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Getting Your Home Ready To Sell

 You may feel like the list of things you have to get in place in order to sell is never-ending when it comes to selling your home, but like anything else, a little preparation and planning goes a long way in life. However,   it is very important to make sure your house is ready to sell, instead of just sticking it up for sale. It is especially important if you want to sell quickly -  it is worth taking the time to get your house in the best possible place ready to sell.

Most people who are looking to purchase a house do not want one that requires a lot of work. The more inviting and better that your property looks in the brochure or website photos, the more likely it is that people will book a viewing and perhaps go on to make a purchase. It is vital, therefore, to make some effort into getting it looking good. This does not necessarily have to involve redecorating your house top to bottom, or spending a small fortune on staging your home though. No - that cash is much better spent on your new home, whether that is a 5 room HDB in Singapore or a villa in the South of France.

You may feel pretty overwhelmed and perhaps a little flustered by the whole system if you are about to put your house up for sale, so here are some tips for getting your house ready to sell.

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Spend some time decluttering

Perhaps the most critical part of making your house look as nice as possible is decluttering. A cluttered home never feels good, but when you are trying to plan for relocation, even less so. This is a perfect opportunity to get rid of any stuff you have lying around that you no longer need or want if you are thinking of moving soon.

It can also be a good idea to take any excess furniture out of your home, as well as packing up some extra toys and personal items or any items that you can manage without for a little while, so that it looks more spacious and open everywhere, and gives potential buyers the ability to envision their own furniture and belongings in the space. 

It will also help you to save costs too - the fewer things that you have to pack up and take, the cheaper it will be.

Clean up

After you have had a good decluttering session, it is time to give the whole house a thorough clean. We do not mean just run the vacuum around the floors and wipe the counters down, but a proper, deep clean. Make sure the bathroom is sparkling, wipe down every single surface, mop the floors, clean rugs and carpets, make sure that baseboards and kickboards and banisters are free from grubby marks, and so on. If cleaning is not your thing or you do not have the time, hire a professional cleaner - many offer a deep clean or one-off clean as a service.

Tidy up the outdoor area

Even though an outdoor area is one of a house's strongest selling points, it is often the one area that is most ignored and neglected. There are several easy ways to make things look nicer without investing too much, such as adding nice furniture and accessories, some attractive plant pots and ensuring the fences are nicely painted, pruning back any trees and bushes, and all is neat and tidy, Putting a nice outdoor table and chairs on a patio area will encourage potential buyers to imagine sitting outside on a hot, summer night with a glass of wine.

Give all of the rooms a once over

Make a note of everything that still looks a little slipshod and could do with freshen-up while you clean and tidy. It can make such a difference if you give a room a fresh lick of paint, or you might even add some color to a room if it looks a little drab. Adding some color with a lick of paint to every space is something that will always have an immediate effect. Some accessories such as rugs may also be added, for instance, to cover up a carpet that no longer looks its best.

By putting some of these tips into practice, you will take away much of the stress associated with a house move so that you are physically and emotionally prepared for you to move to your new home, wherever that may be.

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