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5 Interior Design Trends To Look Out For This Summer


Are you looking for the next big interior design trends this summer? Maybe you’re looking to redecorate, to sell your home, or just to take inspiration from what the professionals are doing at the moment. Either way, this article has five of the top interior design trends that you need to know about this summer. 

1. Continue the curves 

Curves and rounded shapes are continuing to be big in the interior design world - think curved edges on large soft sofas, rounded kitchen islands and circular lamps. This trend works throughout the house and gives off a feeling of effortlessly chic comfort. 

2. Open plan 

Open plan living is nothing new - but it’s not going away any time soon this summer. Now’s the time to study the floor plan of your home and make sure that the flow and movement inside your home is perfect. By looking at zoning - finding places to relax, cook, socialize - you can breathe new life into your open plan home. 

3. Appealing organization 

In a world of decluttering Instagrams and organization TikTok, this was bound to translate into our homes. So, one key trend to look out for is visible, attractive organization. It’s a way of displaying your things for beauty and for practicality. This could be open shelving with books ordered by color, or plates stacked in a dresser in a beautiful way. This is definitely a trend you can bring into your home for free, so great if you’re looking to save money. 

4. Dark colors 

Luxury kitchens are now being seen in dark blues, greens, reds and grays. Choosing colors like this adds drama and interest, creating a bold look in the home. While many ignore the kitchen as the place to make an interior design splash, it’s perfect. You could even do this yourself with a tin of paint and some care, so it’s definitely a trend to look out for this summer. 

5. Boho chic 

To immediately give your home a cool, summery feel, you can embrace the boho trend. This means incorporating soft fabrics, adding greenery and lots of natural textures. Retro is in, so look to vintage shops and Etsy to find some pieces that will give that relaxed boho feel that you’re going for. You can use contrasting colors and warm woodwork to set off the whole effect. It gives a room an instant lift for summer 2022. 

5. Get green

Green of all shades is a key summer interior design trend for 2022. The color can bring harmony and calm to rooms, making people feel better and more relaxed. So, embrace this with furniture, wall pants and adding pot plants. What’s great about this trend is that you can stick to your personal style - minimalist, maximalist or something in the middle - and still work with the trend. 

Hopefully, this article has given you some inspiration for this summer. There are so many exciting trends out there to choose from - whatever your budget - so be brave this summer and redecorate! 

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