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Top Ways to Get Your Confidence Back

 Confidence isn't something that comes naturally to everyone. Some people are less confident than others and others choose to work on themselves in new ways so that they can build up that confidence in something they’ve never experienced before. You deserve to feel confident in yourself or in your ability to do something new, and if you want to learn how to do more new things, you need to have courage. Courage helps build confidence, so whether you are looking to be more confident about the way you look or the things you learn, you need to feel as if you can conquer the world.

Self-confidence isn't something that you can build overnight. Sometimes it takes things like weight loss surgery to feel physically confident or signing up for university to feel mentally confident. You can even improve your emotional confidence by surrounding yourself with people who love you. There are plenty of things that can help you to get your confidence back, and we’ve got some of the top ways that you can do it below.

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  1. Take your mind back a bit. When you were young,  you were likely much more confident than you are right now. You might have felt freer, like you had your whole life ahead of you. You might even have thought about giving yourself more recognition for things as a teenager compared to now. Acknowledge the way that you’ve grown as a person since then, sure, but make a point of digging down to that old confidence that you used to have - even if you don't quite feel it! 

  2. Get your friends to help you. Asking your friends to tell you which traits of yours that they admire will really help you. Your friends know you the best, and you need to feel their love most. Ask them what they think of you and they will step forward and tell you it all! 

  3. Keep a file of ‘love’. A place where you keep a note of all the positive things that people say to you is a necessity to keep reminding yourself of how much you are an amazing person. Sometimes you need that pat on the back and if you can keep a record of it you are going to be able to manage your confidence and feel it soar. 

  4. Creating positive mood generators. Affirmations, playlists, there are so many ways that you can create positive mood generation and if you can put together strengthening statements that will tell your brain how well you’re doing, you’re going to feel better. Confidence will grow when you soak all of this up and remind yourself of exactly who you are.

  5. Sleep. Confidence is going to be held by a happy individual and happy individuals are those who can rest well and sleep. Get a good night of rest, and make a point of feeling well with it. You won’t regret taking the time to relax. Sleeping will build your confidence massively!

Five Ways to Brighten the Office

 There is nothing worse than working in a dark and dreary office space. You want to be able to see what you’re doing, openly engage with others and know what clients can see when they walk into the office. You want to be able to have a bright and airy room to work in and you want your clients to be in a space they feel excited about when they visit your business.

It’s not easy to work in a darkened room and if you can figure out the best ways to brighten up the office, you’re going to spend a lot of time enjoying the space you’re working in. For example, shutters on the outside to help keep the heat in during the winter months can be brightly painted and beautiful to look at. You can also expand the window space so more natural light than ever floods in. Below, we’ve got five ways to brighten the office you work in.

Image source: Pexels

  1. Add as much greenery as possible. You need bright flowers and plants as much as possible in your office if you want to add colour to all of the grey and brown. Desks and office furniture tend to come in dreary colours, but that doesn't mean that you can’t brighten it up as much as possible. You can make it brighter and fresher than ever before with the addition of natural decor. You want hanging plants and bright flowers with short stems to concentrate on the blooms. That’s a good way to brighten your office space.

  2. Add as many colours as possible. The furniture may be bleak, but the chair covers and cushions can be bright. The rugs can be threaded with metallics and different shades of colour, too. It’ll aid productivity and boost your spirits, and it’ll also make your workstations more comfortable. You need your office to reflect your personality as much as your business ethic.

  3. Bring in some art. Adding artwork and pictures to the walls will change the way the office space feels. You can make it look fantastic and have art that inspires everyone that works in your space. There’s no need to worry about whether people will enjoy it - you know they will! 

  4. Give it a makeover. Ask all of your team to brighten up their individual desks with calendars and photo frames, new furniture colours and more. The ornaments you brought from your last vacation can also have a spot on the desks, which will make the entire office feel more inviting and fun!

  5. Move your desk around. Sometimes, brightening up the room means moving your view. Change where you can see when you work, just make sure that you can actually still see your work and ensure that you feel comfortable. There’s no point in moving your desk by the window if the glare of the sun prevents you from seeing the screen, for example! Play around with where you sit and make it work for you!

11 Space and Storage Hacks for Small Bedrooms

Small bedrooms are super-cosy, and it’s easy to make them comfortable, but a lack of space and storage makes them challenging to live with.

The problem is particularly evident in boxrooms - where a single bed takes up 50% or more of the floor space.

Unfortunately, most houses don’t have multiple double bedrooms, and our children are usually crammed into small spaces. This is fine when they are young, but as they grow up, it can expose the limitations of your house.

Some adults also have to make do with a small bedroom. The good news is you can make a small bedroom work with a few space and storage hacks.

Here are ten space and storage hacks for small bedrooms:

  1. Measure everything

Every inch and centimetre counts in small bedrooms. Pay special attention to furniture depth because this dimension eats into floor space. We recommend a maximum depth of 45cm for wardrobes and 40cm for chests.

Bed Size Guide.

  1. Store almost everything with an ottoman bed

Ottoman beds have a lift-up mattress base and use the whole underside for storage. You can get high and low beds in various styles, including wooden and sleigh frames, and specify an end or side-opening base to suit your bedroom’s layout.

Pictured: Birlea Phoenix 4FT Small Double Wooden Ottoman Bed – Oak. Available from Bedstar.

  1. Use the back of your door for shoes and coats

Overdoor dressing-grown hangers, shoe organisers, and storage pockets are fantastic for unlocking storage space. However, ensure your door opens almost entirely, or else your entranceway will feel cramped.

  1. Make a wall-mounted dressing space

Mounting a compact dressing table or shelf to a wall with an LED backlit mirror will preserve floor space and give you somewhere to get ready. Put it on a spare wall or behind your bed – anywhere you feel comfortable getting ready.

  1. Get a console table over a dressing table

If you must have a dressing table, get a console table instead – console tables are 20cm to 30cm deep, so they take up less floor space. They are also the perfect height for a mirror, and you can get them in any style to match your décor.

  1. Get a wardrobe with drawers, so you don’t need a chest 

You don’t need a chest of drawers if your wardrobe has drawers. The trick is to measure the width and depth of the wardrobe and go for the widest but slimmest wardrobe you can get so that the drawer doesn’t protrude too much when open.

Free Potted Codiaeum variegatum plant placed near wardrobe in room Stock Photo
Pictured: A wardrobe with concealed drawers is a great space-saving solution.

  1. Use the top of your wardrobe for storage

The top of your wardrobe is perfect for a few plastic storage tubs or cardboard boxes, where you can store sun cream, shorts, other seasonal items, or anything else you like. Just whip the box down when you need something!

  1. Free up floor space with a tall chest of drawers

A tall but narrow chest of drawers will free up floor space while giving you more storage than a broad chest. The best thing about tall chests of drawers is you can stick them in the corner of your room and other odd spaces.

  1. Organise with tiered shelves

Tiered shelves come as a single unit with three or more frames, giving you space for books, games, candles, ornaments, and other bits and bats. Moving these items to a dedicated wall storage space will free up storage in other bedroom areas.

Free Shelves Above a Bed Stock Photo
Pictured: Tiered shelving in the bedroom. 

  1.  Keep things light

Dark colours remove positive energy from spaces and make them appear smaller, while light colours reflect light and create a sense of airiness. Keep things light when decorating and picking furniture to instill a sense of positivity in your bedroom.

Free Photo of Bedroom Stock Photo
Pictured: Light coloured bedrooms give a sense of space

  1. Install downlights for a sense of vertical space

A common problem with bedrooms is they have a light that drops down from the ceiling, which eats into vertical space. You can make your small bedroom appear bigger by replacing your ceiling light with downlights that sit flush.

Preparing To Lease Out A Property

If you are preparing to lease out a property, then you have got to be up to date with absolutely everything concerning the property and what comes with being a landlord. It’s not the easiest thing to do despite what a lot of people think, but if you can get your property and your knowledge up to standard, then it can be a fantastic form of income. In this article, we’re going to be taking a look at some of the things that you should be doing if you are preparing to lease out a property, so keep reading if you would like to find out more.

Pexels CCO License

Know Your Responsibilities
First, it’s important that you understand what you are taking on when you become a landlord. Too many people think that most things are going to be up to the tenant, and this is simply not the case. If something goes wrong with the property such as the water supply, or something with the electrics, then it’s up to you to fix it. Ideally, you should speak with a lawyer to get all of the information that you are going to need, just so that you are fully educated on the matter before you decide to lease out your property.

If your tenant contacts you and tells you that there is a problem, you have got to fix it as soon as you can. If you don’t, they will be able to take you to court for unsafe living conditions if the problem is bad enough.

Improve The Interior
The interior is one of the most important parts of the home, but if it looks like it hasn’t been lived in since the 1980s, or everything is super old, then nobody is going to want to live there. As such, it’s important that you take your time and improve the interior to the best that it can possibly be. You don’t have to do this all on your own though, especially if you are someone who doesn’t have the faintest clue when it comes to interior design. In fact, you can even speak to a luxury interior design specialist who can help you completely change the home.

It might take quite a bit of time before the home is ready to lease, but at least it has a good chance of being rented sooner rather than later. If you put the time and effort in now, you will see the results quicker.

Add Security

Arguably, one of the most important elements that people will consider when choosing a place to live is security. They will want to make sure that a new home will provide the right security standards for both themselves and their family. There are lots of steps that you can take here from adding a CCTV system to improving the locks on the doors.

Complete Repairs
You could also think about completing any repairs on the property before you put it on the market. While this isn’t always a requirement, it will ensure that you can rent out the property for the highest price possible. Don’t forget that you also need to make sure that you are keeping your property safe for potential tenants. If a repair means that your property is dangerous then fixing it should be considered a legal requirement instead of a decision.

Focus On Curb Appeal

Next, you should make sure that you are focusing on adding more curb appeal to the property in question. This will be important to guarantee that you do get the level of attention and interest that you want from people on the market. In terms of the different curb appeal choices, there are lots of options that could be worth exploring. For instance, you might want to think about changing the windows of your home. Simply cleaning the windows can be enough to attract more interest from people looking for the best place to stay.

Hire Support
Finally, it’s important to make sure that you do hire the right support when you are preparing to lease out a property. While it is possible to lease a property without any additional help, this is not recommended. Instead, you should think about using the support of a property manager. They can prepare the property and ensure that it does have everything that a tenant needs. They will also make sure that any fires can be put out quickly before they start causing you massive headaches as a new investor and landlord.

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5 Trips For Planning Your First Cycling Holiday


A cycling holiday is one of the best ways to travel. It affords you a unique perspective on your chosen destination as you’ll be passing through rural villages, unspoilt countryside, and stunning landscapes. It’s a healthy, cheap, and environmentally friendly option, and is a refreshing change of pace compared to bustling tourist hotspots and all-inclusive holiday packages.

But if you’ve never biked long-distance before, you might be worried about the logistics of your trip. To help you avoid any stress, here are five trips for planning your first cycling holiday.
Pick a destination

The great thing about a cycling holiday is that you can do it anywhere. Pick any location in the world and there will be a myriad of cycle paths, traffic-free roads and jaw-dropping scenery to enjoy as you pedal along. Opt for a Sicilian cycling holiday, a South American epic, or just amble along the amazing cycle infrastructure of Belgium or the Netherlands. Once you’ve decided where you want to go, the rest is easy.
Plan a route

Most cycling holidays involve a long journey from A to B, with multiple overnight stops on the way. Decide where you want your trip to start and finish, then plan the most suitable route to join the dots. There are many factors to consider when picking the route. You might want to choose a scenic journey with lots of big climbs and viewpoints, or maybe you want something more low-level with pleasant countryside and lots of cafes and pubs to stop off at. It completely depends on your own personal preferences. It’s important to choose a route with easy transport access to the start and finish to minimize the logistical hurdles. For ultimate ease, you could even plan a cycling tour of your own country starting and finishing at your front door.
Book accommodation

Where are you going to be sleeping each night? After a long day in the saddle, a comfortable bed can seem like the most desirable thing in the world. Pick a route with plenty of affordable hotel accommodation along the way. Make sure you book well in advance to avoid disappointment. If you are after a cheaper trip, or a full wilderness experience, you can stay in campsites or sleep under the stars if you choose.
Get the right equipment

The main thing you’ll need for your trip is a suitable bike. The type of bicycle you pick will depend on the terrain and style of your journey. If you are sticking to tarmac and paved cycle paths then you’ll probably want a road bike suitable for long journeys. But if you are going off-road you might need a gravel or mountain bike. You’ll also need a range of additional equipment, including a helmet, repair kit, panniers, first aid kit, and more.
Book with a tour operator

If this is your first bike trip, you want to minimize the chances of anything going wrong. Booking with a trusted cycle tour operator will take a lot of the stress out of your hands. They will sort out the accommodation, the route, bike maintenance, and your luggage transfer. All you need to do is get on your bike and enjoy your ride.

5 packing essential that you have likely not thought about.

I am about to embark on my first holiday abroad since the pandemic and I have been wracking my brain about what I need. It has been three long years since I went away. For an avid traveller like me, these words are shocking. Yes, I have been hon staycations but I crave further afield adventure and cultures. 

I have never really been a nervous traveller but I am feeling very apprehensive about this trip. I haven't packed in a long time for a proper holiday. Things keep popping into my head that I need to add to my list. Yes, I am a list person. I love a list. I would happily make a list to make a list I am that person. 

So I thought today I would list the items you need to pack that you have probably forgotten all about. 

1. Plugs

This is something I almost forgot. Honesty I woke up the other night thinking oh my gosh I dont have any converter plugs. Now for normal people that would be added to a shopping list but being in the highlands I had to panic buy on amazon and hope they arrive on time. 

2. GPS tracker

Have you watched the news at all? The airports are choices. There are late flights, flights getting cancelled and even worse missing luggage. One of my biggest fears is my bag going missing. I have learned that hard way to not pack valuable in my hauls luggage now but getting to any destination without my clothes makeup and toiletries would be a costly problem for me. 

So I have a solution I have ordered the PAJ EASY Finder 4G This is a very clever little GPS device which I can pop in my suitcase. The PAJ easy finder is cram packed with features. It has 4G to enable a wide worldwide network coverage. The battery will last up to 14 days after one charge on standby mode. It has an emergency SOS button in case you want to use it as a personal alarm too. It is waterproof. You can use it for  GPS tracking of vehicle, people and valuables. 

I love that the PAJ is so simple to use. You just have to connect it to The finder portal by registering it. It is so easy to set up. Then turn it on and you have access to the location of your tracker at all times. You can receive text messages or emails update if you like. It has worldwide tracking making it perfect for travellers like me. It is small and won't take up any room in my case. 

The Paj easy finder gives me complete peace of mind that if my bag goes walk about I will be able to locate it and have it forwarded on to me. It is so simple. 

3. Medication

Your medication. Let's face it most of us are on some form of medication, for example, I have asthma and I have stomach issues which all require daily medication. First things first check the country you are travelling to. Some have very strict policies on certain medications. I always carry a spare inhaler in different bags. I can not live without these meds so If one when missing I would be in big trouble. 

I also make sure that all my medication has the pharmacy label on it. In some countries, you might need a doctor's note for your medication. So make sure to double-check and get this sorted asap. 

4. Money

Now I didn't even think about money. We live in a virtual cash-free society now and I never have cash on me. I only have my card. My husband made a very good point we will need euros as we are going to rural France and just because we are pretty much cash free it does not mean they are. 

I just didn't think about it at all. I am just so used to beep and go. Prepandemic I would have had the euro all sorted by now but I honestly just didn't think about cash. I mean am I that out of touch with travelling that I forgot money? I do have one of those low charges cards that I have topped up but actual cash just didn't enter my head. 

5. E111 or EHIC travel medical card

The E111 travel card is no longer and it has moved to The UK Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC). But if you have an E111 it is valid until the expiry date but it is worth checking if your is still in date. 

Firstly this is not travel insurance! Please get proper travel insurance and make sure you check all the fine print very carefully. There is a lot of company out there and not all of them cover everything. 

The GHIC will get you access to medical help in most EU countries but again it is better to check which country you are going to and what is required. 

The UK Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC) lets you get state healthcare in Europe at a reduced cost or sometimes for free.

If you have a UK European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) it will be valid until the expiry date on the card. Once it expires, you’ll need to apply for a GHIC to replace it.

So please make sure you properly check you have your card and travel insurance. I recommend leaving a copy of your insurance with a friend or family member just insane something bad happen and they would be able to help you out. 

I hope you have enjoyed this post and it has helped you remember some things to pack before you travel. 

Importance of Painting Your Home by Residential Painters

Most homes require a fresh coat of paint or stain every decade or so. Painting your house is a
great way to preserve it from the weather, maintain its aesthetic appeal, and generally have a
better time in it. The problem is that painting a house on your own might take a while. Ladders
are required to reach the second and third floors in any home that is not a rancher. 

Many people are compelled to seek the assistance of a professional from somewhere like one of the painting companies in ohio, which has its own set of difficulties. A thorough investigation into home painters is required, as is the setting up of several interviews and the like.

What's the Best Option: DIY or Professional?

The majority of people think painting is a very simple process. The paint is applied to walls by
dipping a roller or brush into it and rolling it out evenly. Isn't that clear? To a large extent, yes,
that is all there is to say. If you truly want to, you can paint your own house. It's a terrific
opportunity for kids to save some money, get outside, and take satisfaction in their own
accomplishments. However, there are certain benefits to employing a Residential Painters
Brisbane, such as saving time and money. A handful of the most important ones to keep in mind:

Savings in time
Remember that even if you save money by doing it yourself, you'll still have to put in a lot of time.
If you're painting the entire house on your own, it may take you a few weeks! That's a couple
hours of labor each day. Obviously, this depends on the size of your property, but you'd be
amazed how much time it takes to paint a house in your spare time.

Painters spend a lot of time atop high ladders. To get the work done, they often have to climb on
roofs or lean out of windows. Even while 90% of painting is pretty safe, it's the last 10% that
gives moms nightmares. What's the point of doing something yourself when you can easily
outsource it? Because they do this every day, professional painters are experts. They know how
to use a ladder correctly and how to tell when they're exhausted. Because of the stakes, they
arent going to test their own limitations.

It's not difficult to apply paint to a wall with a paintbrush. However, is it possible for just about
anyone to apply paint in a professional manner? What's more essential, do you know how to get
to those hard-to-reach areas and the most crucial elements of your home to paint? Because most
people don't, this is probably the case. Professionals understand the critical importance of details
like the little gaps on underside panelling or the eaves over a door. The more vulnerable your home
is to mould, pests, and other forms of damage, the more money you will spend on repairs. For
this reason, hiring a Painters Brisbane will not only improve the appearance of your home's paint but also safeguard it from damage.

Doing all the work by yourself will save you money in the long run. When it comes to getting the
job is done, a professional can get it done faster and more efficiently, allowing you to focus on other

How to Plan for Your Future in 5 Steps

Do you feel like you’re stuck personally or professionally, with no direction to follow in life?

Maybe you’ve just left school, are wondering which career path to follow, or just need a change of direction. If this sounds like you, it might be a good idea to start exploring to find what’s next for you.

Here are five tips to help you get the most out of your life and secure a future you’ll be proud of.

  1. Start Saving Now

Even just a few pounds a month helps towards funding the project on your mind, whether it’s a new house, a holiday, or a new wardrobe. 

Fostering good saving habits will build a foundation for your future. 

If you’ve never had a savings account before, now is a good time to set one up. You can use websites like MoneySupermarket to compare interest rates on different savings accounts to make sure you’re getting the best deal for your money.

  1. Travel

Learning about different cultures will transform you into a well-rounded individual and will help you bring experience to the table in your career. 

If your travel documentation allows, try and find some informal work while you’re moving around. This can only boost your employability and give you experience to put on your CV.

Websites such as HostelWorld can help you find ideas for informal work on the move so you can make the most of your travel experience.

  1. Get Online with A Degree

Investing in your higher education is a great way to plan for your future. Whether it’s learning a new skill, or preparing for a new career, universities like ARU carry a variety of courses to further your existing education and help you take the next step towards achieving something new. 

  1. Create a Bucket List

Create a list of desirable things you want to achieve. Your goals don’t have to be extravagant! Your list could include visiting a specific country, trying a certain food, or accomplishing a career goal. 

This will give you baseline targets to work towards, and you can then begin establishing a more detailed plan to help you get to your end destination.

  1.  Review Your Progress Over the Last Few Years

As the saying goes, your only competition is your previous self.

Take some time to check in with your personal and professional progress over the last few years.
If you’re feeling stuck, and have been for a few years, maybe now is the time to make a brave jump onto the next thing. Or maybe you made a big jump a few years ago and feel that now is the time to slow down and concentrate on your wellbeing rather than plan any other big life events. Open banking and revenue based loans can offer valuable insights and financial support to navigate these transitions, ensuring a well-informed and stable approach to your next steps.

Whatever the outcome, checking in with yourself can provide you with some healthy insight into how you cope with both positive and negative change, and give you targets for areas to improve.

What steps are you taking to plan for the future? Leave your answer in the comments below!

Why Women Should Really Consider Playing Rugby


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Rugby is one of the most physical sports on the planet. It evokes images of 20-stone men hurling their bodies at each other on a muddy field, somewhere in the Midlands. 

But now more women are getting into it, too. And they’re loving it. It’s not just a way to get fit (although that’s definitely a part of it). It’s also a lifestyle tool, something that changes the way you live.

So what are the benefits of women playing rugby? Let’s take a look. 

The Social Life

All sports offer a rich social life, but rugby is arguably among the best. Here, you often find unpretentious, down-to-Earth people who just want to get on with life. Many women find rugby teams highly inclusive and feel well looked after whenever they play with them. 

Many of the friendships you’ll make with your teammates are unbreakable. Once you work together to achieve victory on the pitch, it helps you forge bonds that last a lifetime. 

In rugby, women also become friends with players on opposing teams. It’s not uncommon for players to share a drink or two after the match in the clubhouse to celebrate success or failure on the pitch. Everyone in rugby is magnanimous.

It’s Safer Than People Think

While the media likes to publish stories on brain damage and concussions from rugby, the sport is considerably safer today. For instance, there have been significant changes to scrum laws to reduce the risk of head injury. Furthermore, new guidelines encourage players to lift during tackles, helping to reduce shock on the body. As a consequence, serious injuries from the sport are declining, and the number of women participating is going up. 

It’s Stylish

Believe it or not, rugby is also becoming increasingly stylish. You can now go to a

rugby team kits online designer and ask them to create something bespoke for you. This way, you can have the perfect kit and look great at the same time. 

You Get A Workout

You can work out on a stationary bike or treadmill in the gym, but it can be a dull, uninspiring experience. Mostly, you’re just watching the clock, hoping for it to be over soon. 

But when you play rugby, it’s a different story. You are watching the clock, but only because you want more time on the pitch. Playing a game of rugby is fun because you have a goal. It’s competitive but not repetitive.

It Gives You More Self Confidence

It’s amazing how much self-confidence you can gain when you push the limits of what your body is able to do. When you play rugby, you quickly discover that you are much more capable than you think. 

This sense of confidence then affects every other area of your life. You find yourself entertaining greater achievement elsewhere, not just on the pitch. 

It’ll Grow Your Legs

Lastly, rugby has the ability to give you some of the most fearsome legs you’ve ever seen. Your quads and hamstrings will grow like never before. 

Your Birth Plan – 3 Things to Include

 Now that you are expecting a little bundle of joy it’s time to start making your birth plan. Whether you are a veteran or a brand-new parent, having a birth plan can make a huge difference in how the whole event runs.

You can make this document as big or small as you like, but if you aren’t sure what would be good to include, we have some tips for you.

Curious? Read on.

Medical Information

Right up front, this one might sound odd as if you choose to give birth in a hospital then they are likely to have your medical records already there. However, should plans change or you decided to have a home birth having some of the important medical information right there for you, your birth partner/s or midwife to grab can save trouble later.

Allergies, especially if they are to certain types of medication, are an excellent thing to list out. This also plays in nicely to your choice of pain medications. If you want pain meds, firstly say so and secondly have some preferences or ones that you can have listed down. If you are choosing to go as natural as you can but might change your mind, mark that down. This is your birth journey, and your doctor and nurses can make suggestions but it is up to you.

Within this section, you can also list what you want to do with your after birth. If you want to keep it, say so. If you have arranged for it to be privately stored, then obviously let your midwife and doctor know but also note it down somewhere for reference. Just let people know what you are doing so that you can have as smooth a journey as possible.

People in the Room

Once again this is your birth journey so you can dictate who you want there and who you don’t. Medical staff will be in out but have your primary doctor’s name, your midwife and or doula’s name noted down and your birth partner.

After that, you can state the terms of who can be where. For example, if you want your partner and mother to keep swapping out or to with you the whole time then make it happen. On the flip side if you don’t want visitors at all during or for some time after your baby is born, have that noted.

For some people having everyone around them is the perfect thing while some people would prefer minimal interference from family and friends. Don’t feel bad either way but have it on paper.

The Environment

This one may have some influence from the limitations of your hospital but it is a great idea to maybe try and create a pleasing environment for you. Dimmed lights? Quiet? Music? Do you want to be told everything as it happens or would you rather just be updated once in a while?

This is your chance to create your ideal environment. Your birth plan, your rules.

Kitchen Trends For 2022 You’ll Want to Use Now


Photo by StockSnap on Pixabay

Are you thinking about updating your kitchen? Is your old kitchen just not making you excited anymore? Maybe you want to get into cooking, but your kitchen is too cluttered or small to allow you to do so. Whatever makes you fancy a change, a great place to find ideas on the best changes to make is to look at the year's trends. After all, things tend to be popular for a reason. Read on to find the kitchen trends for 2022 that you can implement into your home. 

Curved edges

2022 has seen a trend towards softer shapes in the kitchen. Whether this is a curved countertop or round tables, kitchens in 2022 are all about the curved edge. A curved breakfast bar or table is more sociable, as people don’t get cut off from one another by the corners.

These softer shapes are more elegant and give a level of sophistication to a kitchen. It also helps that it makes kitchens a bit more child-friendly. 

Open shelves 

Open shelves have been around for a while, but they've seen a boom in popularity in this past year. Open shelves allow you to see all your plates, crockery, and pans, rather than hiding them away in cupboards. They become sort of like decorations for your kitchen. It makes the room feel busy in a way that doesn’t take up space and can lead to some pretty cool colour combos in your kitchen. 

If you want to make them really trendy, add LED strip lights under or above them to highlight the decor offered by floating shelves. If these are above your countertops, the LED lights will work doubly to provide excellent light for when you’re cooking at night. 

Create a pantry 

Pantries are in for 2022. Pantries offer you multiple kinds of storage for things in your kitchen. If you have a tiny kitchen or a kitchen that often gets cluttered, incorporating a pantry is the way to go. You can store all the usual things (dried foods and tins), but you can also keep any appliances or gadgets that you don’t use every day. This way, you’ve got free counter and cupboard space. Plus, having a pantry is a pretty cool thing to show off!

Multipurpose islands

Islands are another thing that has been around for a long time but have burst in popularity over the past year. Islands offer up extra counter space, as well as another place to eat as a family, group of friends, or individual.

The difference with this year’s islands is that they often have multiple uses. 2022 islands have loads of storage space and sometimes also contain a sink (you’ll need to call a local plumbing company for this one). Some homeowners are creating their kitchen islands to be a bridge between the kitchen and the living room in open-plan homes. They have managed this by using some storage space for everyday things, like their kids' homework and books for school, or even their own work papers. This way, islands are used as a working space but close enough to the kitchen to grab some water or a snack to keep work going.