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Make Decluttering Easy

Decluttering can feel a little daunting; after all, the more stuff you have - the more you have to declutter. But getting rid of things we don't love or use anymore can make our homes feel more comfortable - and that is a big deal! 

One of the reasons that people choose to declutter is that they want to have a simpler life. With fewer things in your home, you not only have more room, but you have less to clean - and less to tidy too. 

So how can you make decluttering easy and enjoyable? 

Photo by Sarah Brown on Unsplash

Short bursts

Rather than try to slog through 12 hours of solid cleaning and tidying - task yourself with short sharp bursts. Even 5 minutes per day can help you on your way to making the most of your decluttering sessions. 

Using an egg timer or a timer on your mobile phone, you can set short 5 minutes bursts and do as much as you can in a designated room. 

Of course, you won't be able to do everything - but you don't need to. Decluttering is a marathon, not a sprint, so treat it that way. 


Storage can significantly impact how you declutter; if you know you have a lot in the home and most of it you want to sell or donate but don't want to wait to have it moved out of your home - put it in storage. Sell and donate as you go until the unit is clear. 

You can also use storage to keep anything you want to hand down to your children but may not want in your home. 


Clothing takes up a lot of space, and what's worse is that often we don't check what we have before we buy new. Instead, start going through what you already have and what you don't wear so that you can donate it. 

You can also make use of websites like eBay and Facebook Market to sell your old clothes and make some cash. 


If you don't love it or use it - it has to go! It is important that everything in your house belongs there and isn't just there because you couldn't bear to give it away. Ruthlessness is the one thing that can ensure your cleaning and decluttering is easier and faster. 


Many people benefit from having a checklist to work through - it helps them stay on track - but if you overload your checklist, you might find that you have given yourself too much to do. 

A too big checklist can make you feel like you aren't making progress - even when you are. 

Stick with it

Don't give up! It is all too easy to stop decluttering because you miss a day or there seem to be piles of stuff happening around the room, and you just can't seem to work through them. 

Stick with your plan and remind yourself what you will get at the end of it. 

As you're decluttering, you'll be cleaning up too, and here are some ways to make that easier: 5 reasons for cleaning your home with lemon.
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