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cheap ways to update your kitchen

Well is it me or when the sun is out you start to look at thing differently? It's time to talk about updating your kitchen. I love nothing more than refreshing my house.  I wanted to share with you how to update your kitchen with minimal cost. The kitchen is after all the heart of your home. 

I want to introduce you to my new obsession, Kitchen Warehouse. I Can spend hours on their site designing and imagining my new kitchen. Fantastic site for everything from kitchen units and accessories. I even plan my future kitchens there. 

There are so many easy fixes which can change the whole feeling of your kitchen. 

1. First things first Pick a new colour pallet, I personally like neutral colours in my kitchen. These are easy to maintain and also easier changed if the mood takes you. Painting your kitchen a new colour can really change the feeling in the kitchen. Plus it makes it lighter and brighter. There is nothing like a lick of paint to revamp a room. 

2. What about replacement kitchen doors, This is a cost-effective way of changing your kitchen units. I think nothing dates a kitchen like outdated units. This is a simple, less time-consuming way to modernize your kitchen. It is also one of the easiest things to change when you have just moved into a property. Come on think back to your first home. Not many of us have the money to redo the kitchen straight away but this option breath's fresh air into the kitchen without the huge outlay of money. 

3. Why not replace those dated drawer handles. This is a super simple way to change the appearance of the kitchen. Swap out the old-fashioned handles with modern chrome ones and this will update and renew your doors instantly. 

4. Change those old light fitting to new LED lighting and your whole room will benefit from the light. Taking an old dingy room and turning it into a light and roomy paradise for cooking. what about spotlights. They work wonder to the room's ambience. 
How about a fun and funky sign? Like happy hour neon signs, or similar designs, as this will as some sass to your kitchen

5. Get rid of the old curtains and welcome in some new blinds. This can really open up the light you get from your window. I love letting light into my home. I feel it can really brighten up your mood. The more light you have the better you feel so incorporate this in your kitchen.

6. Think of your appliances as deco. Is it time to replace the kettle toaster and blender. How long have you had them? Why not get a new modern or traditional set. Think of the theme throughout your room. Would an old fashion style kettle look better in your kitchen? Why not use this as an excuse to treat your self to a new one.

7. What about adding a rug. This can give your kitchen a real luxury feel. It is not only nice on the eye but it is nice on your feet too. Let's face it times have changed and we all have wooden or vinyl flooring in the kitchen. Why not give your feet a treat whilst you are washing the dishes of a new rug.

8. Flowers and fruit. Adding a nice flower or fruit display can really life to a room. whilst adding a pop of colour. At this time of year, I like to put lemons and limes in a vase. It really makes a focal point and in winter add some pine cones. It's just the simplest of things but people always tell me how lovely it looks.

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