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Investment Ideas to Improve Your Lifestyle


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Everyone wishes they had a bit of extra cash to improve their lifestyle, it might be to upgrade the home or travel to a place you've never been before. Investing your money for this purpose might have crossed your mind but many people are put off by the process of investing. It sometimes seems intimidating or inaccessible. Nothing could be further from the truth. Read on to find out how to make work for you. 

Stock market

The stock market is what most people think of when they think of investing. It's the giant room you see on the news or dramatised in movies. The place with huge boards that say buy and sell, with people shouting indecipherable instructions at one another. 

It might seem like an inaccessible place to start your investment journey, but actually, you only need to understand a few key aspects of it to earn money investing. Read articles on Investopedia for more information and learn about investing from Internet videos. 

Property Investments 

Maybe you have a mortgage for a house you live in, or perhaps you rent, either way, investing in property is an excellent way to build financial security and save for the future. Property investment can be an excellent short or long term investment. 

Search the property market for a house for sale, flat for sale, or bungalow for sale. You don't have to buy the property for yourself, you could be a landlord and earn short term returns as well as profit when the property is finally sold. The simple formula for real estate investment is to buy low and sell high. 


If you want a highly secure long term investment then consider putting your extra money into bonds. Bonds are issued by governments and companies, they are essentially a way of lending a company or government money. What you get in return for this loan is interest payment. 

There are lots of types of bonds to choose from, and you can invest greater or smaller amounts for different returns. Bonds are not entirely free of risk, especially if they are corporate bonds - companies have a greater risk of going under than governments - but in general, they are a very safe way to invest. 

Mutual Funds

A mutual fund is a pool of investors money that is invested in several companies. When you invest in a mutual fund, you contribute to the funds. Mutual funds can be managed in one of two ways: actively or passively. The way the mutual fund is managed determines the levels of return. 

With active investing a mutual fund manager will try to beat the market index by choosing investments that outperform competitors. Conversely, the passive approach simply monitors the market index seeking opportunities to improve returns. Mutual funds carry less risk than stocks and bonds. 

Exchange-Traded Funds

Exchange-traded funds or ETFs are similar to mutual funds, but they are more diversified and better for beginners traders who want to limit their risk. An ETF is a collection of investments that are sold on the stock market. Unlike Mutual Funds, their price fluctuates throughout the day. 

With mutual funds, your return is calculated at the end of each trading day and represents the asset value of your investments. With ETFs the return is likely calculated in real-time and is based on changes in the market index. Since you are trading diversified stocks instead of individual ones, ETF is recommended for beginners. 


Another excellent avenue for beginners investors to get started with is cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency has been waiting in the wings for many years, but only since 2017 did it become an acceptable investment opportunity: acceptable to the major investment institutions that is. Accordingly, one way to enhance your cryptocurrency trading opportunities is by using a trading platform like Libertex - if you would like to learn more about Libertex why not check out this guide to Libertex Bitcoin kaufen (buying Bitcoin via Libertex). 

There are several cryptocoins to choose from and more are emerging all the time. Each coin has its own pros and cons. Some offer high yields while others give you better access and more opportunities. It's best to research the best of the list and identify the one that's right for you. 

Fixed Deposit

If you are committed to investing your money over the long term you will need a strategy that yields the best results. That won't be the interest you receive in your current bank account, which is likely to be minuscule. Instead, opt for a fixed deposit account that offers you more.

If you want to invest you probably have some dormant money resting in your account. Find a high interest fixed deposit account instead. These accounts can be found on or offline. They typically offer high-interest rates and allow you to take a break at any time. 


When you think about investing in a fixed long term asset you probably think about buying real estate, but gold might be the better option. Investing in gold means you always have a secure and dependable asset to rely upon, even when the economy enters a downturn. 

Of course the state of the economy will always influence the price of gold, but it's value will never be completely lost and it will always recover. You can sell your gold assets at any time and you can even borrow money against it from certain banks. 

Blockfi Account

Since conventional bank accounts don't offer much interest for storing your money there, it makes sense to look elsewhere – especially since there are so many other investment opportunities around. A Blockfi account is a type of cryptocurrency account that offers a much higher rate of interest. The interest is around 8.6% as opposed to 0.5% at a traditional bank. The account will store your money as a cryptocurrency but it allows you to change it back quite easily. 

Online Savings Account

In the same way, Blockfi account offers you better interest rates online and an online savings account gives you more options for your money. These accounts are specially designed for storing and saving your money, they help you to accrue better investment over time. As with traditional accounts, your return on investment will depend on the level of funds in your account and the length of time they sit for.

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