running a straightener on moisturized hair, frizz will come out. Let the moisture escape from hair completely, till then complete your set up process for straightening. To evaluate the situation, touch strands of your hair, if you hear sizzle then stop for a moment before beginning the process.
  • Use heat Thermal protectant
While straightening, you need to take care of the frizz factor on an extreme level. So stop being lazy and apply a heat protectant. Many hairstylists insist on using hair serum not only to add shine but also to protect hair from damages. Many hairstylists are biased for hair protection, so they will always show you the right path. They will even suggest you avoid heat application if your hair is damaged; such hairstylists are available in a unisex salon.
  • Set the temperature
The setting of temperature depends on the quality of your hair. For fine hair, color-treated, processed hair should stay in the range of 350- 400 degrees. To avoid application repeatedly, maintain a 410 degree. Professionals use 450 degrees, but they are highly trained for managing the temperature. If you are already pro, you can try it but the apt temperature is 350 to 400 for a beginner. Well, you can go for hair straightening anywhere, it’s pretty easy to find. If you want to avoid straightening your hair why not try fashionable straight wigs and this will save you time and you will not cause any damage to your hair. 
  • Final step
Make sections and start the process, for flawless straightening, use flat iron of high quality. Split the hair from the middle to make sections, bring it forward, if your hair is thick, make sections and apply clip. Apply the final product to add shine. If the process is too long for youFeature Articles, go for hair ironing.
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