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Five Ways to Brighten the Office

 There is nothing worse than working in a dark and dreary office space. You want to be able to see what you’re doing, openly engage with others and know what clients can see when they walk into the office. You want to be able to have a bright and airy room to work in and you want your clients to be in a space they feel excited about when they visit your business.

It’s not easy to work in a darkened room and if you can figure out the best ways to brighten up the office, you’re going to spend a lot of time enjoying the space you’re working in. For example, shutters on the outside to help keep the heat in during the winter months can be brightly painted and beautiful to look at. You can also expand the window space so more natural light than ever floods in. Below, we’ve got five ways to brighten the office you work in.

Image source: Pexels

  1. Add as much greenery as possible. You need bright flowers and plants as much as possible in your office if you want to add colour to all of the grey and brown. Desks and office furniture tend to come in dreary colours, but that doesn't mean that you can’t brighten it up as much as possible. You can make it brighter and fresher than ever before with the addition of natural decor. You want hanging plants and bright flowers with short stems to concentrate on the blooms. That’s a good way to brighten your office space.

  2. Add as many colours as possible. The furniture may be bleak, but the chair covers and cushions can be bright. The rugs can be threaded with metallics and different shades of colour, too. It’ll aid productivity and boost your spirits, and it’ll also make your workstations more comfortable. You need your office to reflect your personality as much as your business ethic.

  3. Bring in some art. Adding artwork and pictures to the walls will change the way the office space feels. You can make it look fantastic and have art that inspires everyone that works in your space. There’s no need to worry about whether people will enjoy it - you know they will! 

  4. Give it a makeover. Ask all of your team to brighten up their individual desks with calendars and photo frames, new furniture colours and more. The ornaments you brought from your last vacation can also have a spot on the desks, which will make the entire office feel more inviting and fun!

  5. Move your desk around. Sometimes, brightening up the room means moving your view. Change where you can see when you work, just make sure that you can actually still see your work and ensure that you feel comfortable. There’s no point in moving your desk by the window if the glare of the sun prevents you from seeing the screen, for example! Play around with where you sit and make it work for you!

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