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where to travel christmas time

Travelling at Christmas time has its own unique nuances that aren’t usually a concern when travelling at other times of the year. Especially if you are trying to get around with children, it is best to create a comprehensive checklist ranging from worldwide travel insurance to shuttles and even entertainment for the little ones. It is always best to plan ahead and make an attempt at anticipating everyone’s needs while on holiday.

To simplify this seemingly overwhelming task gather your thoughts, create a checklist and even set up reminders for the planning stages of your Christmas adventure.

A Christmas Winter or Summer Wonderland

Shop Off-Season Destinations: Travelling at Christmas time cannot be done on an impulse, especially if you are travelling with children and trying to stick to a budget. However, it can be an ideal time to go to one of those luxurious beach destinations you have always deemed way too expensive! Typical ‘summer holiday’ destinations, such as the Caribbean or The British Virgin Islands, are considered ‘off-season’ destinations despite the fact that the weather and the temperatures are still gloriously sunny and warm. When travelling with children there can never be enough outdoor activities or opportunities to burn off lots of energy, and a sunny beach holiday offers just that.

If the call of tradition and the lure of a winter wonderland cannot be beaten, then there are many colder climes to choose from. Many of these destinations thoroughly embrace the holiday season and will probably fulfil your child’s every dream of what Christmas should be. Although worldwide travel insurance is the best option even if you haven’t decided on the beach or slopes yet, it is even more important to make sure your policy has comprehensive coverage in case of any snow-related falls or accidents. Wintery weather, even from the confines of a warm cabin or chalet, creates a higher probability of problems ranging from injuries to delayed flights.

During the planning stage of your Christmas travel, be sure to address all the logistics issues first. When travelling with children it is imperative that all flights, shuttles and accommodation suit your needs and will not add any additional worries to what should be a fun experience. Make sure your chosen accommodation has any extra equipment you may need, such as a crib or high chair, and that food preferences and requirements can be met.

Prior to jetting off to either sand or snow, be sure to winter-proof your home. Set your home’s thermostat to remain on a low but steady temperature to avoid the possibility of pipes bursting if the weather gets really cold. It can also be wise to leave a key with a neighbour so that they can check in on your home periodically, especially if you are planning on being away for an extended length of time.

Travelling during the Christmas season can be fraught with challenges or purely magical experience. The key to ensuring the latter is in preparing extensively. Arranging everything – from worldwide travel insurance to comfortable accommodation and even gifts to open on Christmas morning – will create that desired ‘holiday feel’ for the whole family.

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