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What Smart People Do To Stay Limber Into Their 70s And Beyond

 Imagine if you were able to stay flexible and limber for the next fifty years of your life. It seems impossible, right? After all, human beings are prone to a little thing called ageing.

However, it might not be as difficult as it seems. It turns out that the human body is adept at remaining supple, even into old age. Here’s what that means in practice: 

Stretch More

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If you leave muscles to their own devices, they’ll eventually contract and become more fibrous. The result of this process is greater stiffness and a host of other issues. 

The trick here is to stretch more, something that you can do every day, no matter where you are. Try stretching your muscles for 30 seconds at a time regularly throughout the day. This process will encourage them to elongate over time and become more comfortable when under load. Ultimately, you should suffer fewer injuries. 

Do Some Yoga

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The great thing about yoga is that it addresses balance, strength, and flexibility. That is, you can get all three in a single training session. 

Doing yoga is a lot of fun and something that you should try whenever you get the chance. After a session, you always feel better than when you went into it. You have greater energy and a sense of positive wellbeing that you don’t get, even after 45 minutes at the gym. 

Follow yoga instructions online or come up with your own routine. The choice is yours. 

Get Regular Physiotherapy

If you’re the sort of person who does a lot of exercise, it’s a good idea to work with a physio, particularly when strength training or playing sports. Professionals can make sure that your body remains in balance and that you don’t develop movement patterns that make you more prone to injury. 

Go For A Weekly Massage

Anyone who trains regularly should strongly consider going for weekly massages. These help to release tension from muscles and reduce the risk of developing painful knots.

Warm Up First

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“Warm-ups” have fallen out of favour with many people in the fitness community. These days, we prefer to launch straight into training. 

However, if you’ve ever done an hour-long yoga session, you’ll know that your flexibility is much higher during the last fifteen minutes than in the first fifteen. 

Warming up really does work because it encourages muscles to elongate. Once you improve blood flow to target regions, your ability to remain limber improves. 

Do Something You Enjoy Doing

Staying limber is also about finding something sustainable that you enjoy doing.

If stretching isn’t your cup of tea, find something that is. Why not try a new sport? Like taking up tennis and this is not a costly activity you only need to begin with a Tennis racket and some trainers.

Any activity that takes your body through the full range of motion should do the trick but finding a new passion is always a good idea.

Give Yourself A Chance To Relax Daily

Lastly, you’ll want to give yourself a chance to relax daily. When you relax, either by taking a warm bath or getting a massage, then your muscles will naturally follow suit. The more tension you can eliminate from your body, the better. 

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