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4 Things You Should Never Do Yourself When It Comes To Plumbing

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There are many things that you can do yourself when it comes to plumbing. For example, if you have a backed-up sink or an overflowing toilet, you can clear these issues quickly using a plunger or bucket. In most cases, simple DIY plumbing tasks like these are straightforward enough for any homeowner to complete on their own. But there are also some things you should leave to a qualified plumbing team no matter how easy they appear. If you want your plumbing to last and save money in the long run, avoid doing the following five things yourself.

Replace Your Boiler

The first thing you should never try to do yourself is replacing your boiler. If something is wrong with your boiler, there are many signs that you may notice before it breaks down completely. For example, you may see a decrease in water pressure, an increase in water temperature, or an increase in your energy bill. You may also hear strange noises coming from your boiler’s pipes. Before you get to the point where your boiler breaks down, schedule a professional boiler inspection. If your boiler is over 10 years old, you’ll likely need to replace it. New boilers use much less energy than older models and will help you save money on your energy bills in the long run. If you try replacing your boiler yourself and have any issues, you may have to wait days before a professional can come and help you out. In the meantime, your home will have no hot water or heating.

Install A New Shower Or Bath

Installing a new shower or bathtub is a major plumbing project that should always be completed by a professional. Many homeowners try to save money by doing their plumbing work, but many of these DIY projects can end up costing homeowners much more in the long run. Many critical components go into installing a new bath or shower, including plumbing and wiring. Professionals should handle these two crucial systems so that nothing goes wrong. 

Sewer Or Drain Work

The next thing you should never do yourself is work on your sewer or drain lines. Doing any work on these lines is dangerous and should always be completed by a professional. There are many ways you can injure yourself while working with sewer or drain lines. For example, you may get cut on sharp pieces of metal or shards of broken glass. You may also be exposed to harmful bacteria and germs lurking inside these lines. When you try to do this work on your own, you also increase the risk of causing damage to your home’s structure and foundation. If you try to dig into or break up the soil below your house to access these lines, there’s a chance that you may undermine the structure of your home. 

Replace Your Toilet

Lastly, you should never try to replace your toilet yourself. Toilets are complicated and require a skilled approach to be installed correctly. While you can install a new toilet seat in a matter of minutes, you should never attempt to replace your entire toilet. If you try to do this work on your own and make a mistake, it could result in a big mess, water damage, and a costly repair job. Many parts go into installing a new toilet, including connecting the water supply lines and mounting the toilet bowl to the floor. If you’re not careful when installing a new toilet, you could accidentally break the bowl, crack the toilet’s wax seal, or damage the floor underneath it.

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