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5 tips to avoid a 10lb Christmas weight gain

Most people gain weight every Christmas and then regret it in January. Follow these tips to have fun at Christmas and enjoy your food without getting a tum like Santa
The average person puts on between five and ten pounds between November and January and it's pretty easy to put on more if you let yourself feast on all the delights of the season. But who wants to be miserable and diet through Christmas? Follow these tips to have fun without piling on the pounds.

1. Have the right attitude
If you go into Christmas with the idea that you'll just eat everything you possibly can and worry about it in January then you will bitterly regret it when Christmas is over. Decide to enjoy the festive season without going plain silly over all the goodies on offer. Choose the things you particularly like and say no to anything which you're really not bothered about.

2. Eat how much you need
At every meal aim for a comfortable feeling of satisfaction rather than getting to the stage where you need to loosen your waistband. Decide to enjoy your meal AND feel great afterwards. This tip alone will save you hundreds of calories every meal. If you want to try all the courses, have small portions of everything you really want.

3. Keep up your exercise
Don't give up your usual exercise routine over the holidays because it will be hard to get back into it later. If you really can't get to the gym, do a few exercises at home or go out walking. It will not just use up some calories, it will keep you in touch with your desire to stay slim and healthy. Also, keep as active as possible as you go about your day - don't sit about watching the TV specials, nibbling nuts and chocolate.

4. Put it away
If you have lots of extra treats at home "for guests", get them out when people come and put them away when they go home. Out of sight, out of mind will help a little but if those treats do start calling out to you from the cupboard, put a few on a plate and put the rest away so that you are not constantly nibbling from the packet.

5. Peace and goodwill
Try and keep calm over Christmas. As stress levels rise, so does our tendency to eat for comfort. Just remember that you don't have to make Christmas perfect for everyone else while running yourself into the ground. Do the best you can with the time available and then just decide to enjoy it however much you've done. If others have expectations of how Christmas should then get them involved in making it so! Have some (non-food)  treats up your sleeve to enjoy when it all gets a bit too much. It doesn't cost a lot to tuck away a sachet of perfumed bubble bath, a glossy magazine or a novel you've been dying to read. If all else fails call an old friend for a chat rather than eating the fridge empty.

where to travel christmas time

Travelling at Christmas time has its own unique nuances that aren’t usually a concern when travelling at other times of the year. Especially if you are trying to get around with children, it is best to create a comprehensive checklist ranging from worldwide travel insurance to shuttles and even entertainment for the little ones. It is always best to plan ahead and make an attempt at anticipating everyone’s needs while on holiday.

To simplify this seemingly overwhelming task gather your thoughts, create a checklist and even set up reminders for the planning stages of your Christmas adventure.

A Christmas Winter or Summer Wonderland

Shop Off-Season Destinations: Travelling at Christmas time cannot be done on an impulse, especially if you are travelling with children and trying to stick to a budget. However, it can be an ideal time to go to one of those luxurious beach destinations you have always deemed way too expensive! Typical ‘summer holiday’ destinations, such as the Caribbean or The British Virgin Islands, are considered ‘off-season’ destinations despite the fact that the weather and the temperatures are still gloriously sunny and warm. When travelling with children there can never be enough outdoor activities or opportunities to burn off lots of energy, and a sunny beach holiday offers just that.

If the call of tradition and the lure of a winter wonderland cannot be beaten, then there are many colder climes to choose from. Many of these destinations thoroughly embrace the holiday season and will probably fulfil your child’s every dream of what Christmas should be. Although worldwide travel insurance is the best option even if you haven’t decided on the beach or slopes yet, it is even more important to make sure your policy has comprehensive coverage in case of any snow-related falls or accidents. Wintery weather, even from the confines of a warm cabin or chalet, creates a higher probability of problems ranging from injuries to delayed flights.

During the planning stage of your Christmas travel, be sure to address all the logistics issues first. When travelling with children it is imperative that all flights, shuttles and accommodation suit your needs and will not add any additional worries to what should be a fun experience. Make sure your chosen accommodation has any extra equipment you may need, such as a crib or high chair, and that food preferences and requirements can be met.

Prior to jetting off to either sand or snow, be sure to winter-proof your home. Set your home’s thermostat to remain on a low but steady temperature to avoid the possibility of pipes bursting if the weather gets really cold. It can also be wise to leave a key with a neighbour so that they can check in on your home periodically, especially if you are planning on being away for an extended length of time.

Travelling during the Christmas season can be fraught with challenges or purely magical experience. The key to ensuring the latter is in preparing extensively. Arranging everything – from worldwide travel insurance to comfortable accommodation and even gifts to open on Christmas morning – will create that desired ‘holiday feel’ for the whole family.

A Brazilian blowout what you need to know

A Brazilian blowout is gaining extreme popularity since women want smooth silky hair without all the fuss. With this new treatment, you don’t have to be afraid of getting your straight style wet. It’s easy to just wash and blow-dry the hair in minutes instead of hours. Since this process does not make your hair completely bone straight, you can also wear your hair in its textured state – just without all the frizz. Explore how this technique can give you the versatility you’ve been hoping for.

Unlike relaxers, texturizers and perms, this technique allows the hair to go back to its natural state after about three months. This means you won’t have to deal with the awkwardness of two different textures as new hair grows in overtime. For instance, with a perm, as the hair grows out, you’ll have straight hair at the roots and curly hair further down. This can look strange and even make it difficult to style your hair. With a Brazilian blowout, by the time your hair begins to really grow, everything will have washed out. Furthermore, this process doesn’t have all the damaging chemicals, like formaldehyde, that can come with some other techniques.

If you have a couple of hours to spare and approximately £300 to £600, then you can get the Brazilian blowout. Basically, the technique is pretty easy, only requiring clean hair that has been clarified. The stylist will apply the solution and place you under a hairdryer. Once your hair is dry, the stylist will then use a flat iron to help secure the solution into the hair. After this is done, your hair is rinsed, you’ll get a deep conditioning treatment and the stylist blow-dries your hair.

Keep in mind that everyone’s results will vary depending on hair type, texture and length. But for the most part, you’ll have hair that is more manageable than you ever dreamed it could be. You can even wash and go if you want. Rain, wind, snow, even swimming pools are no longer an issue since you don’t have to be concerned with whether or not your hair can stand up against a little humidity or strange weather. If you do get it wet, you can simply restyle it in less than 20 minutes because you won’t have to fight with it anymore. Best of all, if for some reason you feel the Brazilian blowout isn’t for you, you can have your original curls and waves back only after about three months. No need to cut your hair and start over like you would if you had a relaxer.

When getting a Brazilian blowout, be extremely cautious, since similar versions of this process can include the chemical formaldehyde. This can put your health at risk since this chemical can make you feel queasy, cough or damage your skin. In the worst-case scenario, some believe it can cause certain cancers. Be sure to ask for a formaldehyde-free formula to help minimize problems. If a stylist says he or she can safely complete the process using formaldehydeArticle Search, find another stylist. Versatile hair isn’t worth risking your health.

Try before you commit
Why not consider ordering a straight hair wig, These are a way of having the straight hair of your dreams without having any chemical treatments. This will give you the change to find out if you really like this style on you and you are not committed to it as you can easily remove it. This giving you the most flexibility and style options. 

how to straighten your hair

Sleek, shiny and straight hair is eye-catchy isn’t? Straight hair looks cool. It gives a classy look even if your dress is not rocking. It is pretty easy to do and takes less time, so whenever you are in a hurry, or just feel lazy, hair straighter is there at your disposal.

Most girls are aware of straightening tips though, for a professional look, you need a lot of practice. Boys can also be pro at this too. Here are the tips to straighten hair like a pro, and it will work for boys and girls alike.
  • Take shower
Prepare your hair before getting started, hair should be dust-free, clean, and oil-free. Some conditioners and shampoos claim to give straight hair but it is unlikely to give effective results.  Many hairstylists also suggest not changing the shampoo, if it suits you.  It will lead to other problems like hair fall, dandruff, thinning of hair, etc. Still, if you want to try something for it, pick a product that smoothes the hair.  Straightening looks best on smooth hair, on rough hair, frizz will happen.
  • Blow Dry
After washing hair, don’t dry it in a towel as most people do, it will encourage frizz and curls. Lightly dab on hair and use a smooth towel for this purpose, rest leave it for natural drying for a few hours. When hair is half dry, use blow drier on minimum heat, don’t exceed the temperature, it will turn hair brittle.  One pro tip to use a blow drier is, keep the nozzle in a downward direction all the time to avoid frizz. Don’t do the blunder of skipping heat protectant.
  • Wait until hair is extremely dry
Don’t start straightening unless the hair is extremely dry.  There is no use of running a straightener on moisturized hair, frizz will come out. Let the moisture escape from hair completely, till then complete your set up process for straightening. To evaluate the situation, touch strands of your hair, if you hear sizzle then stop for a moment before beginning the process.
  • Use heat Thermal protectant
While straightening, you need to take care of the frizz factor on an extreme level. So stop being lazy and apply a heat protectant. Many hairstylists insist on using hair serum not only to add shine but also to protect hair from damages. Many hairstylists are biased for hair protection, so they will always show you the right path. They will even suggest you avoid heat application if your hair is damaged; such hairstylists are available in a unisex salon.
  • Set the temperature
The setting of temperature depends on the quality of your hair. For fine hair, color-treated, processed hair should stay in the range of 350- 400 degrees. To avoid application repeatedly, maintain a 410 degree. Professionals use 450 degrees, but they are highly trained for managing the temperature. If you are already pro, you can try it but the apt temperature is 350 to 400 for a beginner. Well, you can go for hair straightening anywhere, it’s pretty easy to find. If you want to avoid straightening your hair why not try fashionable straight wigs and this will save you time and you will not cause any damage to your hair. 
  • Final step
Make sections and start the process, for flawless straightening, use flat iron of high quality. Split the hair from the middle to make sections, bring it forward, if your hair is thick, make sections and apply clip. Apply the final product to add shine. If the process is too long for youFeature Articles, go for hair ironing.