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4 Must-have Features For Your New Home

 4 Must-have Features For Your New Home

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One significant advantage of building a new home is the ability to personalise it to your lifestyle, preferences and needs. There are many home features to consider when planning your dream home. Whatever you include in your home build will stay with you for years, from the layout to design finishes and everything else. For this reason, you might want to add some unique features you won’t find in preowned homes. If you want to maximise your investment and create a truly personal space, here are some must-have features to consider for your new home.

Kitchen finishes

If you have spent some years in the homebuilding industry, you know how crucial kitchens are for living spaces. Considered by many homeowners and industry experts as the heart of the home, it is essential to make it feel you genuinely. You can add a few features to your kitchen based on how you wish to use the area. This includes under-cabinet lighting, a walk-in pantry, integrated garages for your appliances and an oversize island. Choosing suitable finishes can transform your kitchen appeal since some can pair naturally with particular styles and colours to create a unique look and feel.

Smart home technology

With most modern-day homeowners living busy, active lifestyles, it makes sense to simplify your home routines and add convenience to your space. Technological advancement has led to many home automation and security innovations. If you are thinking of some must-haves for your new home, consider some smart-home technologies, including smart door locks and surveillance cameras, smart appliances and lighting options, power outlets with USB charging features, and so on.

A house sign

House numbering has been a successful feature for identifying particular buildings for many decades. Since its first introduction in the 15th century, the system has spread worldwide and proven helpful for mail services. However, the system varies in each country, with the UK installing fanlights on front doors in the 1720s. Presently, house signs aren’t a significant feature in most homes, mainly due to technology making it easier to identify properties.

Yet there are reasons to consider a house sign; as a legal requirement, helpful for emergencies, postal and mail deliveries. Fortunately, house plaques and signs serve their function and add style to your home outdoors.

A mudroom

Building a new home is your opportunity to get everything you wanted in your previous home. However, if you know the pain of walking through the front or garage door without a place to remove your muddy shoes or hang your coat, then you’ll appreciate the need to have a mudroom. Yet mudrooms don’t need to be large or extravagant. A space like the size of your closet with a cubbies wall and bench will prove helpful, especially during snowy or rainy days. A carefully planned mudroom can help prevent home clutter since your sports equipment, muddy shoes, school projects and backpacks won’t be scattered through the entire home.

Additional features can improve your home and increase its value, making it vital to consider. Hopefully, you’ll include these additions for a more sophisticated living space.

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