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How to cope when you are down.

Life is a funny thing. No matter your situation there are hurdles in life and challenges. I want to talk about how to cope with life when its mentally challenging and the stress can seem overwhelming. I personally suffer from anxiety and depression. I know the feeling of dread and despair. No matter who you are everyone has dark days. It can be difficult to see any light in the world when things start to close in. 

1. Breath. Yes, I know you are thinking. I am breathing. Stop what you are doing. Move to another room and relax. Sit on the floor and concentrate on your breath. Think about the movement of your body. take a deep breath, Really deep. Count to 5 as you exhale. Do this for 10 minutes. This will centre yourself back to the moment. When you are in grips of a panic attack or dark place. Your mind is flooded with every bad thing you have done or said. Breathing gives you a chance to literary catch a breath. 

2. Lie on the floor and listen to a guided meditation. Personally, I just go on youtube and find one that is over 10 minutes long. Feel yourself on the ground. Let your mind go. Just focus on meditation. 

3. Get a note pad and pen. Write down everything that is bothering you. EVERYTHING. ok, it is now on paper. Now I want you to imagine your best friend or partner has come to you with this list. I want you to write down what you would say to them if this list was theirs? You would tell them not to worry you would give them solutions, would you? This can really help you to work through problems. Try it. 

4. Work out. It doesn't matter your size or shape. Working out is a great way to release stress. This is one of the big things in my life that helps me rebalance. I am not saying hit the gym. But do something that makes you happy. Do you like to walk? Do out and walk. Do you like being on a bike? Get a turbo trainer and spin away. I know a lot of the time when I am going through a dark time. I can not leave the house. So I work out at home. Do whatever makes you feel comfortable just move your body. 

5. Talk. Talk to someone. Your partner,  your best friend, your parent. Just talk. Call the doctor and make an appointment if you need help. This is one of the best things I ever did. We are so lucky to live in a world where there is access to amazing mental health help. 

6. Read a book. This can be any book. Ok, maybe not any book but something that helps you to escape your world into the world of the book. There are also many fantastic self-help books out there try one of them. 

I hope you have liked this post. Depression and anxiety is an illness and you will get thought this.  What do you do to feel better?