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Don't Break the Bank! Fun & Wallet-Friendly Ideas for Rainy Summer Days in the UK

We all know how our beloved British weather loves to throw us a curveball, especially in summer. This summer has been one of the worst on record so far.  But rain shouldn’t be a downer, it's just another reason to try something different. Here's a bunch of cost-friendly, super fun ways to keep everyone entertained when the summer sky decides to open up.

wellies splashing in puddle wet british day

Wellie up:
Get your outdoor gear out and go outside anyways. There is something so fun about splashing in puddles. Dont pretend you are too old to have some good old-fashioned fun. Grab that big jacket and go out and embrace the weather. 

Museum Adventures: Pop into your local museum! They're cosy, dry, and chock full of fascinating stuff. And guess what? Entry is often free (though they do love a small donation if you can). I love nothing more than a museum trip and there are so many to choose from in the UK. 

Cosy Kitchen Creations: Why not whip up some yummy British classics like scones or a Victoria sponge? It's a fun way to spend the day and the best part? You get to munch on your creations afterwards! Win-win

Library Escapades: Libraries are magical places full of stories waiting to be discovered. Whether you fancy losing yourself in a good book or joining a cool workshop, your local library has you covered. And it's usually free! These can also be located in some of the most beautiful buildings in the UK. 

Crafty Afternoons: Get those creative juices flowing with a bit of DIY arts and crafts. Whether it's painting, making homemade jewellery, or reusing household items, it's fun, creative, and even eco-friendly!

Indoor Picnics: Who needs the park when you can have a picnic indoors? Throw a blanket on your living room floor, make some sandwiches and voilĂ ! A fun twist on mealtime that'll have the kids grinning ear to ear.

Home Workouts: Lots of fitness gurus offer online classes these days, often free or for a small fee. So, roll out that yoga mat or gear up for some at-home cardio. A rainy day is a great excuse to get moving!

Movie Bonanza: Sometimes, there's nothing better than snuggling up on the sofa with a bucket of popcorn for a movie marathon. So, dig out those old DVDs or fire up your favourite streaming service and enjoy!

Rain or shine, let's make the most of our unpredictable British summer. Remember, fun doesn't always have to come with a hefty price tag or require clear skies. Happy rainy day adventures!
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