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Should You Move Home During Covid?


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The covid pandemic seems to have gone on forever. Sometimes you have to look around at the reality of the situation and make your plans anyway – ensuring they're covid safe, or course. Nowhere is this more true than when moving home. You might have put it off now for months, but there comes a time when you have to set the ball rolling. Here's how to safely move during covid. 


In normal times you might think about saving some money on your moving costs. You can normally do this by enlisting the help of friends and family members and avoiding a removal service. But even in normal times this method is risky, it can result in damaged goods and a less efficient moving process. 

Moving your home during covid adds an extra layer of risk to the process so it's advisable to use the experts. The local mover companies are well equipped to handle the transfer of belongings in a covid safe way. They will also ensure the moving process is more efficient and less time consuming. 


In non covid times you might have got away with less planning, but these days removal companies need to know the details of the move in advance to ensure the safest possible route is taken. The more information they have about the move the more efficient and covid safe they can be. 

Contact your removal company far in advance. Book your move and give them as much information as you can about the operation. They will need to know the time frame along with the type and quantity of furniture to move. 


If the covid crisis has taught us anything, it's the importance of hygiene. Sure, we're all taught about hygiene from a young age, but we don't always take it seriously since there are barely any consequences. That's all changed since coronavirus.  

It's important to play your part too when moving home. Your removal company will follow strict coronavirus protocol but you can help by cleaning all the furniture needing removed as well as your former home. Disinfect and sanitize where possible. 


Although removal companies are taking every precaution to be covid safe there is still a risk of contamination. The process of moving a home with a company means there are more people in and around your home and increases the risk of the viruses spreading. 

The removal people will be wearing masks and gloves. Their vehicle will also be covid clean and safe, but still stay alert. Remember to keep your social distance and refrain from offering drinks to workers. 


Apart from the obvious hygiene concerns when moving your home during covid the process is otherwise fairly straightforward. It's the same as any other move and can be as effective or cumbersome as you make it. With that is mind, save space where possible. 

If you can wrap items in materials you already own it will cut down on the removal space and the costs involved. Glassware and china, for instance, can be wrapped in towels and secured with packing tape. This helps transport more and save on costly packing materials. 

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