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How To Finance a Home Renovation Project

Every now and then, a big home renovation project is a great way to shake up the appearance of your home and add new features. Whether you’re looking to add a loft bedroom or need more storage space, a home renovation can be a fantastic way to upgrade your home. However, they’re also fairly expensive depending on the type of renovation you’re looking for and how much time it’ll take.

Regardless if you’re looking to hire a specialist or do it yourself, we’re going to offer some advice on how you should approach financing your home renovation project. This should give your project a much higher chance of success and will make things much easier in the long run.

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Make a budget and estimate the costs of your renovation

First, start with a rough estimation of how much your renovation will cost. This will help you understand how much you should expect to pay for your renovation. You’ll want to get a few quotes from local contractors and specialists to figure out just how much you should be paying for someone to do it for you. Then you should consider looking at the material costs and how much time you’ll need to take off work. It’s also a good idea to add on an extra 20% to your budget in the event there’s an error or if you make a mistake and need to purchase more materials.

Certain types of renovations can be more expensive than others, hence why it’s a good idea to see roughly how much a renovation would cost before you consider funding it. For instance, if you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen, you might find that certain appliances are extremely expensive and need to be installed by a professional, resulting in much higher costs compared to adding some storage space to your loft.

Dig into your savings or look for other sources of funding?

Savings are usually the main source of money for a renovation. However, you might find that it’s beneficial to look at alternate sources of funding.

For instance, you may find that there are government incentives or plans to help you renovate a part of your home. You might be awarded some kind of help if you renovate your front yard or if you change something in your home for the sake of making it easier to live in for an elderly family member.

Alternatively, you could also consider funding a renovation with a specialised home improvement loan from services like Evolution Money. It’s a simple application process and can be a great way to secure funding for an expensive renovation if you deem it necessary to improve your wellbeing.

There’s also the option of a renovation mortgage. You may be able to borrow up to 95% of your home’s value and this will be added to your mortgage. You’ll typically have your property inspected before you can borrow any money, but it’s great for expensive and large projects such as roof repair and rewiring.

An anxiety and depression spiral what it really feels like

Let's talk about mental health. Yes, I went there. I do a lot to look after my physical health as much as I can but I suffer from mental health issues. Today is a day I am struggling. I am I said it and I went there. I have ups and downs like all humans but I also suffer from anxiety and depression. I have been stable you could say for a while. But something happened yesterday and it made me spiral. 

Something I have worked hard on for years may be taken away from me and I have no idea why. It is not the end of the world stuff and no one has died. There is a bigger problem in the world right now than me losing work so many people are going through so much worse than me but I want to talk this opportunity to tell you about what it feels like when something like this happens to a person with anxiety and depression. 

First I started uncontrollable shaking. My hand tremble terribly. I can not concentrate on what is going on only the worst-case scenario. I spiral negative thoughts fill my mind. There is no other option it is in my head. This will end in disaster. Whatever has happened is all my fault and I am in trouble. Just to be clear I did nothing wrong. Well, nothing knowingly I don't think. 

I had to get my husband to try to calm me down but to be honest they are not an easy task. I am worked up to beyond control. I am panicking. Think of something you are really scared off. Let's use sharks as an example. I feel like I am swimming with a shark hunting me and all of a sudden I am surrounded by them and they all want to eat me. I am terrified. This is how it feels when I get worked up. 

You can try to tell me it is ok, You can try and tell me it is not the end of the world. You can find solutions and help with the problem but my mind is already in the vortex of a spin. It is whizzing at 100 miles an hour and there is only doom and gloom for me in it. I did that stupid thing of googling my issue and it was all negative and worry filling and this, in turn, has made me worse. There seems to be no hope with my situation and that is the way the cookie is crumbling and I may never find out what the issue is or why but this is what I am left with. 

I feel sick to my stomach I get physical pains.

My husband helped me to do all I can to try and remedy the situation and now it is a waiting game but I am still in full spiral mode and without hope to be honest.

I did not sleep last night my brain will not let me have any rest. It is telling me every negative thing that can and will happen to me. I am at this time trying to calm myself down. I have tried to stay offline but online is my life I am in a habit of checking my phone every few minutes and my work is all online I do not want to miss anything. but I need a break I know this. 

I know I am not helping myself at this moment and I know in my rational mind that this is what it is and even if it is the worst-case scenario my world will not end. But I feel lost destroyed and worthless. 

This is my honest feeling and what is actually feels like. As I write this I am crying. Now I am not a crier unless my depression and anxiety are playing with me. 

I want you to know that if you are going through things like this you are not alone. I feel your pain. I understand what you are feeling and why you are feeling it. It is ok to not be ok. It is ok to feel your feeling and it is ok to not be sunshine and rainbows all the time. This is real life and we all are human. We are all being tested in our own ways at the moment. This is just another hurdle. 

I am fully aware as I have said this is not the end of the world stuff for most people but to me right now I am struggling and I am sick of hiding what I am really going through. Not that I have ever done this. I am so honest about my mental health and if this post helps you to start a conversation with your loved one then I am glad I have written it. 

I have many issues from my youth and I know they rear their ugly head at these times. I have a feeling of losing everything. I know this but that does not stop the pain or hurt I am feeling right now. 

What you can do if you are dealing with someone like me in a spiral.   

  • Do listen to the person. 
  • Do not criticise the person
  • Be kind just because you don't understand the problem does not mean it is not a huge deal to that person. 
  • Make sure they are eating and drinking. I will not remember to do this in a spiral. 
  • Be there be present. You need to give them your attention. 
  • Once they have calmed a bit try and talk about something else anything else. 
  • They will go over and over the issue with you 1 million times you have to listen and reassure not tell them you dont want to hear about it. Going over it time and time again is what makes this a spiral
  • Try to get them out of the situation. 
  • Help with solutions 

I hope this has helped you understand a bit better and how to deal with a person like me. Here is a link to some NHS mental health recommended charities if you are in a bad place please contact someone to help you.  

How To Downsize Your Home

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Has your house outgrown you and your family? You may have bought your home when there was more of your living there, but if your children have flown the nest, or you have lost your partner, then these may be signs you're ready to downsize your house

When you decide it is time to downsize, you will have lots of work on your hands. 

In this article, we’ll talk you through how you can downsize your home. 

Declutter Your Home

The first step to downsizing your home is to declutter your existing home. You should start this process around three months or so before you are due to move into your new home. This will give you the time that you need to get rid of any unwanted items. 

It is important that you are ruthless when it comes to selecting items that you no longer want or need. With every item that you own, you should ask yourself when the last time you used it or even thought about it was. If the answer is that you have done neither of these things recently, then you should consider either selling the item or donating it. 

Sell Any Unwanted Items 

If you have items that are in good condition that you no longer want or need, then you should try to sell these first. Selling unwanted items can be a time consuming process. One of the quickest ways of selling a lot of items would be have a garage sale or a car boot sale. Be reasonable with your pricing and remember that you don’t want to keep the item. If you have more collectable items that you no longer want, then you should approach a specialist retailer and see if they would be interested in buying the items. 

For anything else, you could always list your items online on eBay or Facebook Marketplace, however, it can be time consuming waiting for your items to sell on these sites. 

Pick a Charity To Give Items Away To 

For anything that you cannot sell or that you are not interested in earning money off, you can donate to the charity of your choice. Many charities run local charity stores that will accept a range of goods and clothing. Be sure to check with the charity store to find out what type of items they will accept and whether they have any guidelines over the condition of the items. 

Avoid Renting Storage 

When it comes to downsizing, there is always a danger that you won’t fit everything into your new home. When this happens, many people will turn to storage as a solution. This is a costly solution and it won’t actually solve the problem. You need to ensure you sell or donate all of your unwanted items before you move. 

Maximize Vertical Storage

When you get to your new home, you will want to use more ingenious storage solutions. One of the best ways of storing items when you have limited square footage is to get taller cupboards and cabinets.

Five Places To Travel To Find Adventure

There is an adventure for everyone, from a skydive over the great barrier reef to a dive in the crystal-clear waters of St Helen or a hike in the Swiss Alps. No matter the time of year, your age, or requirements, an adventure is on the horizon; you just need to find the one for you.

What makes an adventure, an adventure for you? This is what you need to ask yourself. Is it the challenges it brings? Or the country that you are visiting? Below are five places we recommended for an adventure.

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Take on The Swiss Alps

No matter the time of year, whether it be winter or summer, the Swiss Alps is any adventurer’s dream. You can take on the slopes during the colder months and enjoy the stunning views; or in the summer you can cycle the hills and explore the mountains while hiking. The Swiss Alps’ range of accommodation options is also beautiful; you’ll have a great time and tick off some bucket list activities.

Explore Iceland

Iceland is a popular destination for seeing the Northern lights and exploring its vast landscape. From its stunning mountains and unique waterfalls to glaciers, and volcanoes, Iceland offers something for any adventurer. No matter your requirements, Iceland will tick the boxes and offer you a holiday that will bring you back in no time.

Take an adventure trip to St Helen, South Atlantic

A small island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, St Helen is a playground of adventure. Explore the sea’s unique wonders and take on a diving exhibition, or head on one the many hiking trails and spot the incredible wildlife that calls St Helen their home. If you are fancying being away for Christmas, St Helen celebrates the festive season by putting on a great show in The festival of lights!

Book yourself a visit to Antarctica

Antarctica is a bucket list item for anyone looking for an adventure. Many travelers talk about Antarctica, but many don’t get the chance to visit, even though they would love to. Full of excitement, culture, and the unimaginable, you’ll experience things that you may have only ever seen on TV. Kayaking, paddleboarding, submarine dives, and camping are just a few things you can enjoy while in the Antarctic.

Go on an adventure in Queensland, Australia

Dive through the crystal-clear waters of the great barriers reef or take in the incredible views from a height before dramatically sky diving back to earth. Take your time as you explore Queensland as each place you visit will be sure to be an adventure. Australia is also great for families and couples alike if you are looking for something a little different.

There are so many adventures that you can take on in the world. Every country has its unique charms and wonders; the challenge is picking the best ones for you. Above is five that we recommend, but if these don’t tick your boxes do some research and find some that match your requirements. If you are looking for a different type of holiday as well as an adventure, you may like these adult-only options.

Where have you visited before? Have you got an adventure coming up? Let us know in the comment box below.