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4 Things to be Cautious About When Renovating an Old House

Photo by Julia Volk from Pexels
Although older homes come with a certain charm, there are several dangers associated with them. Whether you're hunting for one or you already own one, it's important to understand these homes' risks.
An older home depicts a masterpiece or architect, which is filled with a unique history. But you'll need to renovate that old house to make it a safe and functional space to live in.

Unlike remodeling a new building, an old house comes with hidden issues. Therefore, you need to be careful and keep an eye on the following issues.

Outdated Plumbing
Undoubtedly, old homes are enchanting. However, they tend to share a common problem: fault plumbing. It might be easy to repair and replace broken air conditioning units, but it’s not the case with faulty pipes.

Most old houses have copper pipes, which might have been fitted with unwanted lead-based solders. Due to metal corrosion over time, the exposed iron becomes susceptible to rust. This can make the water unsafe for use.

Even with proper and regular maintenance, it's hard to keep pipes free from blockage. Decades of soap scum and sewage can take a toll on the old home's fillings and drains.

The broken valves, faucets, and handles can cause leakage, leading to high utility bills. You should then look for affordable plumbing services to inspect and repair the plumbing issues.

Hazardous Materials
A renovation or expansion project can be stimulating. But before you rip up the floorboards and knock down the walls, you need to take note of the age of your house. In the 1940s and beyond, homes were often built using asbestos.

Asbestos gave the houses an attractive and unique finish. It was also preferred due to its extreme heat resistance characteristics and durability. The fabric was used in floor tiles, windows, ceilings, and other places.

When left intact, asbestos remains harmless. However, it can lead to severe health problems when disturbed. Some of the health risks include mesothelioma cancer and chronic lung disease. It’s best to leave detection and removal of asbestos to professionals.

Foundation Issues

Old homes have issues with the foundation, which must be addressed to keep homes safe and livable. The cause of foundation issues can range from damaged support footings to settlement cracks. These problems can be caused by tree roots, wear, and tear, seismic activity, among many others.

What to look for foundation issues:

  • Uneven floors
  • Exterior and interior wall cracks
  • Broken windows
  • Doors that won’t open or latch
It's best to let a reliable structural engineer assess the damage and guide during the repair process.

Outdated Roof
Deteriorating roofs can cause leakage. Locations with extreme weather conditions will likely need regular roof repairs and replacements. Some of the roof issues on old homes is bowing gutters, missing shingles, and moisture or leak in attic.

You should take caution when renovating the roof, as some roofs might collapse.

The Bottom Line
Renovating your old home requires creativity and caution at the same time. It can be an enthralling process, but you need to pay attention to these issues. If you cannot hack simple DIY techniques, it's prudent to get professional help

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