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Fashion nova sports bras and PJs review

Today I have a fashion Nova haul for your all. It has been years since I ordered from fashion nova but they enticed me back with a 50% off discount code and I was in need of new sports bras and I had heard mixed reviews but I thought it was worth a shot for cheap sports bras right. 

I am a size 8 but I am a 28FF/ 30F, I have a very big chest for my frame and I struggle to get pretty sports bras that fit me. Since I have lost weight. I was once a bra fitter and I know I need to be re-measured since the weight loss. I have hips and a bum too so It is hard to dress my shape. 

I do a lot of fitness. I am on the mountain bike as much as I can I use an indoor bike and I do yoga and weights. So I think I am in a good place to review sports bras. That and the fact I am big-chested. I know what I want in a sports bra. 

This is the Brush It Off Active Sports Bra - Black/Combo Size small £11.99. 
This has a very cute cross back but I forgot to take a photo. I know blogger fail. This is so cute. I love the fit of this sports bra. This is a medium impact support bra and I would agree with that It has support in the form of foam inserts. This will be perfect for mountain biking/weight training but I wouldnt wear it for HIIT work. This keeps my chest secure and looks super cute too. 

What the brand says 
  • Available In Black/combo.
  • Medium Impact Sports Bra
  • Crossed Back Straps
  • Removable Cups
  • Pair With "Brush It Off Active Legging"
  • Performance Top
  • 88% Polyester 12% Spandex 
  • Imported

This is definitely a dupe for the popular lulu lemon sports bra and I am not mad at it at all. This is stunning. It says its lower impact. I can see why they are saying that but I would go with a low medium. I would happily do yoga and weight in this bra and equally, I would mountain bike in this bra. With mountain biking, you dont want a low impact bra as you dont want the girls bouncing about like crazy and I really feel this one is ok for mountain biking. So on the lower end of medium support. 

  • Hype Sports Bra In Infinity Seamless
  • No Seams Supportive Structure To Reduce Chafing
  • Sweat Wicking
  • Low Impact With Padding
  • Designed For Studio, Training And Running
  • Available In Black, White, Mocha, Hot Pink, And Light Purple
  • Pair With Any “Hype Active” Bottoms
  • Performance Sports Bra
  • 92% Nylon 8% Spandex
  • Imported

  • This is Energy Sports Bra In Sculpt Tech £11.99 size S
    This one is the most supportive of the bras I bought this is compression for. This you could do anything in. Even jumping about. This is great for anything in my opinion. I really like this one it has tight fit but it gives you confidence nothing is going to move around. It gives you a bit more of a flatter chest look than the other but let's face it you some times need all the holding in and less bounce. 

    What the brand says. 
    • Energy Sports Bra In Sculpt Tech
    • Tight Fit For Body Sculpting Feel
    • Sweat Wicking
    • Medium Impact With Removable Padding
    • Designed For Training And Studio
    • Available In Black,Mocha,Lime,Hot Pink And Blue       
    • Pair With any "Energy Active" Bottoms
    • Performance Sports Bra
    • Body: 83% Polyester 17% Spandex
    • Inner Layer: 84% Polyester 16% Spandex
    • Lining: 92% Polyester 8% Spandex

    These are On The Go Shorts - Navy £7.99 size M
    I read the review on this one and when a size up to Medium. I dont want running short to be tight. I like the fit of these. I could have gone down to small if I am honest. But I was worried about the length of the Small ones. I really like the length of these they are short but not too short. perfect for summer they come in a range of colours I might have to pick up a few more. 

    This is Glenda Romper £11.99 Size small. 
    I am afraid this has sold out since I ordered it and I can see why. This is a cute strapless romper and It is perfect for summer. I think I would have gone down a size for a tighter look but I like the roominess also. This has a bit elastic band built into the top of the romper meaning you are not going to have any little slips. Why dont more rompers have this! Well done fashion nova. This the perfect romper to stop tan lines. I hate tan tines and I tan pretty quickly so that is always annoying but this little romper is my saviour. I also love the side rushing to add definition. 

     Last but not lease this is Sleep Squad PJ Set £19.99 Size medium. 
    Why did I order medium this is really big on me but I guess that is nice for sleeping. I could have gone for extra small I think.  These are so cute and they feel so soft. I can't describe how soft they are, they are so luxurious. They give my old victoria secret a run for their money. They are honestly just gorgeous to wear and I will have to order more I think. But size down in these. 

    I hope you have liked my little haul. 


    bullies and me how I survived them

    Today I want to talk about bullying. I have been on the receiving end of bullying all my life. I was bullied at school, I was bullied by an ex-partner, I was bullied out of a career. I feel like I am in a good place to talk about bullying.  

    Each one of us is different we are all unique I am not you and you are not me. My school years were hard, to say the least. I was diagnosed in primary school as being dyslexic. This was a long time ago and dyslexia was still a kinda new thing it was not as common as it is now. I was one of two children in my primary school at the time who was diagnosed. This means I was given extra help and even removed from some classes to be taught by myself. I loved to sing and dance I won awards in both. This did not sit well with my peers and I was picked on a lot. 

    My personality is one that wants to be liked. I will bend over backwards to be liked. Couple this, will bullies and you have a major problem. I was always the end of the joke. The popular girls would pick me up and use me and just as fast bully me rotten. I found it hard to fit in. I cried a lot and I felt physically sick. I really suffered from the mental torture I was under. 

    This continued through high school. Again I did a lot of my classes without the class with the special education teachers. My high school was two villages away which meant I made new friends. Which was awesome. I would like to say this was the end of the bullies but the same girls were in my high school. So it continued till the day I left school. 

    Unfortunately when I was 16 and still in school I was raped. I am not going to go into details here but if you look around this site you will find another post I have written on it. It was heartbreaking and I was not believed by anyone.  It happened and I know I was raped by a member of my family I should have trusted. This eventually caused the end of my relationship with my family. 

    I moved on with life and literally moved away. The thing is once you have been bullied you will know how I feel. I was broken. There is a place in my heart where I truly believe I am not good enough or that I do not deserve happiness. 

    I have many flaws I am not pretending to be perfect but I am fully when I look back that I was bullied. By friends by family by co-workers. bullying does not have to be physical it can be mental and most of mine was mental. Constant belittling, name-calling lie spreading and exclusion. You may be reading this and wondering have you been bullied. If you can relate to anything I am saying you are a bully survivor. Have you ever felt undermind? Belittled? taken advantage of? Ashamed because of lies, threatened? made fun? these are just some of the ways that bullies can attack your mental well-being. 

    I wish I had known back then what I know now. I am strong, I can achieve anything I want to achieve. These bullies are just that bullies they get off on hurting others. I am sorry but bullies do not change. They feed on your fear and hurt and this makes them feel superior.

    I have cleared out the bullies in my life, I hope. I made the conscious decision to part ways with anyone who is in the category of a bully. I have depression and anxiety and sometimes my mind will wander back to all the painful things these people did to me but they are not getting to win here. 

     One of the last people to bully me still works at the same place my husband does. I sometimes hear her name and it makes me feel instantly sick. There is a long story there but she won and I lost. I let her win. I hope one day all the bullies will realise what they have done to others and be accountable but I really do not think they will. 

    I wanted to write this to tell you that I am proof you can move on from the pain and the hurt that these people cause and you are worth it and you do matter. I promise you, you will find your happiness mine is right here right now. I have a wonderful supportive husband and his family are everything I could hope for and more. I have two dogs and I try to live a life I would be proud of. I do what I like doing and found a passion in life. No matter what you are called no matter what happens to you you are special you count and you are important. 

    If you are struggling right now please do not struggle in silence this lets the bully win and we are not victims we are survivours. Speak help change your circumstances. I gave up on what I thought was my dream job to a bully, I gave up my whole family and I can honestly hand on heart say I am a better person for it. 

    I believe in you and I know you will get through this. 

    Win Maevea Rattan effect 4 seater Coffee set

    Ever dreamed of turning your garden into a place of tranquil relaxation? Or how about the perfect place to impress your friends with a BBQ? Well, I might have the answer to your prayers. I have teamed up with some fantastic UK blogger to offer you the chance to turn your garden into the garden of dreams. Does your garden furniture look, well a bit weathered? You need to enter this competition. You have the chance to win Maevea Rattan effect 4 seater Coffee set from B&Q worth £541. This would look awesome in any garden and really change the feeling of the space. I know I would love one of these in my garden for sure. 

    Whilst you are entering the comp why not take a little look at some of the other bloggers that are involved in this massive competition you may find your new favourite site. Go on and get entering. 

    Some UK bloggers have teamed up to offer you a fantastic giveaway for this summer, organised by Emma Drew. Keep reading to see who is involved and how to enter.

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    a Rafflecopter giveaway

    Lessons I’ve learned from lockdown

    As lock down is eased and we begin to emerge from what has been the strangest and most scary global moment in our collective memory I have begun to get reflective on what I have learned from the whole social isolation experience. I mean, I had always wished that I could have some time away from the world but never did I think that it would actually happen and that the whole world would join me! Here are a few lessons I am taking from the experience and I would love to hear more about yours below! 

    An appreciation of time 

    Basically, what I do with it personally and socially. Having to socialise in different ways with people has allowed me to see how I can use my time for work and play in a productive manner whilst managing to take for myself when needed. I’ve certainly become a fan of taking time to meditate and do yoga which I would never do before...Honestly, the thought of an online workout class? Pft! Jog. On. How times have changed, huh?
    woman on laptop learning new skill

     Learning new skills 

    As I had some free time on my hands - usually late at night when I was having my anxious moments I learned some new digital skills including how to make a game from code via giffgaff academy and even investigated to how to update my blog using plugins and HTML - these are skills that I can use in my job moving forward and help me achieve more in projects. Get in. I also know many of my friends have been inspired to set up their own online businesses as well with places such as Etsy. 


    Not having to dress up for work (well, below the chest when on a Zoom call..) and put a face on every day was both amazing and depressing at the same time. I realised that I really did enjoy dressing for me and that it was a big part of my creative outlet to experiment with my clothes. I also got to appreciate my natural face and begin to appreciate parts of it that I’d usually hated before. Like many things in this list, this is a work in progress. I do miss dressing up and doing my hair and makeup. I have been having fun playing with wigs and I have ordered quite a few to try out. There are so many human hair wigs for women available online. Expect lots of fun looks coming soon.  I’ve certainly been practising Jomo (The Joy of missing out) and getting away from social media as much as well. I wonder what will happen once we get to socialise again… 

    How much I actually love people 

    Jomo aside, I realise actually I am a people person - and do in fact like working in an office from time to time, but no doubt I certainly have taken to working from home even if my cats haven’t. Basically, I like good people, and I miss them. We are better off when we are together. What about you, have you gained any learnings from social distancing that you didn’t expect? Let us know below or on our social channels!

    The Father’s Day Prize Bundle Giveaway

    Its nearly fathers day can you believe it? Which means summer is here and the sun has got his hat on. I have teamed up with some of the best UK bloggers to giveaway a massive fathers day bundle. It has everything the man in your life could want and more from art to cooking to mug and socks,  there is an item in the giveaway I know he will love. I know for a lot of us money is tight and this year it seems hard to really celebrate the big events but I dont want you to miss out. This is our way of giving back to one of you and making fathers day this year extra special. Well, that's enough of my gibber jabber why not get entering and cross your fingers and see if you can win this incredible giveaway. Wishing you good luck and happy fathers day to all the dads out there. 

    The Father’s Day Prize Bundle Giveaway

    This Father’s Day some of the top UK bloggers have united to offer one lucky winner a fabulous bundle of goodies for Father’s Day worth over £200. What’s more, we also have a Cheese and Snacks Cool Bag from Bunches for runners up prize.

    The Prize Bundle

    One lucky winner will win a fabulous Father’s Day Prize Bundle which includes:

    £50 Gift Voucher Ink&Drop to spend on art prints or canvas

    Ink & Drop art prints and canvas

    Win £50 to spend on an amazing art print or canvas at Ink&Drop. Ink&Drop create high quality, beautiful art prints for your home or office. Styles ranging from street art, botanical art, customisable prints, to Scandinavian style minimal prints, they have something for every style of interior design.

    Their posters are all designed in-house by their own designers and artists, with backgrounds in graphic design and fine art, so you can be sure the artwork on your walls will be as unique as the rest of your home.

    Silk Tie from Fox and Chave

    Your choice of silk tie from Fox and Chave up to the value of £35. There are so many wonderful designs available, inspired by the arts, history and nature. It's the perfect gift for any deserving dad and with such a wide selection available there is something for all tastes and occasions.

    Fox and Chave also have other wonderful gifts for Fathers Day. Use the discount code FATHERSDAY2020 at checkout to get 3 for 2 on their mens collection.

    Port Nautical Tea Light Lamp from Shore and More

    This Nautical Tea Light Lamp from Shore and More is a great gift for any sea loving father. At 25cms high the Port Lamp has a stunning copper effect and the warm red colour gives off a wonderful glow when lit by a tea light.

    Shore and More have a wide variety of gifts, perfect for Father's Day. From wooden model boats and nautical gifts, to Dragons and Fairies and 3D Puzzles.

    Bamboo Cheese Board 10 piece set from Tru Bamboo 

    This stunning cheeseboard from Tru Bamboo is made out of Moso bamboo and is the perfect centre piece for your table. Made from Eco-friendly bamboo with a completely removable drawer, which incorporates beautifully bamboo lacquered handled cheese knives and cheese fork. The set includes:

    • 1 x Extra Large Cheese Board
    • 4 x Specialist Cheese Knives and Fork
    • 4 x Porcelain Markers
    • 1 x Reusable Gold Pen

    The perfect gift for any cheese loving Father!

    Toy RC Speed Bumper Rage, The Essential One

    Take your road rage to the (mini) streets with these RC Bumper Cars. Play head to head and battle it out with your dad. The set comes with two cars and two remotes for exciting 2-player action! Give your rival’s racer a bump and send him flying! The character ejects from the car with awesome sound effects. Your dad will love it!

    Choice of Gift Set from Worry Less Design

    Worry Less Design have the perfect selection of Gift Sets for any sports loving Dad or Grandad in your life. Choose from Gift Sets for bike, rugby, golf or cricket fans. The gift sets include a mug and secret message socks, the perfect gift for any impossible to buy for sports fans!

    Bamboo Patterned Socks from the Sock Shop

    This triple pack of men’s Gentle Grip Patterned Bamboo Socks from Sock Shop will help to put a little pep in your dad's step and style in his shoes. Of course, the main reason for wearing Gentle Grip is their kindness and comfort. The famous HoneyComb Tops hold without restriction or pressure hotspots, using the trademark weave to hold to the contours of your legs in an almost-custom fit, and then stay in place.

    Bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial, so odour is also trampled down, and able to maintain its own steady temperature too.

    Virtual Murder Mystery Game from

    Get the family together and host a virtual Murder Mystery Game for Father's Day. We have a voucher for you to choose any one of over twenty games over on Simply choose the murder mystery game of your choice and the number of players. Arrange a time and invite your family and friends and let the game commence!

    Runners Up Prize: Cheese and Snacks Cool Bag

    A cool bag filled with an assortment of cheeses, including a tasty cheddar with mustard and ale, a classic Wensleydale with cranberries and a cheddar with caramelised onion.

    These are perfectly paired with biscuits and chutney, the perfect gift for a loved one.

    Meet the bloggers

    The UK bloggers teaming up to bring this fabulous giveaway are all listed below. Make sure you check out their blogs for amazing advice and inspiration, covering all kinds of topics including parenting tips and advice, family travel, slimming tips, humour, money saving ideas, competitions, self-love, healthy living, well-being, fashion, beauty and recipes.

    Life Loving | We Made This Life  | 4 Freckled Faces | Five From The Swich | Life with Jupiter Hadley |  Too Tired To | Life in a Breakdown | Accidental Hipster Mum

    The Willow Tree | Twins, Tantrums & Cold Coffee | Reality in Reverie | Boxnip | Miss L J Beauty | MTB LM | Prize Warriors

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    Budgeting for Students | Paternal Damnation | Glitz & Glamour Makeup | What Simply Works | Autumn's Mummy

    How to Enter

    You can enter by completing as many widget entry options below as you like. All entries will be collected and one winner and one runner up will be randomly chosen. Good luck!
    a Rafflecopter giveaway

    Terms and Conditions

    UK entries only
    The giveaway will run from 12am 2nd June 2020 to 12am 17th of June 2020.
    The winners will be notified by email from
    The winner and runners up will have 7 days to respond after which time we reserve the right to select an alternative winner.
    This prize draw is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube or Pinterest.
    Prize open to over 18s only.
    If any prizes are out of stock than a suitable replacement will be found.
    If the runners up prize is out of stock then a suitable replacement will be found.
    Anyone who unfollows before the giveaway ends or doesn’t complete the required entry action will be disqualified.
    The prize is non-transferable, non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for monetary value.
    We will be using a parcel service, such as ParcelForce, to send some of the Fathers’s Day Prizes, and their standard compensation will apply in the event of loss or damage.
    Some items may be sent directly by the supplier and we do not have responsibility if these go missing.
    In the unlikely event one of the companies withdraws a prize we cannot offer an alternative.
    Although we will do our best, we cannot guarantee the prizes will arrive before 21st June 2020.
    The Ink & Drop Voucher is for art prints or canvas only, frames are excluded, up to the value of £50.
    The Fox and Chave Tie is up to the value of £35.
    The winner's name will be stated on some or all of our blogger's websites and announced on twitter and other social media channels. By entering this prize draw you give your permission for this.