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Products To Help You Get A Better Nights Sleep

 The importance of getting a good nights sleep shouldn’t be underestimated. Not having enough sleep can affect your mental health, your physical health and of course your mood and productivity. That said, getting that all-important eight hour is often easier said than done. While no one can wave a magic wand and make sleep happen there are some products, beyond the perfect mattress that can contribute to improving your night's sleep, and here are some of them. 

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Is noise keeping you awake? Are your significant others snoring or noisy neighbourhoods preventing your from getting a quiet night’s sleep? So much so that your average pair of earplugs just aren’t doing the job? If earplugs have tried and failed then earbuds may just do the job. Quieton earbuds are said to be the smallest earbuds on the market that fit neatly into the ear so are not uncomfortable when sleeping. They are also noise-cancelling and will help you to get that quiet atmosphere you so desire. 

Sleep Lights 

There are a number of sleep lighting products available that are said to create the perfect atmosphere to help you drift off into a blissful slumber. The latest sleep light on the market projects a low-level blue light onto the ceiling and is combined with a guided breathing technique that helps users to steady up their thought process and to fall to sleep in as little as eight minutes. 


If it's not noisy neighbours or intrusive thoughts keeping you awake at night but your much loved new addition to the family re-consider your sleeping arrangements. While newborns are not expected to sleep and are notorious for confusing day and night to feed there are steps you can take to make the nights that bit easier and maybe even promote a bit extra sleep. A bedside crib provides a great alternative to the Moses basket that gives your baby the comfort of being next to you without the added worry of co-sleeping, this alone can help improve your night's sleep. It also means you don’t have to get out of bed to tend to your waking infant. 


Electric diffusers come in many shapes and sizes and with many benefits and what is more, there are some which are primarily designed with facilitating the perfect sleep conditions in mind. These diffusers come complete with mood lighting, oils designed to promote a good nights sleep and a built-in humidifier to purify the air. 

What not to use

Worthy of an honourable mention are those products that do not enable a good nights sleep. One of the best ways to improve your sleep quality and how quickly you can get to sleep in the first place is to put down your smartphone or device at least 60 minutes before going to bed. The blue light emitted from your phone can help stimulate the brain and keep you awake at night and scrolling social media or the news just before bed can increase your awakeness. Whatever you have just seen, watched or read can play on your mind and will be counterproductive for ensuring perfect sleep conditions. So be sure to put that device down.

Add A Hint Of Luxury To Your Home With These Tips


Designing the perfect home involves plenty of different considerations, from interior design to cleaning and maintenance. When you’re improving your home it’s also important to think about home security. To ensure that your home is both safe and secure, take on board these five steps.

1 . A home security system

A home security system offers various electronic components to protect property. One of the most important elements of a home security system is a security camera. Smart security cameras are linked to wifi, these cameras livestream footage, and send notifications if they sense movement. Some security cameras include night vision and advanced audio features. High-end cameras can be integrated with tools like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

Home security systems also incorporate alarms, various types of alarms can help you to secure your property. Putting the right security measures in place will help to feel more comfortable and safe.

2. Upgrade your windows 

If you’re keen to make your home more safe and secure it’s a good idea to upgrade your windows. Triple glazed windows are more secure than single pane, or double glazed windows. Not only will these windows make your home more secure, but they’ll also boost your curb appeal. When you upgrade your windows you’ll also create a more eco-friendly property, and reduce your energy bills. You might also like to consider ‘shatterproof’ windows, these windows are not unbreakable, however, they do offer extra security protection.

3. Improve your locks

Upgrading your locks is one of the easiest ways to improve your home security. Smart locks are all the rage right now, the great thing about smart locks is that you don’t need a physical key. To open your door you simply use your smartphone, a key fob, or a numeric code.

If you want to improve the entry of your door, add a deadbolt to your existing lock. There are two different types of deadbolts, single cylinder, and double cylinder. The double cylinder provides an additional layer of security. To learn more about upgrading your door locks, contact your local locksmith service. Your locksmith will be able to help you with a number of services including repairs, installations, upgrades and emergency support.

4. Protect your wi-fi network

To keep your home secure, you’ll also need to protect your wi-fi network. There are various ways that you can do this including:

  • Ensure that wireless encryption is turned on.

  • Consider using a VPN.

  • Keep your router software up to date.

  • Install firewalls for added security.

5. Check your alarms 

Lastly, you must check your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms. You should test these at least once a month. Performing these tests will give you peace of mind, and make sure that your home is safe and secure. 

With the help of these five steps, you’ll soon improve the safety and security of your home. To feel comfortable and at ease, it’s important to create a secure space.

Coffee Shop Industry Trends to Watch in 2021

In recent years, people have spent far less time in coffee shops than they would probably like to. It’s been almost impossible as we have gone in and out of lockdowns, and stores have been regularly closed throughout the pandemic. 

But we love our coffee, and it’s going to take more than that to kill the high street coffee shop. In 2021, expect the industry to continue to adapt and enhance customer experience, plus make people feel safer in their shops.

Continued focus on social distancing and cleanliness

Starting with the obvious aspect that has become a priority for virtually every business. People aren’t going to risk their health to get their daily caffeine dose, and if they feel like a coffee shop is not doing their bit to keep everyone socially distanced and to keep things clean, they’re likely to just go to the next coffee shop.

A recent report on the impact of coronavirus on the coffee industry had some interesting findings, as loads of people made the decision to stay away. All that coffee shops can do is make sure their store is clean and encourage everyone to follow restrictions.


Another way people can feel safer when they are going to get their coffee is if they never have to leave their car. A lot of the big coffee chains have already embraced drive-throughs so people can pick up a drink while they are on the road. We expect a lot of other coffee shops to do a sort of “drive-through” service.

Coffee shops may also experiment with how they serve, as people feel more confident out in the open air, so serving hatches could be a popular way to give people their fix of coffee while minimizing mixing.

A focus on health

People are becoming more and more aware of their health. In a post-covid world, people realise that being in bad shape can have a negative impact and increase the risk of a lot of diseases. Many coffee companies have come in for criticism for making certain types of drinks, including frappes, that have huge calorie counts.

But coffee can be healthy, and even boost weight loss, so expect to see a number of coffee shops focusing on healthy, zero-calories solutions. What’s wrong with a black Americano after all? 

New and exciting flavours

It can feel like there’s a coffee shop on every corner, and they all need to find a way to outdo each other. What’s so special about one coffee shop when compared to another? Well, one way in which people can differentiate their offering is to stock new and exciting flavours, and some coffee shops are experimenting with new types of coffee, and even varieties from all over the world. Coffee alternatives like matcha has been growing in popularity too and are a welcome alternative to coffee. 

People love the idea that they can really get excited about coffee. Gone are the days where everyone was pretty happy with a cup of boring instant coffee. While instant may still have its place, you’re not going to be the talk of the coffee community unless you can offer consistently delicious and interesting drinks.

Supporting local

Another knock-on effect of these uncertain times is the fact that a lot of people have started to realise what they are risking if they don’t support the locals. Chain coffee shops serve a purpose, but we all have that little independent spot that we love to go and drink a beautiful coffee and chat, or enjoy a book.

People know that small businesses have struggled, and those that have survived on the high street will need support. The huge chains will survive, but if we don’t make a point of visiting our local independent then there is every chance they won’t be there. And it’s the little independent stores where you often find some of the best communities and most interesting coffees.

Subscriptions and loyalty schemes

We live in an age where you can get virtually anything on a subscription. We’re used to paying a monthly fee to go to the gym, the cinema, or even for gourmet meals. So what about coffee?

Pret a Manger seems to have set the precedent here, offering a subscription service where you can get up to five coffees a day for a flat monthly membership fee. It remains to be seen whether this is a smart business move, but it makes sense that people will keep coming back and may even buy their lunch there as a result. Don’t be surprised if you see other coffee businesses starting to offer a similar membership. If not, there’s every chance that more coffee shops will offer a loyalty scheme. It’s a competitive business, and even offering someone every fifth coffee for free might ensure they come to you time and time again.


Every industry is facing its own set of challenges in 2021, but the coffee shop industry seems one of the best-equipped to roll with the punches, plus we all love our coffee, right?

Furniture Styles That Add Fab To Your Pad


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If it’s time to redesign your pad, why not go the extra mile and add some fab to it while you’re at it? Interior design styles are always changing, which is good news as well as bad. It’s good news because there’s always something new for you to work with; the bad news is that you have to work a bit harder to keep up with the Jones’s. Here are some of the latest design trends. 

Eclectic Designs 

Some people swear by matching interior design styles; everything must equally complement and contrast. But there’s another school of thought emerging that’s based around mismatched styles - this is known as eclecticism, and it’s the latest trend to look out for in interior design.

While the thought of mismatching furniture makes some people cringe, it’s uplifting to others. Mismatched furniture emphasizes the creative spirit and creates a beautiful, lively, and interesting living space that can be easily updated and redesigned. It’s the essence of fab! 

Nature Integration 

The mindfulness and yoga movements that have matured in our culture over the past decade have also influenced our interior design choices. So not only are people going for more space and minimalism, but they are also going for nature integration, bringing nature into the home. 

Nature integration is exactly what it sounds like; more plants and animals in the home add interest and oxygenate the air. In terms of furniture, you will notice homes with chairs and tables made from natural materials that blend effortlessly with nature around the home.   

Unusual Materials 

Similar to mismatched furniture items, unusual materials and two-tone furniture is growing in popularity. Expect to see design styles that combine metal with fabric and glass with wood. At first, this might seem a bit discordant, but in a way, that’s the point; it’s time to stand out. 

Furniture made from unusual materials is a new aesthetic; for that reason, there will always be those who stand against it and don’t see its qualities. Then there are those who only see its qualities or those willing to take a risk. Will the risk pay off? Only time will tell.   

Fabric Furniture 

Sofas are normally made from leather, faux leather, or synthetic. So you have to rewind the clock slightly if you want to find a fabric sofa, perhaps back to the 1980s or 1990s. But as with all good things, fabric sofas are making a comeback; this time, they are more stylish. 

Not only are sofas becoming fabric again they are also changing forms to accommodate different living styles and comfort styles. For example, a sofa chair is a type of sofa that works as a comfy chair for two people, perfect for cosy nights watching the best Netflix TV shows.   

Antiquated Styles

Kickback styles are all the rage these days, but so too are antiquated styles. Antiquated styles are a throwback to the Victorian and Edwardian ages, with a bit of an update, of course. Expect to find ornate wardrobes, dressing tables, large mirrors, and stylish sitting chairs in the corner.  

Win A homeware upgrade package worth over £600 from Arca plus £400 in cash!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas everywhere you go. It is getting colder and the days are getting shorter and there is one thing for sure Christmas is coming and we need to all get ready for the day. Is it just me or is there always 100 things to do on the run-up to Christmas. I feel like I am preparing for half the year for the one-day event. This year I am hopeful we will all get back to a more normal Christmas and be able to spend it with friends and family and share all the Christmas joy we are used to. 

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Date Night Ideas for the West Village

Date Night Ideas for the West Village

In Lower Manhattan, the West Village is a neighborhood in Greenwich Village. Located along the banks of the Hudson River across from New Jersey, the West Village is full of trendy restaurants, designer stores, arts, theaters, and historic sites. Within a short walk, you can find large attractions like the Empire State Building.

Date night is important no matter where you are so don’t just skip it because you are in a different city. Especially when you are in the West Village where there are so many places to see and things to do. But first, you will need to find the nearest suitcase storage facility in West Village to leave your bags for safekeeping.

Go for a Walk

The cobblestone streets of the West Village and lack of office buildings give the community a friendly and carefree vibe and you will see many people strolling along the streets hand in hand just enjoying the view. Whether you and your significant other want to shop, eat, or just walk, this is the place to do it.

Hudson River Park can provide you with activities to keep you busy all night. The 550-acre space along the river is packed with sports fields, 30+ piers, and a five-mile trail. Chelsea Piers Complex boasts golf, skating, rock climbing, and kayak rentals. Other piers feature a carousel, gardens, and a variety of shops.

New York’s West Village Food Tour

While you are in the West Village, why not try some of the most iconic eateries? Let one of the locals take you and your honey on a food tour where you can see interesting and historic places while sampling food and drinks at favorite eateries along the way. It will be the best three hours you spend in the city.

Start at Bleecker Street and enjoy six food tastings while learning about the village from a longtime resident. Some of the favorite spots along the way include Washington Square Park, Molly’s Cupcakes, and the Friends building where the 1990s television show was filmed. Bring your camera for this one.

Wining and Dining

If you would rather choose your own food, the West Village has an awesome selection of eateries. For a formal meal, try Anton’s where you will eat in a Greek-style room with vintage tableware and vibrant florals. Their specialties are strip steak Lorenz with melted onions, roasted heritage chicken, and sea bass with black butter.

If you want a casual meal and enjoy southwestern-style food, try Cowgirl NYC for Pablo’s chicken tortilla soup or Jamie’s taco de carnitas. Or you can grab some sushi at Sushi on Jones and go to Magnolia Bakery for some delicious desserts like cupcakes, cookies, or their famous banana pudding.

Gain Some Culture

West Village may be small, but it is packed with culture. One of the best ways to see gorgeous works of art is to visit the Rubin Museum of Art. They feature exhibits from China, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and India with pieces like textiles, masks, sculptures, and paintings.

The Center for Architecture is also an interesting spot, especially if you are a fan of architecture. The center features both old and new examples of extraordinary buildings in New York and around the world. Stop by St. Luke’s in the Fields Secret Garden while you are nearby and see some of the local flora.

Pay Tribute to 9/11

Be sure to stop and see some of the artifacts and images from the 9/11 World Trade Center site. The 9/11 Ground Zero Museum Workshop features 100s of items from the tragic day with photos and stories that are geared more toward the heroism and lives saved than it is about the tragic losses.

Stop by the FDNY Memorial Wall and see the names of the 343 brave firefighters who lost their lives trying to save others on that fateful day. Located at Engine 10 Ladder 10 Firehouse across from the World Trade Center site, it is truly a touching sight to see where you can pay your respects.

Hit the Highlights

If you have never been, be sure to visit the Empire State Building, which is the most famous building in the world. Check out the New York skyline from the 86th or 102nd floor where you can see five different states besides New York including Delaware, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.

Or you can take your sweetie up to the One World Observatory where you can walk on the Sky Portal. Stand on a glass floor and see the city 100 stories below your feet. The elevator ride to the top is a thrill that only takes 47 seconds! Talk to the tour ambassadors to learn more about NYC while you are there.

Get the Grand Tour

If you want to see more but don’t want to walk too far, take a tour on The Ride. This unique interactive experience where the hosts will entertain you while showing you the highlights of the city. Take this 75-minute ride on one of the fancy motor coaches with floor-to-ceiling windows so you don’t miss anything.

Big Bus Tours is another fantastic journey you can enjoy both on and off the bus. They will take you to the major attractions like the Brooklyn Bridge and the Empire State Building where you can get off to explore more and hop back on anytime you want at any of their many stops. That’s why they call it the Hop On Hop Off Bus.

No matter where you spend your date night, enjoy your visit to the West Village and don’t forget to grab some souvenirs. You should record the memories with photos that you can share on your social media sites like Instagram and Facebook.

The Basic Set Of Tools Every Woman Should Own

 Most tools are marketed towards men. It’s also an unfortunate truth that a lot of women feel that they are taken advantage of by the maintenance and repair industry due to a perceived lack of knowledge. Many women don’t feel able to tackle their own household maintenance and DIY projects. There’s no reason women should be less capable of doing basic DIY or making small repairs around their homes. The first step is to own a basic set of tools.

Image - free for commercial use

A Toolbox

Before you start buying tools and deciding to order Famag products, you need somewhere to store them. When you set up your work station to tackle hanging that shelf, you won’t want to have to search for the tools you need. If you don’t have much spare storage space, think about where you will store your tools and buy the right shaped box. 


Hammers are useful to putting nails into the wall and assembling furniture, and you can’t really meet their purpose with anything else. Avoid plastic handles, as these can easily separate from the head of the hammer. You want a hammer that has a curved claw back for removing nails. A 16-ounce head weight is suitable for most household projects. This heavy enough to get the job done but so heavy that it’s awkward to use. 

Assorted Fastener Kit

Before you start on the DIY projects, you will probably be mostly using your tools to hang picture frames, mirrors, shelves, and other decor. To do that, you will need a range of nails, picture-hanging hardware, screws, and wall anchors. A variety set is an easy option to keep you well-stocked for whatever projects you need. 

Screwdriver Set

Another essential that you are bound to use a lot is a screwdriver. You should have one Philips head, and one slotted or flat-head screwdriver. A variety set is a good idea, as it gives you some flexibility for different screws. Most household projects won’t require heavy-duty screwdrivers, so you don’t need to spend much. 

Tape Measure

Whether you’re measuring the space you have for your dining table or making sure the frames on your gallery wall are properly spaced out, a tape measure is a useful thing to have. Eyeballing measurements will only lead to frustration, especially if you need to redo something or return something that doesn’t fit. 

Set Of Pliers

Some people aren’t sure how to use pliers, but they can be very useful for accomplishing all sorts of tasks. Pliers are often used when bending and cutting wire, and they’re also great for gripping and bending other things too. A simple set of pliers is useful. Look for a set with slip-joint pliers that can be adjusted to the size of whatever you’re gripping, diagonal-cutting pliers that will grip and cut wire, and needle-nose pliers that are useful for gripping and bending things that you can’t reach. Needle-nose pliers are also useful for repairing jewelery. A basic set saves you from having to buy what you need later on for specific jobs.

REAL Kombucha is this the best non-alcoholic wine alternative?

Something you might not know about me is I really drink alcohol. Some people find this quite shocking and strange. I have had so many questions about this over the years in a social setting. I have people approach this in nice ways and when people ask me if I am a recovering alcoholic. I just don't really drink alcohol. I guess there are a few reasons. I am into health and fitness and I like to keep on top of what goes into my body. Due to my anxiety, I like to remain in control in situations I am unsure of. I also can not deal with hangovers and I get them so bad. I have to write of days to drinking a few too many drinks and I like to be as productive as I can be. 

Some people just don't understand that a young person like me doesn't drink much alcohol. I can hand on hearsay to the doctor when they ask how many units of alcohol do you drink none. But saying that I am finding more of my friends are going alcohol-free too or at least having more alcohol-free months than normal. 

Now, this does not mean I am teetotal I do enjoy the odd champers with friends. But I do not need alcohol to have a good time. I am quite happy to have a non-alcoholic drink. Years ago this would have to be soda water and lime or something equally as boring but thank goodness the world is changing and there are now fun alternatives to wines. Today we are going to talk about my new favourite REAL Kombucha

REAL Kombucha 

The founder David and I appear to be kindred spirits in our alcohol-free journey. I am always looking for non-alcohol versions of drinks like wine. I just don't need the alcohol but I want something a bit special and that goes well with a nice meal. I am also always looking for drinks that have low calories and are lower in sugar. REAL Kombucha is also vegan so it is suitable for everyone. 

What is Kombucha? 

Kombucha is a mildly fizzy, fermented drink made from sweetened tea. It has many benefits to your health. It is actually really good for digestion and to help with nausea, stomach cramps and heartburn. It is said to have probiotic properties,  relieve stomach acidity and detoxify the digestive system. It has been drunk for years in Asia. It should be served chilled and in the perfect glass

So how do REAL make theirs drinks? 

I will let them explain as I am no expert. 
Fermentation of tea has been around for thousands of years, just as fermentation of grapes to make wines. But whereas winemakers have perfected their art to giddy heights, tea fermentation has typically been a homebrew.

Until now.
We have worked closely with winemakers, champagne makers, beer brewers and microbiologists around the world to perfect both art and science to produce the best tea fermentation in the world. Detailed microbiology, DNA testing, chemical analysis are all used to perfect our brews. 
Yeasts work on the unique compounds in the teas to produce fruity, spicey, floral and aromatic compounds that blend with the acids and delicate sweetness to give perfect balance to the drinks

Which REAL Kombucha have I tried? 

REAL Limited Edition, Iron Goddess
Well, this is a lovely little drink and I get its goddess name. It is amber in colour and has been produced as a seasonal special there are only 1000 bottles of this one. If you want one your better grab it now. This is delicious and I really like the delicate richness of the flavour. 

What REAL says about Iron Goddess
Grown in the mountainous region of Fujian province, the exquisite Chinese loose-leaf ‘Tie Guan Yin’ tea, which translates to Iron Goddess of Mercy, is a lightly oxidised oolong tea and one of the most prized teas around the world. Harvested in Autumn, in its original state the golden tea is full and balanced, with a sweet, long-lasting finish, a velvety texture and hints of stone fruits, caramel and toast with a slightly minerally undertone.

Fermented in stainless steel tanks for over four weeks resulting in deliciously complex flavours – raisin, macadamia, plum on the palate; stewed apple, honey, prune and dried apricot on the nose – and a beautiful butterscotch coloured liquid.

REAL Dry Dragon

This is one that is definitely comparable with a dry sparkling white wine like Sauvignon Blanc. This is dry in the best way and it is zesty and refreshing with the right about of bitterness. This would be great with a fish dish. I really like this flavouring and I think it is a very versatile drink. 

What REAL says about Dry Dragon

Dry Dragon is light and citrusy with notes of sweet lemons and grapefruit, but with a delicate leafy undertone. Dry and fresh, it is a perfect light summer spritz to be drunk at any time of day.

Lastly but not least 

REAL Royal Flush

Like its name suggest this one is special. It is decadent and regal in flavour. It is sweet but not too sweet. It is soft yet can hold its own with a burst of flavour. This one I would put as comparable with a chardonnay. It would pair beautifully with white fish and meat and even better with a cream sauce. If I had to play favriote then this one but be the winner but they are all so special and unique that they all have a place in my fridge. 

What REAL says about Royal flush
Produced from fragrant First Flush Darjeeling, picked by hand as the first tips of tea emerge in spring. The Indian city of Darjeeling itself is known as Queen of the Hills and its First Flush is known as the Queen of Teas.

The tea is richly fragrant and creates a brew that is fresh and floral. We add nothing, but the tea alone develops notes of rhubarb, white peach and a touch of blackcurrant. The fruit and spice flavours round out the acids to make it soft and delicate.

I would highly recommend Real Kombucha to anyone who is looking for a nice alternative to your favourite wine. With starting prices of £30 for 6 275ml bottles this is a really affordable alternative to wine and champers.  That tastes great and can be paired with food like wine for a nice treat. 

I have to also recommend the little stunning REAL sparkling bottle stopper. I have had a few of these types of products over the years and none of this has kept the fizz in a bottle like this one. Plus it is only £10 so it is a bargain for something so pretty and would make a nice gift if you are gift a bottle of REAL kombucha to your loved ones on this festive season. 

Add To Your Curb Appeal With These Awesome Additions

 When you own a property, you should always be thinking in terms of a future sale. The reason for this is simple. A property isn’t just a home. It’s also one of the most important investments that you will ever make. If you don’t make the right changes to your property then you could miss out on a huge profit over the horizon. One of the ways to guarantee that your home sells for the right price is to boost the curb appeal. This is, as the name suggests, all about what your home looks like from the curb. Here are some of the best options that could be worth exploring here. 

Pexels Source CCO License

Add A Patio

First, you might want to think about adding a patio if your garden doesn’t already have one. This can help break up the garden and ensure that it looks and feels far more spacious. You could also think about using patio choices to make your garden seem more homely. There are lots of different materials to choose from here too including porcelain paving that could provide the perfect aesthetic. 

Think About The Roof

Believe it or not, your roof could have an impact when it comes to the curb appeal of your property. A potential buyer may notice your roof and the appearance could even determine whether or not they do decide to commit to a purchase. If your roof has seen better days, then you might want to think about hiring a roofer to fix the issues for you and ensure that you do boost the look dramatically. 

Colourful Choices

It could also be worth thinking about how you can add a little more colour to your property. We are of course talking about the garden here. You might even want to think about adding some tropical plants to the garden. There are lots of tropical varieties of plants that will grow in all different types of weather conditions. You can get these from local sellers. You’ll just need to research how to care for them and maintain them the right way. 

The Front Door

Finally, you could think about making some changes to the front door of your home. For instance, you may want to think about exploring the possibility of a glass front door. A front door like this can provide a stunning aesthetic and ensure that your home does stand out from other properties in the area. This is important as it’s likely that there will be more homes selling in your street than just yours at any given time. You need to find a USP for your property that will resonate with buyers. 

We hope this helps you understand some of the best ways that you can boost the curb appeal of your property and guarantee that it does look absolutely incredible to a potential buyer. If you take the right steps here then you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve and how much it can alter the value of your home.