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The 10 thing you need to know as a bride to be!

1. No matter how laid back you are you will stress about your/Our Big day.
You will cry over stupid little details and some big details. The wedding will go ahead regardless. If some of the bridesmaids are in different colours of pink. Or the groom's man is so hungover he looks like he will pass out mid-speech. 

2. You will at least once a day say "Why are we doing this again to each other?" and "why didn't we run away and get married"

3. Yes, it is your/our day but secretly its got very little to do with you and it all about others. 

4. You will fall out with some of your family. You can't please everyone all the time and to be honest you should have to. But you will find your self stressing about the silliest things. 

5. There is always one awkward bridesmaid. you cannot please (lucky for me mine in no longer in the wedding). There is a high chance you will lose contact with most of your wedding party in years to come. 

 6. You will obsess about centrepieces, No one will mention your centrepieces. 

7. Your co-workers will be sick of hearing your latest wedding drama.

Oh my gosh, Susan, you will not believe what the caterer just said? Susan gets up to make her 10th coffee in two hours. 

8. You become strangely worried "your song" does not have the wording you would like to be your first dance song. you will obsess about the song and what people will think about it. Can you remember the last wedding you went to and they sang the bride and groom danced to Nope me either? 

9. You will have at least one person who is has a nut/meat vegan allergy. This is the life they will inform you one day before the wedding. Yes, you did ask for any dietary allergy issues on your wedding invite. They just forgot that they can not eat shellfish or they will die. 

10 You will not have seen 80% of your guests in 10 years+. leading to a lot of you thinking "and this is?" aw this is uncle bobs cat sitter who once babysat me when I was 4 how could I forget. 

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