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Important Milestones to Hit in Life to Know the Real You

Important Milestones to Hit in Life to Know the Real You 
Life is a roller-coaster ride. It oscillates between ups and downs. Some of the highs and lows are truly significant and help you learn more about yourself and life in general. These milestone moments would almost always facilitate your growth or change you as a person. The following are some of the major milestones in life.

Falling in Love
Falling in love perhaps is the closest you could get to the “heaven on earth” feeling. The sense of contentment you experience upon meeting that special person cannot be explained in words. Almost every human falls in love. It’s a feeling that you are not supposed to seek actively. You fall in love as life progresses. If you are yet to experience this feeling, rest assured your time will come.

A Broken Heart
A love relationship coming to an end can be the exact opposite of what it feels like when you fall in love. These moments are so excruciatingly painful that some just don’t live through to tell the tale. If you’ve had your heart broken for the first time, you may feel like the entire world has drawn its curtains on you. But remember, with time, everything would be alright. Nothing heals a wound better than time. Therefore, don’t waste time fixing your broken relationship. Instead, spend that period on yourself and focus on self-actualisation and reinforce your core values.

Realising Your Passion
The day you know what you want to do in life is the day you find true purpose in life. You cannot force yourself to discover your passion. Like most significant things in life, you accidentally come to know about your passion. Knowing your passion is considered a milestone because most people are yet to find one for themselves. Some people, for instance, are into music, teaching, writing, cooking, gaming and sports. They dilly-dally and waste their time not doing anything concrete.

Losing a Friend
Losing a close friend and realising that the person is most likely never coming back pushes you against the wall and makes you reassess the human in you. It makes you think about whether you are a good friend or person. If not, the experience would help you turn into one. Learning to be a great friend is critical. Once things fall into place, the old friend could possibly make a return.

Getting Your Dream Job
Landing the job of your dreams is bigger than getting your first proper job or even graduating. Upon achieving this milestone, you would feel like having hit a certain high. You would feel extremely proud of yourself and also feel like pampering yourself. If so, consider gifting yourself a luxury watch. It would not just make you feel happy and confident, but the watch would also be a great investment tool – particularly if the watch is a Patek Philippe. Discover Patek Philippe at CHRONEXT.