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How To Celebrate A Family Reunion

How often do you all get together as a family? Christmas? Some birthdays, maybe? It’s safe to say that it probably is not as often as you might like. What is more, the last 18 months have seen families kept apart more than ever. Chances are your family get-togethers have been held via Zoom and with absent members who cannot navigate the technology. There has never been a better time to get together as a family and host that overdue Christmas day or simple family reunion and here are some ways you celebrate it. 

A traditional meal

Do you have a traditional family meal that you can all get nostalgic over? Perhaps something you all used to eat as children or a particular dish that was always enjoyed together. Perhaps Granny is known for her infamous roast potatoes or Aunt Sue makes a mean tiramisu. Whatever is personal to your family, get in the kitchen and whip up your family culinary  tradition to enjoy it together. 

Alternatively, you could have a family bake-off. Each family member prepares a typical dish that reminds them of their family and their family history. Everyone else has to undertake a blind taste test to see if they can identify the dish and what the associated family memory is. 

Photo credit; Rodnae Productions from Pexels

A native gift or theme. 

Perhaps you want to treat each other with a gift at your family reunion. Can you think of something that represents your family? Are you a family of golfers for example who would enjoy golf-themed presents or party pieces? Or perhaps you are of Irish descent and you could celebrate by gifting white gold Irish jewelry or toast over baileys and Irish coffee. Find a theme that fits with your family and celebrate it.

Prepare a family tree

A great way to celebrate the family coming together is by putting assembling a family tree. Start with the youngest members of the family and work your way back. Consider using sites such as Ancestry to fill any gaps or asking the older family members about their lineage. It is a great excuse to get out the old photographs and look back over the decades.

A family photo book

Ask everybody who is attending the reunion to bring a handful of photos of themselves and their parents from over the years. Photos documenting major milestones or life events that can be put together in a family photo album. This is a great way of bringing everyone together, share stories and reminisce over time gone by. It is sure to get everyone smiling, or cringing at least once.

Share stories and memories

Everyone will have their own special memories of their family history. Whether it is of relatives who are no longer present, happy holidays, funny tales or moments they would rather forget. Take it in turns to share a treasured memory or funny story over dinner. It is a great way to get the younger generations interested in their family history and provide a moment of nostalgia for everyone.

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